TNA At Ringside: Candido Memories

Welcome back to ringside everyone. It’s been a busy week for me, my computer has been screwed up all week and just started working right again on Wednesday. I think I’m caught up now and everything will be back to normal, I hope.

4/29 Impact! Recap

I did not did a live Impact report last week due to my computer problem but you can read Holyric’s report by clicking here.

Ok so we all know the main event of Hard Justice. It will be AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett for the World Title. There are reports that TNA is putting together a video package of AJ training and what not for the big match. Sounds like what the WWF did with Shawn Michaels right before WrestleMania 12. Anyway, if AJ Styles does not win the World Title at Hard Justice, I will do something that is completely up to you readers. See the C-Cup for more details.

Jeff Jarrett has been the World Champion since TNA has gone their 3 hour PPV Run. TNA has teased us time after time with title switches but it has yet to happen. At Victory Road, Jeff Hardy took on Jeff Jarrett in a ladder match. Now most people figured Nash would turn on Hardy and Jarrett would retain, but some held out hope that Hardy, being new to company and built up well, would some how win the match. At Final Resolution, Jarrett beat Monty Brown. I for one thought Brown would beat Jarrett because it just seemed like the perfect time for a title switch. Sadly, Jarrett retained once again. At Against All Odds, Jarrett defeated Kevin Nash. Now most didn’t expect Nash to win but once again, there were those that held out hope that Nash would win. At Destination X, Jarrett defeated Diamond Dallas Page. Now a lot of people thought DDP would win because of the hype he was given for this match and what not. Instead TNA pulled the trigger on the stupidest turn ever when Monty Brown turned on DDP. So who’s left for Jarrett to beat after AJ Styles? Sean Waltman? Putting the title on Waltman would do nothing for the company. Who would buy Waltman as a champion anyway? Chyna has a bigger dick than him and Peter Brady punked him out, thus making Waltman, Peter Bradys Bitch. BG James? Lets be real. BG James is a life time tag teamer (is that a word?) Sure he had a IC Title run in the WWF but that was at the WWF’s peak, the fans bought anyone has a champ at that time. Who else is there? I would love to see a guy like Sabin get a title shot but lets be real again, Sabin is an X Divisioner 4 Life. AJ Styles is TNA’s savior. The fans love AJ Styles. Why do you think he’s been Mr. TNA 2 years straight? With really the expection of Turning Point, AJ has been in the Match Of The Night on every 3 Hour PPV. And he had to face Nash, Hall, and Jarrett while teaming with Jeff Hardy and Randy Savage. Not many people can make that a decent match. Speaking of Randy Savage, why the hell did he beat Jarrett? Ok, lemme re-phrase. Why the hell did he beat Jarrett the way he did? I don’t mind that Savage won the match for his team at all. I do mind that he showed up for a minute, punched Jarrett, sat on him, and won the match. Then there wasn’t even a revenge match for Jarrett. Now we all knew Savage wasn’t going to win the World Title from Jarrett but atleast give Jarrett a chance to get his heat back. But of course Savage wanted to win the World Title and TNA was like “Listen, punches, axe handles, and elbow drops don’t cut it now days.” So really, Jarrett didn’t get a chance to get his heat back. But he could have atleast said “I ran Randy Savage out of the company. Then again, maybe he did. I normally turn the channel when Jarrett cuts an interview.

Last week the Wrestling World lost the man that defines perserverence. Chris Candido passed away due to a blood clot in his leg. Now many expected Candido to die before he really should of, but not like this. When Chris returned to TNA, I was really happy for him. He got his life back on track and TNA gave him that final shot end his career on a good note. This past week on Impact when the Naturals won the Tag Title thanks to Candido, I was near tears but in a good way. We all know that Impact is taped and man it’s almost as if TNA knew something like this was going to happen. I am sad to see Candido pass, his life was back together, he was in a good storyline with a Naturals, and he had that Never Give Up Aditude about him. For a more personal reading on Candido, you all should read In Perspective by Bambi, just click here.

The C-Cup

Ok now lemme catch up here. First off here are the links for the other week:

“I don’t really have a site of my own, so how about a plug for my favorite musician, Mary Prankster. Her first album is very blue but funny as hell and she matures considerably from there while continuing to rock. Free samples of selected songs are available on her site and her whole catalog is up on iTunes.” – Kyle

“I read the column, sorry I don’t check my email as much as I should, but I was wondering if a plug for the e-fed I’m in would be too much? HWF we’re currently looking for new singles and tag teams and getting ready to run a second “Natural Selection” battle royal with prizes (last time there were DVDs and video games given away)” – Peter

I have also linked my blog readers to your sites.
Ok I’m starting new for the C-Cup. Erase past questions from your memories. Here are this weeks questions:

*If AJ Loses: What crazy thing should I do if AJ Styles jobs to Jeff Jarrett?
*Candido Memories: This one is easy. Send me your favorite memory of Chris Candido. There will be no moment picked by me as the winner or anything because it’s your memory and it’s not for me to judge. Along with your memory send me your plug or whatever you want from me

Ok, that’s all for this week. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.


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