[TNA] Styles vs Kash


AJ Styles and Kid Kash got into a small arguement last night at the Impact! taping. According to several sources AJ was upset over something Kash said in a promo building their Impact! match. AJ felt that Kash was shooting during the interview. The two, squashed everything in the ring in what was described as a great match. They later settled the issue without throwing punches.

Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel are pushing for the return of Nuevo Gran Apollo.

Jerelle Clark has some heat on him right now, which would explain his partner Mikey Batts being partnered with another worker. Clark has a reputation for wanting to hit all of his spots. He has been very vocal about his lower mid-card status with the company. A few months ago there was an issue when Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian worked stiff during a match in order to “smarten him up.” Clark didn’t take the hint. His constant tag partner, Mikey Batts has the opposite reputation. It has been said that Batts works hard and does what is asked of him.

Credit: PWInsider.com