DIW and AZ wrestling stars get together to run benefit show for Steve Gatorwolf

On Aug, 27th 2011 – Dangerously Intense Wrestling and the Arizona Pro-Wrestling Community are hosting the Emilie Ketcher Memorial Fund Show in Phoenix, Arizona. Tickets are $5.00 and 100% of the profits will go towards the hospital bills and funeral costs. 5115 North 27th Ave, Phoenix Arizona – Bell Time 5pm.

I had a chance to get some comments from Dangerously Intense Wrestling Owner – Nick “The Sickness” Wilkinson, who had this to say…

“On Saturday we will mourn the loss of 5 year old Emilie Ketcher. We decided to do this show for Steve Gatorwolf Ketcher, who lost his 5 year old daughter last week, because in the end we are a community, a brotherhood in wrestling. For so long Arizona wrestling has been about competition and backstabbing and name calling but at DIW we are trying to do something different, we are trying to bring the community of wrestling back from the edge of death. All of us, regardless of company affiliation are here for one reason, we love wrestling and would do anything for the sport. Here we have a brother, a great man, who has given so much to wrestling in Arizona and beyond. A man who suffered a terrible loss and if we as a community can come together and offer our support in the way we know how, wrestling, then why not? So what if it does not benefit us financially, what about the karmic or spiritual rewards in helping out a friend in need? This show will have people from almost every local fed in Arizona and will also feature NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions: The Tribe, who have generously donated their time to come out and show support as well! Wrestling as a community needs to change, and my hope, Dangerously Intense Wrestling’s hope, is that this is the first step towards rebuilding our local wrestling community and working together for the good of wrestling and the good of all those involved. Its that simple.”

As a former promoter myself in the Arizona area, I urge anyone who is reading this who is either close enough to attend the show or who can donate any money, to please do so to help the Ketcher family. Anyone not attending and wishing to make a donation and for futher information on the show or to see which local stars that will be in appearing, check out:


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