Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: Guapos vs. Terrible


How handsome is too handsome?

First off, a minor correction. Justin Parr wrote in to let me know that actually Luna had defeated Gillberg in his debut. I checked my notes, and saw the same thing, but the report showed the opposite.

Further investigation showed that the WCW calculator had infected my computer. This was proven when my computer started screaming in a New York accent every time the words “Hulk Hogan” were typed in. Needless to say, this is being typed by candlelight on a Commodore 64. And on to this week…

Terrible vs. Guapos – CMLL, 2004


It’s been a while, so we’re heading back south of the border for this one. Remember that when I refer to dates, I’m using the dates they aired in the US instead of the actual tape dates.

Shocker had become one of CMLL’s most dominant faces (tecnicos), so on the episode that should have aired on April 17th (but didn’t), he decided to share the wealth. Shocker appeared in a vignette with Ki Monito (a midget in a blue gorilla suit) advertising the upcoming Guapo University.

The next week, we met the main staff of Guapo U. Shocker, Mascara Magica, and Terrible. Shocker and Mascara were talking about the school, and then Terrible rode up on a motorcycle with Ki Monito.

On the 24th, Shocker, Mascara, and Terrible held auditions for Guapo U. Up first was Karisma, who showed off his muscles a lot. Marcos Rivera, a masked boxer, was up next. The judges weren’t impressed.

Loco Max was next. Apparently the Guapos had crossed paths with him before, because they quickly decided he was too crazy to do anything with. Finally Terrible had to pick him up and physically throw him out.

After another guy who did Shocker’s dance, Nosawa from Japan came in and told them how handsome he was in Japan. Finally the Guapos decided that it would only help international relations if they accepted him, so he was in.

The next week we saw more auditions. Up first was Sangre Azteca, a guy in full Aztec tribal dress (complete with drums). A conch shell sounded, and the Guapos started making jokes about him as he left. Tigre Metallico was next. He didn’t say anything, but did pose.

Next Brazo de Plata showed up. A quick note about Brazo. His nickname is Super Porky. He came in dragging his kids, begging to get them in. Unfortunately, one of them didn’t want anything to do with this and stormed out.

A fitness model was next. She posed and flexed. Although they were only looking for men, the Guapos were scared of her and offered her a position as an instructor, which she accepted.

It took two weeks but we were back for the final round of auditions.

First up was Koreano. He presented them with a headshot, in which he mysteriously looked exactly like Leonardo Di Caprio. It didn’t take long for the Guapos to figure out the truth.

Maximo was next – jus a Shocker look alike.

Up next we had a guy in a sailor uniform who was carrying a boom box. He started the box playing and began taking off his clothes like a professional stripper. Fortunately Shocker stopped him as he reached for his trunks.

The 22nd we had a press conference where Shocker announced who had made it in. The class of 2004 was Brazo de Plata Jr., Misterioso II, Maximo, Espiritu, Texano Jr., Brazo de Oro Jr. (Brazo de Plata’s other son), Tigre Metalico, Lestat, Leono, Lobo Vikingo, Carisma, Koreano, Fabian el Gitano, and Alan and Chris Stone. Shocker then announced that the three best would get a six-man tag title shot, and the overall winner would join the Guapos.

The next week we saw the University working out in the gym. Suddenly, a guy calling himself Winnie the Kid with two goons showed up, and told them that they should be in his school. The goons realized that they were slightly outnumbered, and wound up turning sides. Ki Monito then beat Winnie in a match. Winnie and his goons cleared out, walking past Loco Max, who was yelling at a stuffed animal. He was getting ready to go yell at the Guapos again, then changed his mind and left with the toy.

After a break the next week (in which we saw Terrible and Mascara wind up their feud with a stable called the Capos by winning a hair vs. hair match), we were back to watching Guapo University training. This week’s activity was swimming. Two problems. One – judging by the looks of some of these trainees’ swimsuits, the price of fabric had just gone through the roof, and Two – Tigre Metalico couldn’t swim. Of course, everyone thought he was joking so they threw him into the pool. Finally Magica and Shocker dove into the pool and rescued him. Shocker started to give Tigre CPR, only to have the first compression send a mouthful of water shooting all over him.

The next week we saw the trainees doing pole climbing, and Koreano and Sangre Azteca (who’d somehow made his way in) were starting to cause trouble. Then Terrible (who’d apparently turned on Shocker and Magica in an off-camera segment) showed up on his motorcycle and ran his mouth for a while before getting bored and leaving. Still, Koreano and Azteca were trying to discreetly brown-nose him. Finally Loco Max and his stuffed animal showed up to try and get in again, only to be refused yet again.

The next activity for the trainees was boxing under trainer Pipino Cuevas (a WBA world champion from the late seventies). Needless to say, this soon degenerated into a full-out brawl.

The notable moment occurred in the main event – where Mascara Magica took on Terrible. Terrible dominated Mascara in the first fall then shoved the ref to give the fall to Mascara on a silver platter thanks to the DQ. Mascara was able to pull out the second fall on his own, then challenged Terrible to a hair vs. hair match.

