Interview: Carina Battrick

Check out Lindsey Millers interview with multi-dimensional Carina Battrick and read about Carina’s experiences as a young, up and coming actor who is starring in Chucky Season 1 on SyFy. Learn about what else you might be seeing her in next year and what her aspirations for the future… Enjoy!

Lindsey Miller: Welcome to Inside Pulse. I’m your host, Lindsey Miller Miller, and today I am chatting with an up and coming young actress Carina Battrick.

She had her breakthrough role at five as the young Henry Coles in Impact she was little Sarah in the feature film Falling, Michele in the Netflix original dance movie Feel the Beat and is currently starring as Caroline Cross in Syfy’s hit series Chucky.

Thank you, Carina Battrick, for coming on with us today. I know now, Carina Battrick, where are you joining us from us today? I know you’ve been traveling all over filming. So where are you right now?

Carina Battrick: Right now, I’m currently at my actual house.

Lindsey Miller: Oh, that’s exciting.

Carina Battrick: So I’m really happy to be here because I was in Greece, shooting what happened? Shooting a movie? So that was pretty fun, but it was long.

Lindsey Miller: I bet, I bet it’s nice to be home now. Where is home? Are you in Toronto?

Carina Battrick: Yeah.

Lindsey Miller: Oh, nice. I’m actually right by you. I’m in upstate New York. It’s snowing here. Do you guys have snow yet? Yes. Yeah. Isn’t it awesome? Yeah, yeah. So you said you were filming in Greece. Is that for your new lifetime original movie you’re doing with Grey’s Anatomy? Sarah Drew? Yes. Adjust, how is that been filming in Greece?

Carina Battrick: So my fake mom is really nice and out there, it’s actually pretty warm.

Lindsey Miller: Mhm.

Carina Battrick: And it’s actually pretty great to have. It’s kind of like a longer summer.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah, you got like an extended summer vacation, huh? Now I saw a post on Instagram. Is your sister doing that movie with you, too?

Carina Battrick: Yes, it’s really amazing to have my sister to a movie with me. And it’s really great because she actually plays my sister in there, too.

Lindsey Miller: Well, that’s not much of a stretch, huh? That’s exciting. Now I know I have sisters, and when I was growing up and I did things with them, sometimes we would fight. I’m sure you never fight with your sister, right?

Carina Battrick: Sometimes.

Lindsey Miller: Was that hard filming with her? Like, you guys were having a little tiff because.

Carina Battrick: No, not really.

Lindsey Miller: No, you’re very professional that I’m not sure I could have managed it nine years old doing something with my sister if I was in a fight with her. Now let’s talk about Chucky, right, which is on the air right now. I have to be honest, Carina. I am a full grown adult and it gives me nightmares. How do you handle doing roles in shows that have more of like a mature content that are a little scary or intense?

Carina Battrick: Well, I’m not really scared of things. My older sister is scared of Halloween, but I like that kind of stuff. Yeah, I like to watch scary shows with my little sister. Yeah. So you like, love it? Yeah. My favorite one is Goosebumps.

Lindsey Miller: Oh, I used to love that series.

Carina Battrick: Yeah.

Lindsey Miller: Is it a show now? It was a book. I’m very old. So now they have movies?

Carina Battrick: They have two movies and show in a show.

Lindsey Miller: That’s exciting. So doing Chucky was kind of fun for you because you like that kind of Halloween themed stuff.

Carina Battrick: Yeah.

Lindsey Miller: Awesome. Now this is your first series to right. You have done some feature films before that, how was doing a series different from the film work.

Carina Battrick: You’ve done well, you get to be in more and you get to actually meet more people because they kind of introduce more people each time.

Lindsey Miller: Mm hmm. Cool now, Chucky. Is what’s on right now, but before that, you did Feel the Beat, which is a Netflix original movie with Sofia Carson and a dance movie now that one is like more like age appropriate, there is other, a lot more child actors. How was that experience for you?

Carina Battrick: That was really fun. It was amazing how I got to dance because I actually dance in real life and all the people there were super nice and I really had a fun time doing that movie.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah, and you got to work with Mia Michaels is the choreographer on that right, which as a dancer that’s pretty awesome. Did you get to meet Mia?

Carina Battrick: Yes, she was super nice. And she’s a great choreographer.

Lindsey Miller: Yes, I think everybody would agree. She’s fantastic. That’s so fun. Now I heard, I heard that you’re a bit of a jokester.

Carina Battrick: Yes, I am. And most of your people laugh.

Lindsey Miller: You like to make people laugh. Most of your roles so far have been a little more serious, like following an impulse. We’re definitely very serious. And Chucky is a little more Halloween spooky. Do you have any plans or desires to get into some comedy or some more campy, kid focused TV and film?

Carina Battrick: Yeah, I think I should, because it could make my sisters really happy because they could actually watch it.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah, well, that was a question I had for you. Have you actually ever seen some of the stuff you’ve done?

Carina Battrick: Yes, I do. Actually. So in Chucky, you I watch some of my scenes because they don’t have anything that’s not inappropriate. And I do watch some of my other things that I really like to watch with my sisters because we like to see me on camera.

