IDW, Hasbro & Snake Eyes: Deadgame #5 Spoilers & Review: Rob Liefeld’s Epic Comes To An Explosive End!

IDW, Hasbro and Snake Eyes: Deadgame #5 Spoilers and Review follows.

Rob Liefeld’s Epic Comes To An Explosive End!

The issue has a few more variant covers in addition to the above collaboration between iconic G.I. Joe writer Lara Hama and Rob Liefeld.

Plus the main cover.

We open with a creators credits pages including lots of inkers…

…then we get an in-story recap of the last four issues…

…which culminates with the Baroness and Destro leading a Cobra force against Snake Eyes who now wields the mystical Norse hammer.

He shrugs off their bullets like they were nothing…

…as battles between Snake Eyes and Destro as well as Baroness and Kirigun’s daughter Olympia (who betrayed Cobra) ensue.

However, Kirigun lives and the Deadgame continues!

Snake Eyes, Olympia and Cobra make a truce as Snake Eyes attacks Kirigun…

…which sees the hammer destroyed making Kirigun’s the mightiest weapon on Earth.

However, piercing Kirigun with what’s left of the hammer’s staff and using his sword against him bodes well for Snake Eyes.

The book ends with a debrief with Scarlett at G.I. Joe headquarters as…

…Snake Eyes readies for his next mission and strikes a pose.

The Pulse:

This was just a fun, action-packed series. The conclusion was worth the wait. Solid and frenetic art and a decent story. 7 out of 10.

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