10 Thoughts on WWE SmackDown! – 5.20.12 – Sheamus vs Orton, Sandow Attacks!, R-Boom Continues their Winning


Welcome to my first 10 Thoughts on WWE SmackDown!  But let’s get this underway.

1.  I may be the only one, but I’ve actually found John Laurinaitis very entertaining in his role as the General Manager.  He’s definitely hated by the audiences and his voice is grating just like a good heel’s is.  A good heel should do whatever to get you to hate and boo them and his voice just helps the progress.  I mean, it worked for Vickie didn’t it?

2.  It’s always nice to see more than two teams in the tag team division in the WWE, but really why shouldn’t there be more tag teams?  It gives guys like Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Tyson Kidd, and Zack Ryder something to do to keep them relevant.  Right now we have The Usos, The Colons, Truth/Kofi, Swagger/Ziggler, Titus/Young, and Hawkins/Reks.

3.  For once, I think I may have seen why everyone is raving about this Damien Sandow guy.  I’ve enjoyed his promos, but he just reminded me of The Genius.  But his destruction of Yoshi Tatsu was fantastic, and I enjoyed the ferocity that he showed.  Let’s just hope he keeps this aggression as there aren’t too many heels that show that kind of anger when attacking someone.

4.  Well just when we thought WWE was going to use Zack Ryder, he’s served right back into the jobber status by losing for weeks if even on the show.  And Cole jumping on the Bryan bandwagon is just so weird to hear.  It’s much more pleasing to hear than Cole sputtering random insults at Bryan the entire match however.

5.  A surprise win for Santino and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the two champions compete again as there have only been five matches announced thus far for the show.

6.  After seeing the stellar match between Sheamus and Bryan at Extreme Rules and then setting him up against Randy Orton, they really are going the right way about getting me to start liking Sheamus.  This, of course, is disregarding the atrocity that was the 18 second opener of WrestleMania.

7.  So where is Christian?  He came back for a week before ‘Mania, but then he was ‘injured’ and hasn’t been back yet.  So was it a legit injury or are they just waiting for something to bring him back?

8.  Why don’t they do more of the boxes during their entrances?  It would add in the charisma and personality aspect of the character.  It’s hard to get behind just some random faces on the show unless they do flashy moves like Kofi, Truth, or Rey.

9.  I know WWE was thinking that the Sheamus/Orton match was going to be a clinic and everyone was going to love it, but it just wasn’t that great.  It was far too long and just far too much drama for a match that no one will truly remember.  Not to mention the fact that Sheamus won the match with a roll-up.

10.  This week was just an okay show with a too long match between Sheamus/Orton, Sandow destroying Yoshi, R-Boom continuing to look dominant, and Punk/Bryan building for even more for this Sunday.

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And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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