A Little Help - Review

A comedy … without anything funny in it Laura (Jenna Fischer) is having a pretty horrible life so far. Her husband (Chris O'Donnell) has recently just passed from undetected heart problems and her son (Daniel Yelsky) has told everyone his de »»

Blu-ray Review: Hall Pass (Enlarged Edition)

Will The Farrelly Bros. be able to survive in an Apatow world? Sadly, I think not. »»

Hall Pass - Review

The Farrelly’s latest is big on laughs, and big on heart. »»

Red Band Trailer for Hall Pass Finally Makes it Funny

"Home on the Range" like you've never heard it before. »»

Hall Pass Trailer Asks The Question Are The Farrellys Back?

The new Farrelly brothers comedy stars Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis. »»

Office Star Jenna Fischer Weds Writer Lee Kirk

You mean she's not married to Jim?!? »»

Jenna Fischer gives Owen Wilson a Hall Pass

The Office starlet to play Owen Wilson's ball and chain. »»

The Office: Season Four - DVD Review

The 2007/2008 TV season for all "scripted" television shows can be summed up by one word: strike. Every scripted show was affected by the writers' strike at the end of 2007. Most shows lost somewhere around 10 episodes during this season. In addition, there was a LONG four-month break right in the middle of the season, which adversely hurt the momentum that any show was looking to carry over from episode to episode, especially new comedies or dramas. So it's interesting to watch all of these shortened seasons of TV shows that are just now coming to DVD. Some shows weren't affected that much by the strike, but there are others that were hurt a lot. Which category would the fourth season of arguably the best comedy on TV today, The Office, fall under? »»

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