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Super Bowl Listing

2010 NFL Preview Part 8: NFC South

Team                                                Projected Wins-Losses (Range) 1. New Orleans Saints                   11-5 – 13-3 The Saints were very impressive on both side of the ball against the Vikings last Thursday, its
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2010 NFL Preview Part 6: NFC North

Team                                                Projected Win-Losses (Range) 1. Green Bay Packers                  11-5 – 13-3 The Packers have one of the best teams in the league this season, and only have a
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2010 NFL Preview Part 2: AFC North

Team                                        Projected Wins-Losses(Range) 1. Baltimore Ravens                    10-6 – 13-3 The Ravens could be one of the best teams in the NFL this season and have very few weaknesses.
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2010 NFL Preview Part 1: AFC East

Team                                             Projected Wins- Losses (Range) 1. New York Jets                                     9-7 – 13-3 Rex Ryan and the Jets will have a very strong, well rounded football team this season.
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