Murtz Jaffer Interviews Big Brother Canada 9’s Kiefer Collison

After he was evicted from the Big Brother Canada 9 house, I had the chance to catch up with Kiefer Collison to discuss what happened. I talked to him about his feelings after Jed nominated him and if that gave him license to then target the Sunsetters. We chatted about his strategy of buttering up other players and if this was a ploy or if he really felt like every player he talked to was the best in the game. Kiefer opened up about whether he had any regrets and we also discussed why he was so focused on eliminating Rohan. Finally, I had Kiefer rank who he would vote for in order. There were technical issues with this interview as well due to the signal in Kiefer’s location.

Check out the video above!

The Big Brother finale airs tonight on Global!

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