Review: Groo Vs Conan #1 by Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier, & Thomas Yeates

Groo takes on Conan, and Sergio Aragonés & Mark Evanier take on mini malls... »»

Orange Is The New Black Cast To Make First Late-Night Talk Show Appearance On Conan

The Orange Is The New Black cast will make their first joint late-night appearance on Conan. »»

Conan: Road of Kings #12 by Roy Thomas and Mike Hawthorne

This issue of Conan is entitled "Conan's Day in Court". A fitting title for this little editorial review. »»

DVD Review: Conan The Adventurer (Season Two: Part 1)

While this isn’t the historic Conan, the animated Barbarian doesn’t turn into a watered down and boring personality. »»

DVD Review: Roger Corman's Cult Classics Sword and Sorcery Collection

The biggest special effect that Corman used to insure these films would appeal to D&D players was posters and VHS movie boxes with Boris Vallejo’s artwork. »»

DVD Review: Conan the Adventurer (Season One)

This is extremely toned down from Arnold’s movies. »»

Real Reason Max Weinberg Left Conan O'Brien Show

E Street is experiencing more medical problems. E! Online reports that "Put away your conspiracy theories. Max Weinberg's unexpected departure from Conan has a perfectly reasonable—and rather worrying—explanation. "While laughter may be the be »»

Max Weinberg Won't Join Conan O'Brien on TBS

For the first time in 17 years, Conan O'Brien is out one drummer. Hit Fix reports that "Conan O'Brien's longtime bandleader Max Weinberg isn't following him to TBS. "O'Brien confirmed Monday that Weinberg won't be joining him on 'Conan,' his new l »»

It's Not a Tumor, It's a Musical Number!

The creators of Silence: The Musical turn their talents to the films of California's governor. »»

Dr. Strange Film Conjures Up Writers

Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey reported to show interest in the role of Marvel Comics' sorcerer supreme. »»

Rachel Nichols Joins Conan While Mickey Rourke Leaves

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women. »»

More Conan Casting News

An MMA fighter to square off against Conan! (Octagon not included.) »»

Mickey Rourke Joins the Cast of Conan

The Academy Award nominee set to play Conan's father. »»

Crom! Conan Casting News

Move over, Arnold, there's a new Conan in town. »»

New Solomon Kane Featurette - "Fighting Scenes"

"I am not yet ready to go to hell." »»

Brett Ratner Commits to Conan

The Hollywood Reporter says that Brett Ratner has deciding between two high-profile projects the past few weeks: Paramount's fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise and a 21st century take on Conan co-produced by Nu Image/Millennium and Lionsgate. »»

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