[WWE] Two Depart WWE


According toPWInsider.com, World Wrestling Entertainment informed Rhyno earlier today that he was being released by the company, stemming from the post-Wrestlemania 21 incident at the Universal Sheraton in California. As reported here at InsidePulse, Rhyno broke a large flowerpot vase in the foyer of the hotel during an argument with his wife. WWE management escorted Rhyno back to his hotel room and he flew home for Los Angeles the following Monday, as opposed to staying for the Raw show.

There’s no word yet if Rhyno’s release will change his status for the ECW One Night Stand PPV. The WWE will utilize outside talent for the show on June 12th in New York City.

Also on the day’s departures was Tom Chehak, the managing editor of the WWE creative team, who has left the company. There are no details as to why he left the WWE. The company brought Chehak in to oversee both the Raw and Smackdown! brands’ writing teams after WWE commissioned Hollywood consultants to help their creative process and sugget as to how they could improve it. Chehak has reportedly been ridiculously ill-suited to work with in the wrestling business and nobody in thw company was impressed by his creative vision.

Credit: PWInsider.com