Netflix February 2015: New Movies And New Television Shows

What's being added and what's going away from Netflix? »»

SDCC 2014: NECA Photo Gallery

Check out the images from the NECA booth at SDCC. Included are Planet of the Apes, Robocop vs. Terminator, the newly announced 8-Bit Batman! Stay tuned for more from SDCC! [gallery=19] »»

Fox To Unveil Planet Of The Apes: Caesar's Warrior Collection Package At San Diego Comic-Con

Warrior package is one of several exclusives the studio plans to show in San Diego. Find out more what they're doing with Sons of Anarchy, 24: Live Another Day, and How to Train Your Dragon 2 after the cut. »»

Monday Morning Critic - RoboCop & The Passage Of Time: How A Classic Can Become a One Night Stand

I have to admit that when I went to see the Robocop remake I went with a twinge of excitement. »»

Our RoboCop Remake - Review

Crowdsourcing project is the Robocop remake we deserved. »»

RoboCop (2014) - Review

Man-chine: Or, How to Be Just Another Heartless Tin Man. »»


NECA surprised us all by showing off the brand new Robocop ED-209! Check out the images below of this new figure! Keep it here at for all the Toy Fair 2013 Coverage, and follow us @PulseFigures for live photo's from the show floor »»

Michael Keaton Replaces Hugh Laurie In RoboCop Remake

Keaton to play CEO of the company that builds RoboCop. »»

Demythify: The Dark Knight Rises Ending & Sequel, Total Recall 2012, 1990, 2070 & NASA Mars Mission (Spoilers)

A Dark Knight, an elusive Red Planet, a Rekall "reality" & NASA's real life mission to Mars! »»

New Night Fighter Robocop Revealed by NECA

NECA has revealed a brand new Robocop variant, Night Fighter Robocop! This figure will be a Toys R Us exclusive. The news comes from Action Figure Insider's scoop week, click here for the entire story! »»

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within - Review

Brazilian release shows crime and corruption with gunplay, wiretaps »»

Crave More Horrible Bosses? 4 More Bosses And 2 Devils Worth Watching

With the release of Horrible Bosses, here are six more that are just as bad. »»

NECA Robocop Figure Revealed

NECA has revealed their Robocop figure. This figure will be in stores in July! click for full size »»

SXSW '11: Source Code - Review

Robocop for the digital age »»

Peter Weller Pleads To Detroit For Robocop Statue

A video of Peter Weller in a homemade Robocop costume? I'd buy that for a dollar. »»

Movie Poster of the Week — Travis Pitts' Minimalist The Thing Poster

Artist combines minimalism with Saturday morning cartoon influences to create line of striking movie posters. »»

Darren Aronofsky Developing Machine Man

With strong acclaim for Black Swan, director Darren Aronofsky is developing his next project after helming the Wolverine sequel. »»

Poster Watch: Gorgeous Artwork Unveiled for Drafthouse Tour

Limited run prints feature films such as Robocop, Rocky and Dirty Harry. »»

Aronofsky directed Robocop remake thrown in junk pile

You won't be able to buy that ticket for a dollar. »»

Alamo Drafthouse Hits The Road For Nationwide Tour

Rolling Roadshow to include stops in eight U.S. cities »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Showgirls

Showgirls is the female impersonator of director Paul Verhoeven’s filmography — and he’s a guy obsessed with the vagina. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Ultrachrist!

When a Buddy Christ just isn't enough. »»

'80s Remake Row: Police Academy and Pet Sematary

New Line and Paramount are going back to the '80s to revive two franchises. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Supervan

There on the road. It's a Pinto. No, a Focus. No, it's Supervan! »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Hulk smashes the iPhone of Cops

A new Hulk movie? I'd buy that for a dollar! »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Adult Tested, Kid Approved

What R-rated movie would you like to see made into a children’s cartoon? »»

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