DVD Review: WWE Attitude Era Vol. 2

Check out what's in WWE's newest release. »»

DVD Review: Combat! (The Complete Fifth Season)

While it was nice to see the stars in full color, the fifth season was a good time for Combat! to cease fire. »»

DVD Review: The Twilight Zone (The Complete Fourth Season)

Some consider these the "lost episodes" because of their length and rare appearances in syndication. But does it appeal to causal Twilight Zone viewers? »»

Killing Them Softly - Review

Crime doesn’t pay like it used to. »»

DVD Review: The Untouchables (Season 4, Volume 1 and 2)

The Untouchables: Season 4, Volume 1 and Volume 2 wrap up one of the best gangster shows on broadcast TV. »»

Monday Morning Critic - Goodfellas, Henry Hill and Hollywood's Mafia - Super Fly

Goodfellas, Henry Hill and the Mob vs. Hollywood ... plus Super Fly on DVD »»

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within - Review

Brazilian release shows crime and corruption with gunplay, wiretaps »»

Movie Poster Of The Week: Tim Doyle's Apocalypse Now

Austin-area artist Tim Doyle gets the spotlight in this week's column for his Australian-released movie poster. »»

New York Confidential - DVD Review

New York Confidential paved the way for the domestic gangster drama. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Gone with the Pope

Formally forgotten, Gone with the Pope has received a new lease on life thanks to Oscar-winning film editor Bob Murawski »»

SXSW Film '10 Preview — Reel Injun

Neil Diamond, the Cree filmmaker not the singer, has put together a really fascinating look at Native Americans and how they influenced Hollywood — and how Hollywood influenced them. Reel Injun uses interviews and archive footage to take a peak beh »»

Onimasa - DVD Review

Not shown with the wonder of Goodfellas or even the grandeur of The Godfather, this film creates a sense of normalcy around this life of crime that I don’t know that I’ve ever seen depicted in such detail before. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — I Hope They Serve DVDs in Hell

This week: A case of OCDVD and the jackassery of Tucker Max. »»

Making Movie History: Movies I'm Not Supposed To Hate, But I Don't Listen To You

We each have our own eclectic tastes in the different genres of the film industry that we care for. Even then though we sometimes go outside of our favorite genre and see a movie or two that we just absolutely love. Then there are those films that supposedly everyone in the world is supposed to adore and love and always watch and be enamored with or you just aren't a normal human being. Well I'm here to tell you that society is wrong and I hate a good number of the films I'm intended to love because society says so. To society I say...PPPPPBBBBBBBTTTTTT! »»

The Godfather Trilogy (The Coppola Restoration) - DVD Review

Leave the gun. Take the Cannoli." The arc of every mob film is about the rise and fall of a man. None do it more gracefully than The Godfather trilogy, which is about the fall of a good man and his rise as an equally bad man. »»

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