UFC Fight Night 27 (Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann 2)- Facebook Preliminary Card [LIVE Play-by-Play]

Hello all and welcome to InsideFights.com’s live coverage and play-by-play of UFC Fight Night 27 headlined by a five-round welterweight rematch between Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann. I’m Ryan Frederick and I’ll be covering tonight’s event from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Stay tuned for live play-by-play coverage of the night’s preliminary card airing on Facebook. Stick around following this set of prelims as there will be more preliminary card action on FOX Sports 2 as well as the main card also on FOX Sports 1. Enjoy the fights everyone.

Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo

Referee: Rob Hinds

ROUND 1- Bowling and Trujillo look to erase losses in their last fight as they get things underway in Indianapolis. Rob Hinds oversees this fight. Bowling quickly takes the center of the Octagon. Bowling with a big right hand to start off. Bowling rocks Trujillo with a combination and Trujillo backs up but lands a counter left hand that hurts Bowling. Bowling lands a left hand. Both are throwing bombs and looking for the knockout. Trujillo misses a left hook. The pace slows just a bit. Both land left hooks at the same time. Bowling lands a nice combo but Trujillo counters with a left. Bowling goes for the takedown and picks Trujillo up and slams him down. Trujillo gets back up and lands a knee as they break. Both land left jabs. They trade combos yet again. Bowling with a body shot but Trujillo counters with a knee to the body. Bowling with a leg kick. Trujillo lands a right hand and then drags Bowling down to the ground. Trujillo looks to grab the back of Bowling but they get back up. Bowling tries to roll out but Trujillo ends up in side control. Trujillo looks to move into mount but Bowling battles to his feet. Trujillo lands a right hand and drags Bowling down to his knees and is looking for the back. They get to their feet and Bowling drags the fight down with a guillotine choke. Trujillo tries to escape and gets to his feet but Bowling still has it locked in. Bowling lets it go but is landing punches from the top and locks the choke back in. Bowling has it tight against the cage but Trujillo survives the round and escapes at the end. 10-9 Bowling.

ROUND 2- Both take the center to start the round. Bowling lands a body kick. Both then land left hands as the pace is slow to start. Trujillo lands a right hand but Bowling counters well. Trujillo with a left jab and Bowling goes for the takedown and gets it against the cage. Trujillo gets back to his feet but Bowling continues to go for the takedown. Trujillo defends well and causes a break and lands a big left hook as they break. Both land left hands. Bowling with a left hand followed by another as Trujillo begins to slow down. Bowling with a big leg kick. Bowling with a left hand as Trujillo misses on some punches. They battle against the fence a moment and Bowling lands an uppercut. Trujillo with a left hand but Bowling lands some body shots. Bowling with a flying knee but Trujillo fires back with punches. Bowling then goes for a takedown against the cage and completes it. Bowling wraps a leg and lands some punches and they get back up. Bowling with a knee and Trujillo escapes. Trujillo with a right hand. Both land left hands. Bowling utilizing the jab and lands a big left hook. Both fire off with right hands. Both land left hands. Trujillo starts to fire off and land some punches. Bowling with a body kick. Bowling goes for another takedown and Trujillo just falls to the ground. Bowling looks to take the back and lock in a choke. Bowling has a rear-naked choke but Trujillo is surviving. Trujillo gets out and lands a big knee to the body then one to the head as Bowling is on the ground. Illegal knee from Trujillo and Bowling is hurt. The referee calls for timeout after Trujillo lands an illegal knee. Trujillo gets a point deducted by referee Rob Hinds. The doctor then stops the fight as he says Bowling was knocked out completely. No disqualification for Trujillo and it looks like this will be a no contest following the stoppage.

Official Result: Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo is a No Contest due to unintentional knee on the ground at 4:57 of Round 2

Zak Cummings vs. Ben Alloway

Referee: Gary Copeland

ROUND 1- Gary Copeland is our official for this bout. Alloway takes the center of the Octagon to start off. Cummings from a southpaw stance. Alloway starts with a leg kick. Cummings goes for a kick and Alloway turns it into a brief takedown. Cummings gets to his feet and looks for the takedown but Alloway has his neck and looks for a guillotine. Against the fence and Cummings still looks for the takedown and Alloway lets go of the neck. Cummings with a combo against the cage and scores a takedown and is in side control. A battle for position on the ground as Cummings looks to pass guard. They get to their feet and Cummings with knees to the legs. Alloway escapes the clinch and they are in the center of the Octagon. Cummings lands a nice combo and Alloway fires back with his own. They tie up and Cummings gets Alloway against the cage and looks for the takedown. Cummings still battles for the takedown and Alloway hits him in the head a few times. Cummings with a left hand from the clinch. Alloway tries to break but can’t. Cummings with a knee and he is breathing heavy. Alloway with a knee. Alloway gets another knee. Cummings tries to take this fight down but is having real trouble in doing so. Cummings changes positions and gets the takedown. Cummings looks to get the back and is looking for a D’arce choke. Cummings gets it locked in and Alloway taps out. Nice submission win for Cummings in his UFC debut.

Official Result: Zak Cummings def. Ben Alloway by submission (D’Arce choke) at 4:19 of Round 1

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