We saw the contract being signed the next week. As he signed, Mascara made sure to point out that this time Terrible wouldn’t have any backup. Terrible just laughed.

Immediately after we went to a match – Universo, Terrible, and Rey Bucanero vs. LA Park, Shocker, and Mascara. Park you know better as WCW’s La Parka – when he jumped to CMLL from AAA, AAA retained ownership of the La Parka gimmick, so they stuck somebody else in a La Parka suit, and Parka simply tweaked his name in CMLL to get around the copyright issue.

The match was total chaos. A brawl started immediately, sending valets scrambling for cover. Universo quickly pinned Park to win the first fall as Terrible pounded Mascara on the outside.

Surprisingly, the break between falls was skipped and the fight continued. Terrible continued mauling Mascara in the ring, pausing only to get rid of Shocker. Finally Mascara regained control after a dropkick went awry as Bucanero and Park brawled into the crowd. Finally Park made it back in, pinned Universo, and then Shocker held him down so Ki Monito could get a few shots in.

The third fall was just as intense a brawl. Universo’s team had the match won until Rey Bucanero continued attacking a fallen Magica. Rey then accidentally leveled a referee, and the fall went to team Park due to a DQ. Post-match, Terrible decided to release some frustrations by continuing to attack Mascara.

The next week, problems continued for the Guapos. Texano Jr. decided that the trainees should impress their teachers, so he pulled in a dancer named Fabian El Gitano to help train them with a dance routine. This was going poorly until Koreano and Sangre Azteca peeked outside to see Ultimo Guerrero and Terrible. Terrible and Ultimo destroyed Fabian as Koreano and Sangre prevented anyone else from interfering. Ultimo then pitched Fabian and told the trainees they should work with him if they wanted to wrestle. Shocker and Mascara arrived, and the rudos cleared out. Koreano and Sangre Azteca then quit as Shocker warned Mascara to put an end to the Terrible situation in the hair vs. hair match.

The week of July 17th, it was all coming down to the line. This was a major show – the anniversary in Arena Mexico, always a big deal in CMLL. The show opened with the Guerreros welcoming their new allies – Koreano and Sangre Azteca, who agreed to destroy the remaining Guapo U. trainees in return for becoming full-fledged Guerreros.

We finally reached the main event. Shocker was in Mascara’s corner, and Terrible had backup in the form of Ultimo Guerrero. The fight started even before they made it into the ring. Mascara quickly won the first fall. Mascara continued to dominate in the second fall, until Terrible was able to counter turn a hurricanrana into a sit-down powerbomb to tie the match at 1-1.

The third fall started with a brawl on the outside, which ended with Terrible on the losing end. Mascara slid back into the ring as Ultimo Guerrero threw Terrible back in just before the ref counted him out. Magica was celebrating as Terrible made his way back to his feet and attacked him from behind. After a series of near falls, finally Terrible hit a jackhammer for the three count.

Needless to say, Magica wound up shaved and Terrible loved every second of it.

As for Guapo University – that angle went on for a few more weeks. Eventually Shocker announced that the three winners of the six-man title shot were Misterioso, Texano Jr., and Brazo del Oro Jr. They got that match on August 21st, losing in the third fall to the defending champions: Felino, Volador Jr., and Safari.

This feud looked great on paper, but there were some serious flaws. First off – Mascara Magica is getting a reputation as a guy who you can always count on to lose the big one. An example – look at the end of the Guerreros del Infierno’s feud with Satanico over the Infernales name. Who lost his mask and the name? If you said Mascara, give yourself a hand.

The biggest flaw was the lack of follow-up. As soon as Mascara got shaved, everybody knew that Shocker was going to take over for his Vice Principal to finally put Terrible in his place. That never happened. No hair match, no anything match. The angle just dropped and Terrible was floating until Hector Garza arrived from AAA and he joined Tarzan Boy and Garza in another trio.

Where are they now?
Most of the Guapo trainees remain in CMLL. Mascara Magica has fluctuated between tecnico and rudo, and still is trying to find a new angle.

Terrible joined forces with Hector Garza and Tarzan Boy. They are the current holders of the CMLL World Trios Championship.

Alan and Chris Stone have left CMLL. Alan has jumped to rival CMLL, and Chris is rumored to be doing the same using their brother’s Super Calo gimmick.

Shocker also left CMLL for AAA. He is best known in the United States for a McDonald’s commercial he starred in as well as his current run in TNA.

Also, I’ve found a really good site to let you see these guys if you’re not familiar with them. Here’s a link to the CMLL roster page: There’s also a link at the top to let you see the current lineup for AAA.

From the Mailbag
I got a few updates as to Gillberg’s current whereabouts. Kevin McCarthy wrote in to say that Gillberg has been working in Maryland, notably for Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) and Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation (MEWF). He also notes that he believes Gillberg to be a gym teacher in Pasadena, MD. That also ties in with when the WWF announced him as a coach for the San Pasadena Chargers, which was a school football team.

Next Week:
By request – what happens when a faction starts firing a bunch of wrestlers?