Beatles Remasters Coming To Vinyl

After their long-awaited debuts on CD and digital, the Beatles catalog of remastered albums will finally come to vinyl.  The entire catalog will be released in wax form on November 13.  All 14 albums will be released in 180-gram vinyl, with new pho »»

DVD Review: Big Time Movie / Rags

A musical double feature that gives us The Beatles music and a twist Cinderella. »»

DVD Review: Lisztomania

Lisztomania explores Europe's first rock star by making him a modern rockstar and not a museum piece. »»

Searching for Sugar Man - Review

You owe it to yourself to go Searching for Sugar Man. »»

Paul McCartney Only Paid $1.57 To Play Olympics

Despite all the glitz involved in the Olympic opening ceremonies, Paul McCartney and the other performers were only paid one pound each, or $1.57 US.  Although they would have done it for free, the organizers paid them a very small fee to make the c »»

Andre 3000 Covering The Beatles And Muddy Waters

In the upcoming biopic of Jimi Hendrix, Andre 3000 will be covering music by The Beatles, Muddy Waters,and more. All Is By My Side will not be featuring any music by Hendrix, due to the music rights which are controlled by the late musicians family. »»

Yoko Ono Recording With Sonic Youth

Yoko Ono is busy working on a new project with Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. The six track album YOKOKIMTHURSTON  will be released on September 25th, 2012. The 14 minute lead track Early in the Morning is currently available to liste »»

Ringo Starr's Birthplace Will Remain In One Piece

The birthplace of Ringo Starr will remain intact in Liverpool. The 3 bedroom Victorian terrace was grouped with 400 other buildings set for demolition due to their deteriorating conditions. Beatles fans and residents alike lobbied together to try and »»

Ringo Starr Lost His Beatles Photos

Ringo Starr had taken countless photos during the Beatles' heyday, but now can't find them any longer.  Back in 2004 he found a box full of postcards from the other members of the group and published a book about it, but sadly has lost his collectio »»

Mad Men Producers Paid $250,000 For Beatles Song

Apparently only satisfied with the most authentic music for their show, the producers of Mad Men recently shelled out $250,000 for the rights to use "Tomorrow Never Knows" in an episode of he show.  Previous attempts to license the Beatles' music h »»

Concert Footage Of The Beatles Coming To Theaters

A special screening of the Beatles' first ever US concert will be coming to theaters in May.  The show, entitled The Lost Concert, will be screened on two dates in May in a limited engagement in theaters across the country, along with a documentary »»

Coming Soon...Beatles: The Next Generation?

James McCartney, son of Sir Paul, has said that he's "open" to doing a new version of the Beatles with the children of the originals.  That would be himself, Dhani Harrison, Sean Lennon, and Zak Starkey (Ringo's son).  However, Zak is said to be un »»

Paul McCartney and John Lennon's Childhood Homes Historically Preserved

And rightly so! The English government has deemed the childhood homes of both John Lennon and Paul McCartney as historically significant. Lennon's home, Mendips, is located on 251 Menlove Ave, where he lived for 20 years. McCartney is stone's thro »»

Paul McCartney Thinks The Beatles Might Have Reunited

Paul McCartney has said in an interview that the Beatles had talked about reuniting, although obviously nothing ever happened.  Because they wanted all four members to agree before anything could happen, one dissenting member would scrap ideas for a »»

Paul McCartney Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Paul McCartney is finally getting his star on the Walk of Fame.  He is actually the final member of the Beatles, not counting the star for the group itself, to get one.  The week also marks the anniversary of the Beatles' first appearance on Ed Sul »»

Ringo Starr Announces New All Starr Band Tour Dates

Ringo Starr has announced the lineup for his latest "All Starr Band" tour.  It will consist of Gregg Rolie, Todd Rundgren and other hitmakers from the 80s.  The setlist will be a mixture of Starr's Beatles catalogue as well as hits from the groups »»

The Beatles' Abbey Road Biggest Selling Vinyl Record Yet Again

"Abbey Road" is the highest-selling vinyl album for an amazing third year in a row, moving another 41,000 copies.  The marks a strange upturn in the vinyl record industry, which has been steadily increasing for years now.  Apparently there's more h »»

New CD Coming In February From Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney will release a new CD of cover songs in February of 2012.  The album, as of yet untitled, will be a collection of "Tin Pan Alley" songs he loved as a boy.  Eric Clapton and Diana Krall will assist on some of the songs, and this will »»

Paul McCartney Is Hitched...Again!

And it wasn't to me, I'm crushed. =( The lucky lady is 51 year old Nancy Shevell. The two were married in Marylebone Town Hall in central London. »»

Who is Harry Nilsson? (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him) - Review

Engaging documentary shines bright light on a legendary singer/songwriter. »»

Ringo Starr Refuses Vatican Apology

Ringo rejects the Vatican. »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: On the Horizon

This is an album that has no flaws. First and foremost, it’s Stax artists, so that alone means that you’re in for some quality music. But on top of that, they’re covering The Beatles, who have a pretty impressive catalogue of songs both collectively and individually. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – My Week in Music

First off, let me say that my Jay-Z album cover theory was flawed. I guess technically it's still sound, since, while you can't see his eyes on the cover of The Blueprint 3, you can't see him at all, so it's sort of outside the scope of my theory. ... »»

Zemeckis is Dreaming of Yellow Submarines

Disney and director Robert Zemeckis are in negotiations to remake Yellow Submarine, the 1968 psychedelic animated film based on the music of The Beatles. »»

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience - Blu-ray Review

You really have to be of a certain age to enjoy Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. This is more like a subpar version of last year's Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: The Best of Both Worlds. Just insert the Jonas Brothers and away you go. »»

The Killing of John Lennon - DVD Review

. . . John Lennon went from being a washed up musician whose better music and years were behind him to being an icon of music that died as the world's biggest music star. Lennon's untimely death, in 1980 after the release of a comeback one month earlier, has pushed him into music immortality and unfairly recognized him as the most talented Beatle because of his death. »»

MGF Reviews Jon Peter Lewis - Break the Silence

Former American Idol contestant Jon Peter Lewis' sophomore LP is both emotionally charged and pop-hooked filled, as the songwriting is pretty solid and Lewis' talent doesn't fail him when applied appropriately. ... »»

A Phoenix in a Holding Pattern: The Offspring's Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

The Offspring have spent their whole career as the Salieri to Green Day's Mozart. While the band has had the kind of career that their Cali-punk peers would have never fathomed possible when they formed in the mid-'80s, they've always been a half-step behind Billie Joe Armstrong & Co. ... »»

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