Sneak Peak At Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Bonus Features

Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. »»

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery To Get Killer Blu-ray Treatment

David Lynch's "watercooler" show about a murdered teen gets a high-def upgrade and lots of deleted scenes. »»

DVD Review: Drive-In Collection: Anatomy of a Psycho & The Lonely Sex

This double feature is bound to make your grandma rethink what was projected during her teen years. »»

David Lynch's Blue Velvet coming to Blu-Ray

Noir classic coming to Blu-Ray »»

Disc News: Dogtooth Headed To Blu-Ray in March

Due to demand from fans, Oscar nominated film headed to high-defintion release. »»

The Job - DVD Review

Ambiguous climax and off-beat characters help sell existential, slightly supernatural heist film The Job »»

Search for Dune Director Given Spring 2011 Deadline

Film must go into production within the year or risk Paramount loosing its option on the property. »»

David Lynch Wins Cologne Film Award

Add another one to the mantle - hit and miss director David Lynch has won another award. Digital Spy reports that "David Lynch has been awarded the Cologne Film Award at this year's Cologne Conference. "The Hollywood Reporter has said that the dir »»

SXSW Film ‘10 — Trash Humpers

Trash Humpers is the syphilis of found footage films. »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Life after Death

What show would you love to see get another shot at redemption on the big screen? »»

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Lynch fans rejoice! One of his greatest films, Lost Highway, is now available on DVD! David Lynch has always been known for his strange and unusual films and Lost Highway is the epitome of everything that Lynch stands for. From its non-linear story to its confusing dialogue and uncomfortable moments of silence if you want to know what Lynch is all about this is the film to watch. »»

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