Madonna Sets Sales Record...For Biggest Drop

People are apparently over Madonna's new CD already.  The album, MDNA, dropped from 350,000 units sold in the first week to 46,000 in the second week, a stunning 88% collapse.  Sales were bolstered by a special deal where copies were bundled with t »»

Why Did M.I.A. Flip Us Off?

Well because really, you don't get an awesome gig like Super Bowl and just NOT give the finger, right? While the whole free world is apparently waiting for M.I.A. to issue an apology for flipping off the crowd and cameras a the  Super Bowl, the peop »»

Madonna Gets Higher Ratings Than The Super Bowl Itself

This year's Super Bowl Half Time Show snagged more viewers than the actual game itself. Madonna's performance had a 48.3 rating, while the game had 47.8. You'd have to guess that a lot of those viewers were actually just waiting to see what kind of c »»

Super Bowl Commercial: Ferris Bueller's Extended Ad Spot For Honda CR-V

Life moves pretty fast - even faster in a Ferr...I mean a Honda. »»

Super Bowl Teaser: Ferris Lives! Matthew Broderick Reprises His Role In Ad About...?

What would make Matthew Broderick want to skip a day of work (assuming he's still not in high school)? »»

LMFAO To Perform At Super Bowl With Madonna?

According to, LMFAO will continue their quest to be in the brain of everyone alive by guesting at the Super Bowl with Madonna.  He dropped the info during an interview, although Madonna's representatives have not yet confirmed that party r »»

Madonna Signs New Recording Deal With Interscope

Madonna has signed a new three-CD deal with Interscope Records, with a base pay of $1,000,o00 per album.  The deal will work in tandem with her 10-year deal with Live Nation.  The deal marks her first commitment to a label other than Warner Brother »»

Madonna Confirmed To Play Super Bowl Halftime Show

Madonna has been confirmed to be part of the halftime entertainment show at Super Bowl XLVI. »»

Madonna To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Madonna has reportedly agreed to perform during the halftime show for Super Bowl XLVI in 2012.  Madonna and the NFL both deny that any deal has been made, but Madonna has a new single to be released in February of 2012, so the timing would be right. »»

A Skitch In Time - 2099

Come with us now on a journey through time and space...... To the world of 2099 »»

Glee - Episode 2-11 Super Bowl Recap

Yeah, it sucked, but that wasn't surprising. What could we expect of the post-Super Bowl Glee? For one, it has to be easily accessible for the millions who haven't watched the show and are ripe for the picking. That means little use of ongoing plots, notably Kurt being at Dalton, and a whole lot of singing and dancing. »»

Glee - Episode 2-11 Super Bowl Review

>From what I hear (I opted to watch a DVD of The Kids Are Alright rather than the Superbowl last night) pretty much anyone could have outdone the halftime show from the Black Eyed Peas last night, but it brings extra joy to my heart that they were outdone by McKinley High's New Directions. »»

Super Bowl Movie Trailer: Captain America: The First Avenger

First ever footage of the upcoming film »»

Super Bowl Movie Trailer: Thor

We've got the video here »»

Captain America, Transformers, Super 8 And More to Have Super Bowl Spots

Fifteen films in all will have 30-second previews played during the February 6th football game. »»

2010 NFL Preview Part 8: NFC South

Team                                                Projected Wins-Losses (Range) 1. New Orleans Saints                   11-5 - 13-3 The Saints were very impressive on both side »»

2010 NFL Preview Part 6: NFC North

Team                                                Projected Win-Losses (Range) 1. Green Bay Packers                  11-5 - 13-3 The Packers have one of the best teams in the lea »»

2010 NFL Preview Part 2: AFC North

Team                                        Projected Wins-Losses(Range) 1. Baltimore Ravens                    10-6 - 13-3 The Ravens could be one of the best teams in the NFL this s »»

2010 NFL Preview Part 1: AFC East

Team                                             Projected Wins- Losses (Range) 1. New York Jets                                     9-7 - 13-3 Rex Ryan and th »»

Super Bowl Headed for New Jersey

The NFL has announce the 2014 Super Bowl will be played at the Meadowland in New Jersey. This will be the first time in NFL history that the game will be played in a cold weather area that doesn't have a dome. I'm expecting that many players and me »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Oscar Fever

What's the cure for Oscar Fever? If you answered Italian art house pornography, you're correct! »»

I Confess....I Missed Most of the Super Bowl

Confession is good for the soul they say (and just who in the bloody hell are they anyway?). So I have a confession. I missed a great deal of the Super Bowl on Sunday. While millions of fans and non fans were glued to their myriad of types of TVs. I »»

Wild Weekends: A Win that was Anything But a Big Easy

Years from now, this game may turn out to be a torch passing game. In many ways, the game appeared that way to me as it unfolded Sunday night. It was the Saints, the new kids on the block, taking down the Colts, one of the most dominant teams of the last decade, to become champions of pro football. It was Peyton Manning and not Drew Brees who made the game-clinching mistake as one would expect the younger, inexperienced Brees to make such a mistake considering Manning has already been to a Super Bowl—in the same stadium as Sunday's. It was Drew Brees and not Peyton Manning who bumped his game up to that necessary next level to boost his team. And it was the Saints, not the Colts, who made the most out of what their opponent gave them. »»

Details Revealed About 'Secret' Super Bowl Commercial Shoot Between Oprah, Letterman & Leno

In an interview posted last night, The Late Show executive producer Rob Burnett revealed how all parties worked together to keep the ad a secret from the press. "...Dave got this idea. My first call was to Oprah – she got it right away – and t »»

Super Bowl Preview: Super Sunday in Miami

It's all come down to this.  Super Sunday, the most important football game of the year.  And looking out my window seeing the two-plus feet of snow, to me Miami looks like some kind of Eden.  A sunny, drunken Eden full of football and car commerc »»

Super Bowl Thoughts: Poor Archie Manning

Two days till the big game.  TWO DAYS!  And there is a lot to do before Sunday.  I have to figure out the food, the spread, and collect the bets.  But I guess all that can wait 'til the last minute.  I have to make my picks!...........Actually, »»

Wild Weekends: Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

This Sunday, football season ends in Miami with Super Bowl XLIV and for the first time in years, there's a Super Bowl where the sides are pretty even on who people think are going to win. Last year, Pittsburgh was a pretty clear favorite, the Pats were supposed to run over the Giants, the Colts did run over Chicago, the Steelers were pretty safe favorites against Seattle a few years back, but this year people are still scratching their heads about a winner, and that's even after Dwight Freeney became a story this week. »»

My Team is Better Than Yours - Super Bowl Kickoff

My Team is Better Than Yours... Welcome to the newest feature here at Inside Pulse Sports - My Team is Better Than Yours. 2 fans face off on why their team is better than there opposition. Once they make their case, I'll decide which one is more persuasive and declare the winner. »»

Wild Weekends: Heading to Miami

The wins not only propelled the Colts to their second Super Bowl in four years and the Saints to their first in franchise history, but also guaranteed that this year's Big Game will be noteworthy before the opening kickoff. This will be the first Super Bowl contested between two dome teams, Jim Caldwell will become the first rookie head coach to coach in the Super Bowl since George Seifert (Super Bowl XXIV), and this will be the first Super Bowl to feature both one-seeds since Super Bowl XVIII. »»

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