My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: The WWE's Greatest Opponent (Vince McMahon, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan)

Hello all and welcome to My Pinterest Is Piledrivers.  I am typing this from my first new laptop since 2008.  Poverty sucks.  To celebrate, I am doing an extra-long column.  Think JRR Tolkein, George RR Martin length.  And none of this "spli »»

Throwback Thursday: Underrated Superstars (Brian Kendrick, Evan Bourne, Shannon Moore)

Every person on this list (and other superstars not listed, because let's face it, the wrestling industry is huge) has talent and skills that should have been used and celebrated, not buried in the low or mid tier matches. »»

2014's Future Endeavors” Video

CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio & Drew McIntyre highlight this year's class. »»

Forever Heel: Mourning the Loss of Brodus Clay and Others, plus a Letter from a CH Punk Fan.

A Forever Heel look at future endeavored wrestlers... »»

THE RAGER! #WWERedWedding (JTG, Curt Hawkins, Brodus Clay)

A very short RAGER but a heartfelt one...kinda. »»

My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: The Sound Of One Hand Tapping...Out (WWE, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk)

Hello all, and welcome to My Pinterest Is Piledrivers.  I am James A. Sawyer, and I am @todaysjmsawyer, too.  You should follow me, after all, Andrew W.K. does. One of my last columns was about how shit was get »»

New Rules! WWE Red Wedding Edition (Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre, Curt Hawkins & Mark Henry)

Inspired by WWE firing eleven active roster members in a single day! »»

WWE Releases: 11 Superstars / Contracted Talents Cut (a.k.a. Goodbye JTG and Two Thirds of 3MB)

WWE does a hatchet job to 11 contracted talents... »»

My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: Why I'm Big On Zig (Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Triple H)

Hello all and welcome to My Pinterest Is Piledrivers.  I am James A. Sawyer and @todaysjimsawyer.  Thank you for reading, and I can only hope some disastrous PPV or shocking new wrestling development doesn't overshadow this column, which is alw »»

Creative Control: Future Endeavors (WWE Network, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Zack Ryder, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, The Miz)

Following his unplanned hiatus, Kincaid is back pitching an original series for the new WWE Network. »»

My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: Looking Forward To Looking Back (Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston, Antonio Cesaro)

Sawyer takes a personal look back at 2013 in both life and pro wrestling... »»

Guys and Divas #11: Slammy, Go Home! (Daniel Bryan, The Bella Twins, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler)

Jeff takes stock of things before TLC, evaluates the Divas (again!) and comments on commentators. Don't miss it! »»

Rabblecast #304 Special Guest: JD Smooth of the FWF

WWE has done it again. When, CM Punk originally delivered his "pipe bomb" rant on Monday Night RAW it caused lots of talk and controversy. To the casual fan, it was a peek behind the curtain of the machine that is, World Wrestling Entertainment. This »»

My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: When You Wish Upon A Wrestler (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler)

Hello all, and welcome to the return of My Pinterest Is Piledrivers.  For at least this week.  I am your host, James A. Sawyer, and I am rising against cancer.  And come early 2013 I'll find out if it just knocked me down again.  But all this lyi »»

FLASHBACK - Quick Quips: WWE Survivor Series 2011

- First off, this week on the Wrestling Pulsecast, my guest is DGUSA booker Gabe Sapolsky. He'll be taking live calls and emails ( for one hour starting at 7:30 PM EST on - The last time I was in the Garden, it was WrestleMania 20 which ironically was the last time The Rock was as well. We didn't know it was his last match at MSG or in the case it was, for 7 years. The night was amazing and he stood out as a legend even in the ring with Foley, Batista, Flair and Orton. So far, that's the only 'Mania I've had the pleasure of attending and if I never did again I'd be perfectly happy. - Survivor Series used to be one of my favorite events. Last week, I went through a bunch of recently past events and none of them stood out as something great. And then I watch the first few PPVs and remember why this show is awesome. Now tonight, we again only have 1 "Traditional Survivor Series" match. For a company who prides itself on it's legacy (and it does), they really don't "get" what people like about their product. - Honestly, if The Rock wasn't returning for this, the 15th anniversary of his WWE debut at Survivor Series, I really don't think we'd have a Survivor Series this year. I think it'd be something like Last Man Standing 2011. »»

New Rules! 11/02/2012: Twitter, John Cena, Ryback & Shaemus

Some interesting stats that I throw at you like a rock. »»

THE RAGER! - Clarifications in a/the/that/this Cell (CM Punk, Ryback, John Cena)

Chris revisits points made last week and considers what there is to look forward to at Hell in a Cell »»

My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: The Vicious Circle (Undertaker, Raven, Daniel Bryan)

James Sawyer gives insight on his own history as a wrestling fan and talks about Jerry Lawler, Daniel Bryan and more... »»

The Stomping Ground: The Nexus - Where Are They Now?

With Barrett's return, how are the former Nexus members doing these days? »»

My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: The Big Ten (CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Michael Cole)

James Sawyer looks back to show us what the state of the wrestling industry is today... »»

No Chance - Ok Maybe Just One Chance (With Mick Foley, William Regal, and Drew McIntyre)

If WWE is to be believed, Monday Night Raw is a show that is constantly full of surprises and unexpected twists. Well, as for this week's episode, easily the most unexpected and surprising thing was that Alex Riley showed up on TV. And on top of that »»

The Stomping Ground: Why The WWE Title MITB Ladder Match Works For Me (Cena, Jericho)

That's right, I'm all for the Raw MITB! Click to find out why! »»

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