Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Big E Breaks Neck On Smackdown 3/11/22! Is Ridge Holland At Fault?

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Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Big E Breaks Neck On Smackdown 3/11/22! Is Ridge Holland At Fault?

The New Day – Big E and Kofi Kingston minus Xavier Woods – took on Sheamus and Ridge Holland with their pal Pete Dunne, whose nickname is Butch, watching.

Big E confirmed directly via his social media that he broke his neck during the match.

Looks like the injury didn’t impact his spine and he seems to have movement in his hands and feet. Fortunately, surgery will not be required.

WWE has not made any direct comment of its own on this injury, but they have been retweeting Big E’s video updates and WWE superstars reactions to them.

WWE also did acknowledge the injury indirectly in fan reaction at their house show on Saturday.

WWE’s own recap of Smackdown was silent to the injury as well.

Sheamus & Ridge Holland def. Big E & Kofi Kingston

Although Sheamus & Ridge Holland destroyed The Powerhouse of Positivity’s ATV one week ago, Big E & Kofi Kingston were ultimately denied retribution in tag team action. After Holland laid out Big E outside the ring, the fearsome Butch, a recent tough addition to Shemaus and Holland’s company, climbed up on the apron and distracted Kofi long enough for The Celtic Warrior to hit the big boot for the three-count.

It looks like WWE was heading to a trios match between the six men for Wrestlemania 38, but that appears off now or at least would exclude Big E.

Many have asked whether Ridge Holland or Big E was responsible for the belly-to-belly suplex ending with Big landing on his head. There has been no consensus in reporting, but it appears that Holland did not get full rotating in his tossing of Big E and Big E did not tuck his head in. Just a terrible accident nonetheless.

Out thoughts are with Big E as he begins his road to recovery.

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