First Picture Of Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan's Sex Scene in Scary Movie 5 Released

The first picture of Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan's scene in Scary Movie 5 has been released. »»

Saturday Night Live - Episode 37-16 Review - Lindsay Lohan

Usually I start off writing this blog by giving you a little introduction on my thoughts on how the host will be, but too much time has passed so I will speak to you in the present.  Oh Lindsay, this attempt at a comeback »»

Movie Executives Don't Care If Lindsay Lohan Sucks, They Love Her!

Despite getting mixed reviews from critics for her hosting stint on SNL (and by mixed we mean that she was terrible- and what happened to her face?), movie execs are loving her! A source says: She got slammed on Twitter and Facebook and all over s »»

Lindsay Lohan In More Hot Water

Oopsie! It's been reported that Lindsay Lohan 'forgot' to pay her taxes in 2009. She owes $93,701.57 to the IRS, and if she doesn't pay up soon, the government can go after her assets to get the cash. Good thing she already showed her 'assets' to Pla »»

Monday Morning Critic - Lindsay Lohan and The Cinematic Redemption of Robert Downey Jr, Sherlock Holmes 2, Bill Hicks & American: The Bill Hicks Story

A look at the cinematic redemption of Robert Downey Jr. in light of Lindsay Lohan in Playboy and Sherlock Holmes 2 ... plus a DVD review of American: The Bill Hicks Story »»

Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Spread Leaks Early

After the cover to her special edition of Playboy leaked early, everything else has been leaked out per D-Listed. You can click here to see Lohan's spread evoking Marilyn Monroe. »»

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Magazine Cover Photo Leaked Early

Somebody got an early copy of the Lindsay Lohan issue and the cover photo of the starlet straddling the famous bunny logo has leaked onto the internet. The official cover image from the January/February issue, featuring a nude photo spread of Loha »»

Lindsay Lohan Going Back To Jail

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is going to have some time to make jail feel just like home. After admitting to violating probation, Lohan will be serving 30 days in county jail, and will be unable to appeal for early release. Upon her completing her sta »»

Monday Morning Critic - Lindsay Lohan in Playboy, Halloween (1978)

Lindsay Lohan and the Robert Downey Jr. Guide To Getting Back on Top ... plus a DVD review of John Carpenter's Halloween »»

Monday Morning Critic - 11.29.2010 - Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, WikiLeaks and Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain

The recasting of Inferno shows us Lindsay Lohan's career, a DVD review of The Fountain and I weigh in on the WikiLeaks debate with a joke involving Kim Kardashian. Yeah, this is going to be a bumpy ride. »»

Lindsay Lohan is Going Back to Jail!

It's been a Freaky Friday for this Mean Girl. E Online reports that "The judge laid down the law and ordered the trouble-magnet star hauled away in handcuffs for using cocaine while on probation—a screw-up that led to last week's failed drug test a »»

Lindsay Lohan Faced with Arrest Warrant

It just never ends does it? PEOPLE reports that "Lindsay Lohan, who says she's ready to face the consequences for failing at least one drug test, must appear in court Friday for a judge to consider whether she'll be sent back to jail. "Lohan, 24, »»

Lindsay Lohan Hits Stroller With Her Car ... Seriously

Brad Garoon asks "Why wouldn't she stop? What's wrong with her?! How can so much happen to one person?" He of course is referring to the latest involving Lindsay Lohan. PEOPLE reports "the troubled star may have hit a stroller while driving her Maser »»

Michael Lohan Thinks Opening a Rehab Center is His Calling in Life

Whatever it is that he wants to do, I'm sure he'll be happy if he's in the spotlight. Digital Spy reports that "Michael Lohan has said that he believes opening a rehab centre is his 'calling' in life. "The 50-year-old recently revealed his plans »»

Machete - Review

His blade may be sharp, but his movie is dull »»

Lindsay Lohan to Undergo Psychotherapy Treatment

The Lindsay Lohan drama continues. People reports that "Lindsay Lohan was ordered by her new judge to a strict regimen of drug treatment and psychotherapy following her release from inpatient rehab Tuesday. "Judge Fox warned that any missed or dir »»

Lindsay Lohan Released From Rehab Early

Boy she really has it rough. W.E.N.N. reports that "Lindsay Lohan has been released from a rehabilitation centre after serving just 23 days of her court-ordered 90-day program. The Mean Girls actress was jailed last month for breaching her probation »»

Dina Lohan Defends Daughter Lindsay Lohan, Blasts Judge

PEOPLE reports that Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina "placing the blame on the judge no longer on the case and staunchly defending the behavior of her daughter Lindsay Lohan – appeared on Friday's Today show, declaring there was nothing wrong with her c »»

Judge in Ongoing Lindsay Lohan Case Removes Herself

PEOPLE reports that "Judge Marsha Revel, who sentenced the actress to 90 days in jail and three months in rehab, voluntarily removed herself from the case last Friday ... Revel has been replaced by Judge Elden Fox, who is no stranger to celebrity cas »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (Revisited)

Can a movie this bad improve upon a second viewing? Does a bear poop in a funny hat? »»

Lindsay Lohan Out of Jail

When is the Linda Lovelace movie coming out? »»

Lindsay Lohan's Out of Rehab, Time for Photo Stills of Linda Lovelace Biopic Inferno

After thirteen days in solitary confinement, Lindsay Lohan's ready to release that pent up carnal heat as Linda Lovelace on the big screen. Photos inside. »»

New red-band trailer for Machete avenges online

It is all that is awesome. »»

Robert Shapiro Wants to Be Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer

Will this thing ever die? »»

Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Quits

Just take it like a man, Lindsay. »»

Official Trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete!

Can't wait to see it in front of Predators? Watch it now. »»

Lindsay Lohan No-Shows Her Own Birthday Party

How funny is it that the owners of the bar are "like family" to Lohan? »»

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