Blu-ray Review: Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis

If you’re an Aquaman fan you’ll most likely enjoy this film more than I did. »»

Rosario Dawson joins Netflix's Daredevil Cast

So is she or isn't she Elektra? »»

New Trailer For Danny Boyle's Trance

The thriller opens in theaters April 5th. »»

Zookeeper - Review

Kevin James almost overcomes film's general odor of terrible »»

SXSW '11: Girl Walks Into a Bar - Review

Experiment in direct web distribution proves successful »»

Unstoppable - Blu-ray Review

Is this runaway train flick worth catching? »»

Unstoppable - Review

A satisfying escape with a shot of adrenaline. »»

Grindhouse - Blu-ray Review

See Grindhouse the way it was meant to be seen. »»

Kevin Smith Hits on Seann William Scott

The American Pie star is hopeful that he can rock out with his co...puck out for Kevin Smith. »»

Robert Saucedo's Best of the Aughts

Robert Saucedo's favorite films of the last decade. »»

Dawson Boards an Unstoppable Train

Rosario Dawson to star alongside Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in Fox's runaway train drama Unstoppable. »»

Seven Pounds - Blu-ray Review

Ya know, I really think my life is pretty good. Day by day things seem to being going well. But then there are some films that come along, like Seven Pounds, and make me reflect and wonder...why the hell haven't I done something with myself? »»

Wonder Woman: Two-Disc Special Edition - DVD Review

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman - DC Comics' big three. The men have been subject of countless animated TV series and DVD movies in recent years. After appearing in many Justice League stories, Princess Diana finally gets her own animated movie. »»

Seven Pounds - Review

The Pursuit of Forgiveness »»

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