Lindsey Miller: Well, yeah, that’s exciting to see you on camera for yourself again for your sisters. So do your parents find like some of the clips and show you the moments that you’re in?

Carina Battrick: Yeah.

Lindsey Miller: Well, someday, do you look forward to watching the whole thing?

Carina Battrick: Yes, I do.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah. Now, how is that acting when you when you don’t know the whole story?

Carina Battrick: Well, it’s actually kind of difficult because you need to know the entire story to get a good understanding of it.

Lindsey Miller: I imagine. So what do you do to help yourself prepare for these roles when you don’t know the whole story?

Carina Battrick: Well, I kind of kind of guess what it could be. So I kind of make things up.

Lindsey Miller: So you’ve got a really good imagination, I imagine.

Carina Battrick: Yeah.

Lindsey Miller: Now I heard that you really like Harry Potter, too.

Carina Battrick: Yes, I do. I like the entire collection. I also have a Harry Potter spell book, three Harry Potter notebooks and a Harry Potter wand.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah. So is that another another genre you’d really like to get into your Chucky’s kind of like adjacent to that. But like the fantasy and more like magic.

Carina Battrick: And yeah, it would be really great to be in something magical.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah. What would your dream role be?

Carina Battrick: My dream role would probably be in between something like scary and magical.

Lindsey Miller: Ok, so you do like the horror stuff?

Carina Battrick: Yes, I do.

Lindsey Miller: That’s awesome. Now you have school and acting and being a kid. How do you balance that? Like, how do you find time to do all of those things and then still be able to go sled in the snow on a snowy day?

Carina Battrick: But that’s not everything I do. I also do dancing, and I also take singing lessons and piano lessons.

Lindsey Miller: Oh my goodness, Carina Battrick, you were a very busy girl

Carina Battrick: And Russian lessons.

Lindsey Miller: Oh my gosh. Did you just say Russian? Yes. You speak Russian?

Carina Battrick: Yes.

Lindsey Miller: Is that for your own personal interest or because a family member speaks Russian or for a role?

Carina Battrick: Well, it’s brought a lot of things. First, my family is Russian. Oh, my mom, my grandma and my grandpa are all Russian. My dad isn’t Russian, but also it’s for roles and also it’s for my own personal interest.

Lindsey Miller: So all three things. Wow, that sounds exciting. Can you say something in Russian for us?

Carina Battrick: Russian (hello how are you)

Lindsey Miller: I have no idea what you said, but what did you say?

Carina Battrick: Hello, how are you?

Lindsey Miller: That’s awesome. How long have you been taking Russian for?

Carina Battrick: Well, it’s like two and a half years.

Lindsey Miller: Oh wow. Do your sisters take it as well?

Carina Battrick: Yes. So my little sister this she’s having her first year of this year because this is her first year of school, too. Okay. My older sister, she’s been doing it for, like almost five years.

Lindsey Miller: Wow. Exciting. Now what has been your favorite acting experience so far?

Carina Battrick: My favorite acting experience has probably been feel the beat and schlocky because scary and dancing. Also, I really like the one where I got to meet Viggo Mortensen. He’s a really nice guy and he’s an amazing director.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah, and following. You enjoyed working with Leo. Yeah, I bet that’s a pretty incredible experience. Do you? Is it? You’re so young. You’re so young. I can’t believe you’re nine years old and you’ve done more than people have worked their whole lives to do. What are your goals in your career? What do you ultimately want to do? What’s like your dream? You know your big dream when you’re an adult, what do you want to be doing?

Carina Battrick: I really just want to be an actor.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah. Tv film, anything you just want to make sure that you’re acting and that you are still doing this?

Carina Battrick: Yeah, yeah, I really love acting.

Lindsey Miller: That’s so great to hear. That’s so great to hear. I hope you keep that love of acting. Yeah. Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Carina Battrick: Um, no, not really, no.

Lindsey Miller: All right. I have one last question. I noticed that your mom runs your social media, which as a mom myself, I love that she’s in charge of all of that for you. But as a kid, I know that my nieces and nephews that are getting older all want to be on social media. Do you have hopes that someday you’ll be able to have more say in your social media and do stuff on there? Or are you happy with mom taking it off for you?

Carina Battrick: I’m happy for now.

Lindsey Miller: Yeah. Good. Good answer. Awesome. Well, tell everybody where they can find you or your mom and social media and find out more about your upcoming work, your website, all of that stuff. Can you share that with us?

Carina Battrick: So on Instagram. Carina Battrick, no capitals, no spaces. And then on, I also have two YouTube channels, one for acting, one for toy reviews. My toy review. One is for it’s called loyal parents and then my other one is run by my mom too. It’s called Anna Batroc. That’s her name. Ok. And then on Facebook, same thing. I was my Instagram.

Lindsey Miller: Ok, Carina Battrick. No capitals, no spaces. Yeah, wonderful. Well, thank you so much for joining us today, Carina Battrick, and tell your mom that I think she’s doing a great job!

And thank you all for tuning in to Inside Pulse. You can find out more and listen to more interviews at, and we will see you next time.

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