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Tim, I found a comic shop with a killer $1 bin. I managed to snag Animal Man #26 from a $1 bin. I also picked up loads of Sandman Mystery Theatre and plenty of other goodness. All in all I spend like $40, mostly because I needed something to hold me over until comics come out on Thursday. How’s your new year been thus far?

Well, I’ve had the flu. Which is lousy regardless. But having the flu in a place that is hot anyway (Phoenix, Arizona)? That’s about zero fun.

On the other hand, I did make a trip to the town of Loughlin, NV which left me 60 dollars richer. So, there was that.

To all things, good and bad, a season I suppose.


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Tim, who are you going to link for this new year?

I’m starting this new year off by linking nothing. Because I’m sick. And sick people can act like lazy children if they damn well please.

What I Read Last Week

Black Panther #11 – Eh, the read was ok. I’m really troubled by the “voice” that Hudlin gives his characters (particularly Panther’s mother last issue). It’s an entertaining read, but seems a bit too much like a “fanboy’s dream” team up.

Wonder Woman #224 – It was cool to see the debate and the conversation between Wondy and the satellite.

Vigilante #4 I’ve got to reread the previous issues, because for the life of me I can’t figure out why Culkin was released. I’m glad that Oliver was back on art chores. My biggest problem with this book is that it takes place in Metropolis by accident. The other minis (Man of Steel and The Question) were firmly rooted in Metropolis, but this one has no real links to the city or its landmarks.

I had not even thought of that, but you are right. That’s another strike against it. Overall, it has been too mediocre for my tastes. Guess we are lucky its just a mini.

Down #1 – I’m a fan of Harris’ art and Ellis’ writing. It’s a pretty compelling set up. I think I’m hooked.

Solo #8 – Heavy book. Great Deadman story. I do dig Kristiansen’s art (which I first came across on Starman.) I honestly love this title.

In a year of risk taking by DC, I have to say that this is probably the least recognized and coolest one they pulled off.

JLA Classified #15 – Great ending. I loved how they didn’t even get a chance to bask in their victory. This ended up being an enjoyable storyline.

Loveless #3 – This is another Azzarello ride that I’m enjoying. He’s got a knack for distinct voices. I’m liking how the back story is unfolding and how the characters are revealing themselves.

X-Factor #2 – More Peter David goodness. I didn’t really care for the inclusion of a guest artist already, but the story read perfectly.

Batman #648 – Nice fight between Black Mask and Red Hood. Nice clues sent to Wayne Manor. There were terrific small touches this issue, from the first edition book to the facial expressions on Black Mask. I’m really going to miss this team when OYL hits.

Here, here. The most I have enjoyed Batman since Brubaker’s all too brief run on the title. I’m sorry that this is one of the OYL shake ups.

Superman/Batman #23 – Well now, that makes perfect sense. Everything adds up. I can accept this entire book now.

You, sir, are too generous by half.

All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #3 – I really enjoyed the Black Canary story. It’s nice when you see the ripples a hero creates. I’m not looking forward to Superman appearing, but it does make sense. Dick rolling his eyes was perfect.

Fallen Angel #1 – Nice reintroduction! The lapse in time works very well. J.K. Woodward’s art really adds to the “newness” of this book. I was so happy to read this book. I was excited to see Juris again. I can’t wait to catch up with all the other characters.

And away we go…

Wayne B. wonders where the DCU will make room for one more GL

What are DC’s plans for Green Lantern/John Stewart? What would you do with him?

Well to answer your first part, I’m guessing they’re going to squander him and have him waste away. Brad Meltzer has already proclaimed that he’s not going to have a role in the next incarnation of the JLA. Since Green Lantern Corps takes place in space, I don’t think he’ll be appearing in that book. And since he’s never been Ion I can’t see him in that one either.

So that basically leaves Green Lantern as the title that John is most likely to appear in. But even there I can’t see him playing a huge role. Geoff Johns didn’t bring Hal Jordan back from the dead to have him share the spotlight. I’m really putting my money on John being placed on the back burner, while every other Green Lantern gets time to shine.

As for what I’d do with him; there are quite a few options. If something were to happen to Alan Scott, John could move up to the JSA. Another option could be for him to join the Outsiders. After all it’d be easier for him to be covert than it would be for the green skinned Jade. But those are just the most realistic of options using established book.

What’d I’d really like to do with him is give him his own solo book. John really does have an impressive resume. He’s a veteran Green Lantern, who once possessed the power of a Guardian of the Universe. He was responsible for keeping the peace on the Mosaic World of Oa. He was also a Darkstar.

