The TV Obsessed Short Week in Review - 10/02/12 - 10/05/12 - Fringe, Grimm, The Office, Last Resort, Supernatural, and Vegas

Behind on television again so short reviews and a lot missing. :(No ragging on Fringe's overall plot incoherence this time. I'll think of the show as an anthology, each season a different story with the same characters. In this particular iteration, »»

The TV Obsessed Week in Review: House, Girls, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Grimm, Nikita, Supernatural, The Mentalist, Glee, Awake, Criminal Minds, Suburgatory, NCIS

I watched every episode of House, all 177 episodes, so I wanted this finale to be good. For all the criticism of the show I've had over the years, Hugh Laurie remained steadfastly dedicated to the character and to his acting. Every wince, every movem »»

The TV Obsessed Week in Review: Smash, House, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Fringe, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist, The Office, Supernatural, Common Law, Grimm, Awake, The Finder, The Secret Circle, Community, The Big Bang Theory, Revenge, New Girl

Smash's season finale wraps up an absurd season with more absurdity. The height of this comes when Ellis announces to Eileen that he was the one who put the peanut in Rebecca's drink. He gets fired, smiles, strolls off, and we don't see him for the r »»

The CW Upfront Announcement 2012: New TV Season Schedule; Night-by-Night Breakdown

The ratings for all of The CW shows were at an all-time low last season. So it appears they think completely changing the schedule around might help. Only 1 CW show is in the same slot as it was last year. Here is a look at their new schedule: »»

The TV Obsessed Week in Review: Game of Thrones, Veep, Mad Men, Girls, Glee, Smash, House, NCIS, Magic City, The Good Wife, The Killing, Supernatural, Revenge, Awake, Community, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Grimm

I complain all the time about Glee and how terrible it has become, but if there's one thing it has over Smash, it's the ability to make the viewer have an opinion, good or bad. With Smash, everything kind of just passes by. Eileen and her boyfriend, »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Championship Round Voting Begins with Modern Family and The Walking Dead Facing Off

After a record number of votes, the Final Four has ended. There was plenty of back and forth leads in both matchups. But in the end, we are left with one #1 seed facing off against an unseeded show. The battle between #1 Modern Family and #2 The »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Final 4 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and The Walking Dead Facing Off

The Elite 8 round voting has ended and there is still one Cinderella show that has made it to the Final Four. But it was fight to get there for sure. The rest of the final four features two #1 seeds and one #2 seed. That means another #1 seed went do »»

The TV Obsessed Week In Review: Mad Men, The Good Wife, Fringe

I'm no longer busy and I'm beginning to catch up on all the shows I've missed. There are still a lot of episodes I need to watch, but I'm getting there. True story: I haven't watched a complete episode of Mad Men since the season four finale on Oc »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Elite 8 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Justified, and The Walking Dead All Facing Off

The fourth round voting has ended and one Cinderella show keeps on piling up the wins against top-ranked competition. The rest of the bracket looks about what was expected. There are 8 shows left. Let breakdown what happened in this past round. Th »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Sweet 16 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, New Girl, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, Weeds, Justified, Parks and Recreation, Once Upon A Time, The Office, Chuck, The Walking Dead, and Criminal MInds All Facing Off

The third round voting has ended and there was only real one MAJOR upset. But it was a big one as one of the #1 seeds went down to a unseeded show this round. The ABC Region saw all of its top 4 seeds make it to the round of 16. Breaking Bad, The »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Third Round Voting Begins with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Dexter, Big Bang Theory Facing Off

The second round voting has ended and a handful of the top seeds were upset by non-seeded shows including one #2 seed! The ABC Region only had 1 upset, though, and that was just the #8 seed Sons of Anarchy barely losing to South Park. The remainin »»

2012 Best TV Show Madness Bracket Tournament - Second Round Voting Continues with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Survivor, Dexter, Big Bang Theory and More!

The first round voting has ended and there were no real upsets. A couple of close calls for some of the top 32 seeds, but in the end, all of them are still in tact. There were lots of closer matchups between non-seeded shows, though. Lets break down »»

2012 Best TV Show Madness Bracket Tournament - First Round Voting Begins with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Survivor, Dexter, Big Bang Theory and More!

