WWE Bloodbath 2022 Wave 2 Sees Over 15 Exits In First Month Of The Year!


WWE Bloodbath 2022 Wave 2 Sees Over 15 Exits In First Month Of The Year!

This is a regular activity by WWE particularly during the pandemic; context from previous years:

The numbers are likely higher in both years due to corporate office exits that are not wholly publicized.

The 2022 wave of exits so far are below.

Looks like three (3) more exits join the 2022 list making it seventeen (17) known exists up to now..

Shane McMahon (52 years old) was let go after the 2022 Royal Rumble due to reported unprofessional behavior around his efforts on the producing team for the match. The speculation of him joining AEW has been been gaining steam despite on its surface sounding ludicrous.

Brian Kendrick (42 years old) asked and was granted his release. He was set to debut this week on AEW in a very high-profile match, but was pulled after previous anti-Semitic comments resurfaced.

Amanda Tustian (age undisclosed), Director of Over the Top Content Operations for WWE Network, left the company.

Mustafa Ali is being reported to have asked for his WWE which was reported not granted.

Another wave of exits is expected around or after Wrestlemania as in previous years.

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