If the book were set on Earth, I’d have John out of his uniform on a road trip through the DCU. I think that he’d want to do the whole “low profile” thing while traveling. It would be like “Hard Traveling Hero” with him visiting some of the spots of the DCU that don’t get that much attention.

This would also work in space, as John would be just as comfortable with aliens as he is with his own kind. It’d also be a nice way to explore the DC Universe and for him to touch base with some of his friends from Mosaic.

But again, that’s just what I would do with the character. I’m less than optimistic that DC is going to actually do anything worthwhile with John Stewart.

Tim, what do you think is going to happen and should happen with John Stewart?

Sadly, I think you are right. When all is said and done, there is not much room for John Stewart in the DCU for the near future. Not to say that he does not deserve a spot, it is just pretty clear that the deck is stacked against him. Green Lantern is Hal’s book, period, and no one has ever tried to say otherwise. Corps is, pretty clearly, Guy’s book, especially when Ion launches which will be, obviously, Kyle’s book. With the JLA not being an option, that leave John with the “fill out the background of big groups of heroes panels” role that has been filled so well by other such generally ignored heroes as the Ray, Damage, Firestorm, and any number of former Titans.

The problem is that I do not think John has enough of a following to support his own book. It is like Jim Rhodes over in Iron Man. He was plenty popular when he was wearing the suit of armor in place of Tony Stark. However, when Tony returned, Jim was more and more pushed to the sidelines until, eventually, he just sort of faded away. On his own, not being THE Iron Man, fans just did not care too much for Rhodes. For a less racially charged example peek Eric Masterson aka Thunderstrike. Popular as Thor, less so (and then, dead) as Thunderstrike.

So, short term prognosis for John Stewart? Not good.

Dhaise wants to make it all official

How on earth do Hugo Strange and Silver St Cloud fit into modern continuity? I can’t find an appearance from either that does not ‘invalidate’ itself due to that whole ‘ghost story never happened!’ thing. Are either of them even considered ‘official’ anymore?

Well I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is that Hugo Strange does indeed fit into modern continuity. The bad news is that Silver St. Cloud doesn’t.

Y’see it’s a common misconception that Batman escaped from the Crisis unscathed. Batman may not have been completely rebooted like Wonder Woman or had a major overhaul like Superman but he did have a bit of work done.

Case in point, the run in Detective Comics (which was recently released in the Strange Apparitions trade) that featured Silver St. Cloud, never happened.

Hugo Strange has made a couple of post Crisis appearances. He showed up over in Legends of the Dark Knight during the Prey and Terror storylines. Strange also popped up in Gotham Knights #8-12, once again trying to prove that Bruce was Batman.

If you’re really interested in getting more Silver St. Cloud, she showed up in LOTDK #132-36. I’d also suggest you pick up Dark Detective the Batman mini from last year which is a sequel to the storyline that introduced her.

I think that it’s pretty cool that a character that only made a handful of appearances has such a strong following with the fans. Sadly I don’t think that she’ll be turning up too soon in the DCU.

She does, sort of, have a place in modern continuity via a different name: Vicki Vale. Watch the first Burton Batman film and it is pretty clear that Vale is, basically, St. Cloud. Around the same time, a Vicki Vale was introduced in the comics. There are differences, of course, but that is St. Cloud’s kind of backdoor entrance into continuity.

Dhaise is in need of a good doctor

When was the last time we saw Shondra Kinsolving?

I don’t think that we’ve seen her since she killed her brother and healed Bruce’s back. I know she was mentioned in passing during Hush, but I’m pretty sure that Legends of the Dark Knight #61 was the last time she showed up.

Tis a shame, because Bruce really loved her, I guess. I don’t know, I was down for Knightfall but everything after that seemed boring.

Tim, will Bruce Wayne ever find happiness with a lady friend?

Nah, man, but why should he? Being single is where it is at. Monogamy isn’t natural, you know? It’s like…it’s like caging a bird. Sure, the bird is still pretty and you take good care of it and junk, but come on. You know that bird would be happier flying.

Look, all I’m saying is this: marriage is a prison erected by the Man and now is the time to tear it down.

Of course, if you tell Janelle about this, I’ll claim you’re crazy, crazy, crazy.

Many moons ago JohnBritton grew a stunning mustache, shaved it off, and submitted this question

Now that Ken Jennings has finally lost on Jeopardy, baby, who in the DCU would hold off all contenders? What category would be the DCU champion’s Waterloo? Who would give them their toughest challenge? Put Mr. Miracle in charge of security so there’s no cheating.