It's that time again! It's the month of March and that could only mean one thing…time for another Inside Pulse TV Tournament, while you drink green beer! The biggest and most talked about tournament during “March Madness" season is still th »»

The TV Obsessed Week In Review: Smash, Shameless, Supernatural

Smash debuts tonight, but it was released a while back, so I'll review it now. The show starts off with some really questionable scenes involving Tom's assistant and the leaked video, but once Katharine McPhee's character Karen gets more involved, th »»

Just Seen It TV Review: Touch - Fox Series Premiere [Video]

Touch centers on a father, Martin, who discovers his autistic, mute son Jake can actually predict events before they happen. Jake is able to see patterns in random numbers and by connecting those patterns, can predict a near term event. Martin, his d »»

Win San Diego Comic Con 2012 Tix & MORE With TV's Supernatural & DC New 52 Creator Adam Glass

Charity auction ending very soon... Not too late to bid. »»

Supernatural - Episode 7-7 Review - The Mentalists

I don't know if it's just me being tired with Supernatural, because "The Mentalists," a typical monster of the week, left me wishing for more--not necessarily Leviathan more, but something the season can really grip on. It's nice that we get a funky »»

Supernatural - Episode 7-6 Review - Slash Fiction

Okay, now I'm worried. The major, season long villains of Supernatural always had a greater agenda than what they were doing week to week. Whether implied or explicitly stated, the various demons and enemies we've seen through the years had something »»

Supernatural Spoilers: Leviathans Clone Brothers And Go On Killing Spree, Wedding Episode Coming Up

Tonight's Supernatural will feature Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki being cloned by Leviathans and a major killing Spree as Sam and Dan will be blamed by the FBI. On the November 11 episode, a wedding will take place and for one of the characters »»

Supernatural 2011 Spoilers: Show Casting Role Of Eliot Ness

It appears Supernatural is taking a trip to the 1940s. The show is casting for the role of Eliot Ness, the gangster who headed up the Untouchables. The character is supposed to be in his 40's who presents an 'unyielding regality.' Don't think it »»

Supernatural - Episode 7-5 Review - Shut Up, Dr. Phil

On its own, "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" is a funny episode, featuring two funny Buffy alums, Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, as a feuding husband and wife witch couple. Their murders to get at the other are all very grisly and were stimulating to say »»

Supernatural Episode 7-4 Review: Defending Your Life

Eh..... I'm not entirely sure what that was about, but "Defending Your Life" definitely wasn't a normal episode of Supernatural and not in a good way. Although I liked the scenes with Jo, the episode tries to aim for something complex and misses »»

Supernatural Episode 7-3 Review: The Girl Next Door

After the cliffhanger at the end of last week's episode, I was expecting a continuation from the Leviathan/Cas story dominating the previous episodes. Instead, Dean and Sam escape from the hospital with help from still-alive Bobby in the first couple »»

The Weekly Round-Up #96 With Casanova, Caligula, Chew, iZombie & More

Plus Animal Man, Action Comics, Secret Avengers, X-Men Schism & even more. »»

New Comics On Sale – Week of October 5, 2011

Nexus's weekly look at what's new in your comic shop. »»

Supernatural Episode 7-2 Review: Hello, Cruel World

My memory is a little sketchy, but the way these episodes have been playing out, this is the first time Supernatural will have four continuous episodes, beginning from the sixth season finale. While I don't think this serialization will last too much »»

Supernatural - Episode 7-1 - Review - Meet the New Boss

Since the Apocalypse, which was more like a series of events than anything else, Supernatural on a grand scale hasn't been that all that exciting. Angels and demons pop up to do battle on occasion, but it always felt like isolated instances rather th »»

Were Money No Object - The August Previews Edition With Pope Hats, Feel Better Now, Shade, Star Trek, Avengers & More

What's intriguing in this month's Previews for books shipping in October? Quite a bit. »»

Supernatural Episodes 6-21 & 6-22 Review: Let It Bleed / The Man Who Knew Too Much

To be honest, I could care less about the angels at war. There's supposed to be a massive war between the angels, presumably with all sorts of bright light and other fantastical happenings. With the low budget, however, Supernatural can never shows u »»

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