DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Justice League #33 Has Dark Nights Metal Bats Out Of Hell Part 4 Finale With Big Revelations & A Bad Ass Cyborg?!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Hal Jordan and Justice League #33 with Dark Nights Metal Bats Out Of Hell Part 4 Finale.

The book opens with Wonder Woman, the Flash Barry Allen, Aquaman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan trapped by Barbatos’ Dark Knights of thee Dark Multiverse.

Cyborg is also trapped, but has looked inward to the Apokolips / New Gods Mother Box that powers him.

He has a new destiny that includes harnessing the power of the positive multiverse of 52 universes and…

…despite the risks Cyborg embraces that destiny and…

…gets a major upgrade.

The Dark Knights are worried about Cyborg’s new multiverse harnessing powers, but the Batman Who Laughs scoffs.

Cyborg frees that Batman-less and Superman-less Justice League, as the World’s Finest are trapped in the Dark Multiverse, and its Justice League vs. Dark Knights.

Doctor Fate comes to the rescue with Kendra Saunders, Mister Terrific and Deathstroke, but not before Cyborg frees a trapped ally in Teen Titan’s Raven. The remainder of the Teen Titans and Suicide Squad remain prisoners of the Dark Knights.

Cyborg reveals that the Dark Knights are not Batman’s fears, but his regrets as…

…Barbatos joins the fray resulting in…

…the Justice League escaping through Hypertime. Looks like Flashpoint is not simply an alternate timeline which makes sense with Doomsday Clock set to launch next week.

As the Justice Leagues disperses it seems that…

…they didn’t win at all and they unwittingly spreading Barbatos’ influence somehow leading to Dark Nights: Metal #4.

Dark Nights: Metal #4 is expecting to hit stands in around a month on December 20, 2017.

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