Well obviously if we’re talking about the entire DCU I’m going to say that Brainiac 5 will be unstoppable. He’s got a 12th level intelligence. But that’d probably be too easy. Here’s a character that I’m guessing you would not expect me to say; Kid Flash.

Hear me out. Kid Flash might not be uber smart, but he does retain what he reads at super speed. We saw that when he abandoned “Impulse” he read an entire library, so that means that he’s full of plenty of useless information.

Given that he’s read an entire library, I don’t really know what could stop Bart Allen. Perhaps a category that concerns pop culture since that’s not really something that you read about as much as experience. Also he would probably try to “ring in” too early, thus locking himself out which could bring about his downfall.

Clearly Batman and Mr. Terrific are going to get pretty far, as they’re both very intelligent and well versed in plenty of subjects. I’d also include Barbara Gordon with this bunch. All three of these characters are older than Bart and have more experience, which would give them an edge in some areas.

Still I’m saying that Bart’s got much more mundane knowledge than those three so I’m picking him to take it all.

Tim, who do you think would be the champion of DCU Jeopardy?

Hmm…well, I’d say no on Batman because of the pop culture thing. He’s too busy beating crime into submission to take in a show or buy a CD. And we all know how he feels about movie theaters.
Oracle would be an excellent choice as she does possess a photographic memory. Provided she knew she was going on Jeopardy with a month or so to prepare, she’d be hard to top.

Kid Flash is excellent for the same reasons, but his mind might too easily wander and/or he might find the whole “say your answer in the form of a question” thing difficult to adhere to.

Prometheus would be interesting. Sure, he’s a cheater, but he’s so good at cheating he might actually get away with it.

My dark horse candidate though is Major Bummer’s Lou Martin. He has an enhanced mind and a lifetime of absorbing useless knowledge while veggin’ out. Whether or not he would ever be motivated enough to go on Jeopardy though…well that is another question entirely.

Dhaise knows that good things come to those who wait

Did Nocturna’s ‘adoption’ of Jason Todd ever get overturned?

I really feel badly for you. You’ve been waiting like 20 years for this question to be answered, haven’t you. Well I won’t prolong it any further.

Yes, the adoption was rescinded. That tricky Jason Todd found evidence that Nocturna hadn’t given up her criminal ways. Ever the goody two shoes, Jason turned the loot over to the courts who took the appropriate action.

Now for those of you who are completely lost, this was a Pre-Crisis tale, back when Jason Todd was little more than a “Dick Grayson” clone. Nocturna was the woman in Bruce’s life at the time, who also moonlighted by stealing from Gotham’s privileged. She also knew that both Bruce and Jason were Batman and Robin.

Yet another of the blips that Batman received Post Crisis was the revamping of Jason Todd’s character. Gone was the Jason Todd who grew up in the circus, whose parents were killed in an extortion plot. In his place was the street smart Jason Todd who had the cojones to try to boost from the Batmobile.

Tim, how do you like your Jason Todd; Dick Grayson clone, dead or mysterious bada$$?

Well, I certainly cannot support the Grayson clone. What’s the best way to remind people they like the original one best? Make the newcomer almost exactly like the original, but still not, the original.

As for the final two options, I was pretty okay with angry and then dead Todd and could have left it at that. However, I’ve really dug Winick’s Red Hood stuff which revolves around that mysterious badass, so…can I say both?

Uh oh, it’s that time of the week again! R. Hardin’s Question of the Week!

Since the current run of JLA is apparently ending with issue #125, and assuming there will be a re-launch fairly soon, who would you put in the new Justice League? You can incorporate what’s going on vis-a-vis Infinite Crisis and try to project a line-up, or just pick your favorite 7-12 heroes and throw them together.

Well upon reading the excellent write up that Ben Morse did about Brad Meltzer’s plans for the JLA for the year end issue of Wizard I can’t help but try to give hope to seven characters that seem to have no chance.

Deadshot – Deadshot likes to surprise, right? Well what would be more surprising than joining the JLA? I totally wouldn’t see that coming. Furthermore Green Arrow could vouch for him, kind of. And every team needs the “cool under pressure/not afraid of anything” type of character. Deadshot would make a great addition to the JLA.

Vibe – Sure the old adage “only Bucky Vibe stays dead” might sound nice but it’s time to break the mold. I’d bring back Vibe in an ingenious fashion (using either time travel or a Lazarus Pit, possibly both). The newly alive Vibe would feature 90% less stereotypical behavior (I’ve got weakness for breakdancing) and a new outlook on life; trying to live it to the fullest.

