DVD Review: Matlock (The Eighth Season)

While Matlock: The Eighth Season might be the penultimate season, Matlock isn't looking to retire from the law and focus on hotdog eating. »»

The A-Team Joe Carnahan Director Sics Wolves On Liam Neeson

The Grey to feature story about oil roughnecks who are hunted by wolves in Alaska. Could Sarah Palin cameo? »»

The A-Team - Blu-ray Review

The A-Team is not a perfect film, but it’s an incredibly fun one that knows it’s a genre film and succeeds because it fully embraces the concept of being a fun action film. »»

Kubryk's Top 10 of 2010

There wasn’t as much this year that screamed “I HAVE TO SEE THAT” »»

Disc Deals and Steals: The Other Guys and Despicable Me Beg to Be Stocking Stuffers

Also new this week: Ben Affleck's The Town, The A-Team, and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant - Remake-O-Rama II: The Sequel! (Predators, The A-Team)

If there's one thing Hollywood never tires of doing, it's rebooting franchises or remaking old TV shows into new ones. »»

Liam Neeson replaces Mel Gibson in Hangover Sequel

Hannibal and Face but without the rest of The A-Team. »»

The A-Team Announced and Detailed for Blu-ray

The plan will come together on Blu-ray for December. »»

Liam Neeson Instructs Russell Crowe on Planning a Prison Break

I now pronounce Liam Neeson, King of Chalk Talk. »»

R0BTRAIN's Badass Cinema: Rob's Way Overdue Expendables Thoughts

The A-Team? The Losers? The 300 Spartans? The Justice League? Wussies... »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: Despicable Me vs. Twilight: Eclipse, Predators vs. Toy Story 3

Was Despicable Me able to withstand a box-office gauntlet of vampires, predators, toys and grown ups? »»

R0BTRAIN's Bad Ass Cinema: DTV Heavy Hitters, Pt. 2 - Redemption

June's Bad Ass of the Month! Plus Seagal, Lundgren, and the DTV Spielberg! »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Last Airbender, Toy Story 3

Eclipse sucks...money from teenage girls and their moms, while The Last Airbender tries to overcome bad reviews. »»

Rumor: Walker Walks From X-Men: First Class

Actor fired when studio searched for Taylor Lautner-esque pretty boys; now doesn't want to come back »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: Sheriff Woody Puts a Hex on Jonah

Toy Story 3 becomes the third movie of the year to gross over $100 million on a three-day opening. »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: Karate Kid Sweeps the Leg of The A-Team

In the battle for '80s pop culture supremacy, The Karate Kid uses kung fu to beat up the competition while the plan failed to come together for The A-Team. »»

The A-Team - Review

The first film of the 2010 blockbuster season that's actually fun »»

Monday Morning Critic - 6.7.2010 - Al Gore, Hollywoodland and Nic Cage

Al Gore: Sex Machine, A look back at Hollywoodland, the Wit and Wisdom of Nicolas Cage and slightly much more! »»

John McClane to Die Hard Again

How can the same thing happen to the same guy twice, no three times, no four, wait how many times has it been again? »»

R0BTRAIN's Bad Ass Cinema: Ninjapalooza, Part 2 - American Ninjas

American Ninja, plus a plead on why the DTV market needs to become what the Grindhouse market was for the 1970s and ‘80s. »»

Five Minutes of Heaven - DVD Review

Five Minutes of Heaven on DVD is a great film without a whole lot added to it in terms of extras, but is worth at least a rental. »»

Casting Update for A-Team Movie

Two of the four central characters are almost locked! »»

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