Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Rankings: September 6, 2009
by PK on September 6, 2009

Here is the latest update of Inside Pulse Wrestling’s OFFICIAL rankings of TNA. Rankings, will be posted the first Sunday of every month. Click Here for last month’s TNA Rankings (as of August 2).

Official Pulse Wrestling Rankings for TNA

TNA Champion – Kurt Angle (since 6.21.09)
TNA Legends Champion – Kevin Nash (since 8.16.09)
1. Matt Morgan (3)
2. Sting (1)
3. AJ Styles (2)
4. Hernandez (4)
5. Mick Foley (Legends Champ)
6. Bobby Lashley (5)
7. Abyss (10)
8. Rhino (NR)
9. Suicide (NR)
10. Eric Young (8)

TNA Tag Team Champions – Booker T & Scott Steiner (since 7.19.09)
1. Team 3D (3)
2. Beer Money, Inc (1)
3. British Invasion (2)
4. Motor City Machineguns (5)
5. Lethal Consequences (4)

TNA X Division Champion – Samoa Joe (1)
1. Daniels (NR)
2. D’Angelo Dinero (NR)
3. Amazing Red (3)
4. Sheik Abdul Bashir (5)
5. Kiyoshi (4)

TNA Knockouts Champion – ODB/Cody Deaner (3)
1. Awesome Kong (2)
2. Tara (1)
3. Traci Brooks (4)
4. Sarita (NR)
5. Hamada (NR)

Inactive Wrestlers/Personalities -Jeff Jarrett (Inactive since July 2009)

Unranked & Inactive Wrestlers/Personalities
-Alissa Flash
-Angelina Love
-BG James
-Christy Hemme
-Don West
-Dr. Stevie
-Hector Guerrero
-Jeremy Borash
-Jethro Holliday
-Jim Cornette
-Jesse Neal
-Kip James
-Lauren Thompson
-Madison Rayne
-Mike Tenay
-Raisha Saeed
-Rhaka Khan
-Rob Terry
-Shark Boy
-SoCal Val
-Sojourner Bolt
-Taylor Wilde
-Velvet Sky

No longer appearing on TV and/or TNAwrestling.com
-Jenna Morasca (Released, Non-Kayfabe)

In this monthly feature, the Inside Pulse Wrestling editorial board ranks the Heavyweight, Tag Team, and X Divisions within TNA. Rankings include the top ten Heavyweights, along with the top five Tag Teams, Knockouts & X Division competitors listed on TNAwrestling.com, plus regular, unlisted competitors.

These rankings take into account (in order):

-Current title status
-Declared and presumed storyline rankings
-Recent victories and quality of opponents
-Quality of matches (psychology, workrate, and entertainment value)
-Quality of TV exposure (length, placement during show, and crowd response)

Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below!

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