Murtz Jaffer Interviews Big Brother Canada 9’s Tychon Carter-Newman

Immediately after the Big Brother Canada 9 finale, I had the chance to catch up with the winner, Tychon Carter-Newman to discuss what happened. We chatted about his decision to turn on The Sauce and the risk that was involved as he traded two guaranteed votes that would presumably always be on his side to join an Oddball group that he didn’t really have any ties to in the middle of the game. I asked him when he realized that his path to the endgame did not include Jed and Beth and if it was an active strategy to stack the jury with Sunsetters so that he would have a majority of his allies there to vote for him. We chatted about his dynamic with Beth and how they went from flirting to fighting over the course of the season. I asked him how much of a hand he had in Jed’s eviction and if Kiefer deserved all of the credit for the move. We also spoke about the decision to evict Tina over Kiefer and if this allowed Kiefer the justification he needed to turn on the Sunsetters without any repercussion. Finally, I asked Ty about becoming the first Black winner of the show and what that meant to him.

Check out the video above!

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