Minions Off To Villain-Con In Second Trailer

The Despicable Me spin-off to open in theaters July 10, 2015. »»

Monday Morning Critic - Ender's Game, Gay Marriage and The Orson Scott Card Problem - Gravity Reviewed

"Ender's Game" and the Orson Scott Card problem ... plus "Gravity" reviewed »»

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: Gravity

Rocket Science becomes Movie Magic. »»

Demythify: Unspooling DC Comics' New 52 Earth 2 Superman, Batman, Multiversity & Watchmen 2 Yarn

The debut of Demythify tackles DC's worlds-building. Are all the pieces of DC's plan falling into place? We explore the Top 5. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close [Video]

Years after 9/11, Oscar is still devastated over the death of his father at the World Trade Center. Finding an envelope labeled “BLACK” with a small key inside, Oscar believes this is a game left for him by his dad. Setting off on »»

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Review

Emotional, yet heartfelt, honest, and sincere; and one of 2011's best films. »»

New Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Trailer: Tom Hanks and 9/11 Collide For Family Drama

After a fairly unremarkable first trailer, a second for the Tom Hanks/Sandra Bullock drama Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close has been released. »»

Video: Sandra Bullock's 1991 Audition Tape

Before she was America's sweetheart, she was just another struggling actress »»

Hello, Oscar, The Trailer For Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Arrives

Warner Bros. December push for Oscar gold gets a trailer. »»

Secretariat - Blu-ray Review

Secretariat deserves a film better than this one. »»

Robert Downey Jr. Exits Wizard Of OZ Prequel, Johnny Depp May Replace

Sam Raimi directed prequel to The Wizard of Oz seeking replacement wizard. »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: Social Network Looks to Repeat, Katherine Heigl and Secretariat Fight for Second Place

The Social Network faced some competition this weekend at the box office. Sadly, the competition was not strong, as judged on their performances. »»

Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock get Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Two more Oscar winners are added to the film adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's novel. »»

Twilight Saga Cleans Up at 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Sandra Bullock and Ashton Kutcher also big winners (insert palm to the face here). »»

Jesse James Admits That Nazis Aren't Funny

Next shocking revelation: Burning crosses in Mississippi are also in poor taste. »»

Sandra Bullock Says Nazi Propaganda Has No Place in Her Life

Sandra Bullock has words for her soon-to-be ex-husband. »»

Is there a Sandra Bullock sex tape?

Do you think the ultimate girl next door has a sex tape? »»

The Blind Side - DVD Review

Sandra Bullock owns this movie. Every time she is on screen she makes you feel something and that's mildly impressive. »»

Disc News: Death Race 2000 hits 1080p

Bill from Kill Bill and Rambo engage in some road rage this June. »»

82nd Annual Academy Award Nominations

The Hurt Locker and Avatar lead the pack with nine nominations apiece, but the biggest surprise might be one particular film that's up for Best Picture. »»

2010 Screen Actors Guild Award Winners

Now that's a bingo! »»

Disc News: Shout! for Roger Corman

Shout! Factory to bring Corman's New Horizons films to DVD! »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Freaks, Geeks and Pricks

Forget leaves falling from trees or cornucopias spontaneously disappearing from kitchen table centerpieces, the real proofs that fall is being overtaken by winter is the disappearance of your favorite television shows from the airwaves for a few weeks (or in the case of Glee, a few months). »»

All About Steve to be Revealed in December

All About Steve is coming home for the holidays. Will this Fox title be this year's lump of coal in a stocking present? »»

The Proposal - Blu-ray Review

Romantic comedies live or die on the chemistry between the lead stars, and that's certainly true for The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds shows a new side of his acting skills in this film, and is able to carry Sandra Bullock along with him. »»

The Proposal - Review

Blackmailing is like marriage. There's a give and a take. »»

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