Line-Ups of WWE Basic SuperStars Series 7 & Battle 2-Packs Series 4

Here are some of the new line-ups coming from Mattel's WWE line! Basic SuperStars Series 7 -Evan Bourne -Hornswoggle -Jinder Mahal -Justin Gabriel -Kofi Kingston -Randy Orton Battle 2-Packs Series 4 -Mark Henry & Trent Barreta -John Cen »»

In Stores Now: Mattel WWE Basic Series 12

Check out your local stores to find the next wave of WWE Basic figures. -Wade Barrett -Evan Bourne -Alberto Del Rio -John Morrison -Rey Mysterio -Randy Orton [gallery=1544] »»

Mattel WWE Basic Series 12 Line-Up Revealed (Alberto Del Rio!)

Mattel as released the line-up for their WWE Basic Series 12. -Alberto Del Rio -John Morrison -Randy Orton -Wade Barrett -Evan Bourne -Rey Mysterio These are due in August. »»

Images Of Mattel WWE Elite Series 8 (Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Edge & More)

Here are the images of Mattel's WWE Elite Series 8: -Sheamus -Edge -William Regal -Drew McIntyre -Evan Bourne -The Undertaker These are due in stores in March. [gallery=1340] »»

New WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Trailer Reveals Shawn Michaels on the Roster

Check out the new WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 trailer below. In addition to the Screenshots, this trailer reveals that Evan Bourne & Shawn Michaels will be in the game. This brings the cast of wrestlers to 13: -John Cena -Sheamus -The Miz -Ra »»

Images of Mattel WWE 2-Packs Series 3

Here are the official images of WWE 2-Packs Series 3, including: -Cryme Tyme -Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio -Big Show & Edge They are supposed to hit in April, but I have heard reports of these getting out into stores NOW! [gallery=323] »»

TOY FAIR 2010 COVERAGE: Mattel WWE Basic 2-Packs

Here are the images from the new WWE Basic 2-Packs from Mattel. [gallery=295] »»

Upcoming Mattel WWE Release Schedule

Now that the first assortments are In Stores Now, here is the next few months of WWE releases coming from Mattel. Not all pics are available, but I have included what I have below. Basic Figures Series 2 (Feb 2010) -Kane -Mark Henry -CM Punk -Rey M »»

In Stores Now: Mattel's WWE Figures!!!

OK, so today, 1.1.10, is the official street date for Mattel's WWE figures! Many have found them early (including myself), but Mattel is expecting most retailers to put these figures out TODAY!! However, this is only the beginning! Check out Matte »»

Images of WWE Basic Figures from Mattel!

With New Year's just over a month away, Mattel has finally shown off their WWE figures that they plan to have on store shelves 1.1.10! We here at Pulse Figures have images of the first few waves of figures, and we are going to start off this update »»

Images of WWE ECW Series 5

Here are the images for ECW Series 5: -Evan Bourne -Jack Swagger -Christian -Mark Henry -Finlay -Tyson Kidd [gallery=208] »»

In Stores Now: WWE Ruthless Aggression 39

The newest WWE Ruthless Aggression has hit the toy store pegs! In this set you will see: -Jeff Hardy -Ted DiBiase -Mark Henry -Rey Mysterio -Vladimir Kozlov -Evan Bourne [gallery=70] »»

In Stores Now: WWE Adrenaline 35

Head out to stores now, and you will find the latest WWE Adrenaline 35! -Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio -Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder -Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes [gallery=71] »»

WWE – Cyber Sunday 2008 - DVD Review

Everyone in the world wants to have their voices heard and their opinions known, and having them mean something on a worldwide stage makes them even better. Each and every year the WWE wants to put control in the hands of the WWE Universe (the fans) and let it be known that they have control. The annual PPV entitled Cyber Sunday does just that and lets fans see the types of matches and the match-ups they want to see. Whether it's a ladder match or a cage match. Whether it is a three way dance or a tag team gauntlet. Whether it is a hated rival or a fan-favorite. All choices are in the hands of the fans and what they say...goes. »»

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