You could also just use Vibe’s brother who, I believe, remains very much alive and possesses Vibe’s “gifts”. And who does not love breakdancing? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, I thought so.

General Glory – The original General Glory may have passed on, but he also passed on his mantel to a new guy. This General Glory would essentially be the powerhouse of the team. He’ll also be a bit of a novice should prove entertaining.

Catwoman – Yes, she was mindwiped. But that’s all the more reason for her to join the JLA, to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else. You police from the inside! Catwoman will keep a close eye on all of the JLA’s activities making sure that the line doesn’t get crossed again.

Adam Strange – The team needs someone with alien experience and Adam Strange is up to his neck in that. I know he’s supposed to be Rann’s hero, but I’d like to see him and his fam relocate to the JLA HQ. He decides that his daughter needs to learn more about the other half of her heritage and this is what prompts him to sign up for the JLA.

The Creeper – I’m already on record has putting the Creeper on one of my JLA squads. Again, he’ll be the loose cannon and wild card of the bunch. He’ll swoop in save the day or mess things up. He’s going to be the character that everyone looks forward to seeing. Like the Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the JLA.

G’nort – C’mon, every JLA needs a Green Lantern! G’nort fits the bill. He’s got a power ring and plenty of experience. Plus he’s put in lots of time on the pages of JLA, it’s like his home. And can you imagine the chemistry between G’nort and Catwoman? I’m telling you it’ll make for a compelling read.

So Brad if you should be out there reading this, please reconsider these characters. They deserve a shot in your JLA. Oh, and I really dug Jack and Bobby.

Tim, who is going to make the cut for your JLA?

Oh man…I’ve done this so many times now…I don’t know if I have one more in me.

Well, for the fans, I’ll reach down deep and give it a shot.

This Justice League, in light of the shattered nature of the DCU, is pulling members from several “traditional” teams to build itself. The League, in its own way, shall be the UN of the superhero world. Members from the Outsiders, the Teen Titans, the Suicide Squad, the JSA, the Freedom Fighters and so on shall gather to discuss the needs of the planet and to lay the smack down on evil.

Also, because I say so, the team shall include the Big 3, the Trinity. This is my world, you just have to deal with it. If it helps, think of them as the Security Council. If it doesn’t…too bad.

Leading off, the representative from the former JLA, is, of course, Martian Manhunter. J’onn might not have been part of every JLA as is often mistakenly noted, but he has been in more incarnations then any other hero and he was there from the start. He is the spiritual center of the JLA and would be a big proponent of this “bold new direction”. Think of him as an ideal United States (as envisioned by Woodrow Wilson) that knows how to kick ass. Or just think of him as J’onn. Either way, he belongs.

The Marvel family is so large, they deserve their own representative and they’ll get it. And it will be Captain Marvel, of course. Because this is the JLA, not the “come on guys, let me kid sister play, too”LA. Alright? Got it? Good.

From the Titans, the JLA gladly welcomes…Raven? Yup, that’s right, Raven. She magic, she can teleport, and she is constantly in danger of going evil. If the point of this team is to protect the world better, they’ll want her on the team because of what a valuable asset she is and to help her learn how to better reign in her dark side.

The Freedom Fighters representative is a bit more difficult to select. Essentially it boiled down to two choices, but in the end, The Ray was the victor. He has more experience than the other choice, Damage, and he has been in line for a shot (a true shot, none of this Task Force nonsense) for too long. He has some real growth potential, but he’s also come a long way in a short time.

Jack O’Lantern has come on behalf of the Ultramarines. He’s a fun character that will nicely play off/aggravate the far more serious and dour members of the group. Unlike a lot of “fun” characters, though, he can pull his own weight. Plus, his costume is pretty boss.

The Justice Society volunteers Sand to represent them in the JLA. He has a long storied history in the DCU and has great leadership skills, but cannot seem to get over a sense of inferiority to truly step forward and take charge. If no one in the DCU is more inspiring then Superman, maybe it is about time Superman step up and inspire Sand to be all that he can be. In the JSA, Sand can fade in the background and let others take charge. In this new fledgling team, he won’t have that option and others won’t allow him to take it.

The Outsiders are in a state of flux and do not, technically, exist. However, their spirit lives on with representative Halo. Why? Much like Richard Gere she’s got nowhere else to go. An energy being in the body of a dead girl, being a hero is the only life she can truly lead. The League is happy to let her do just that.

The Shadowpact sends Ragman because a.) he’s awesome and b.) he’s the only one really capable of teamwork in this sort of team. Nightmaster is too busy, Blue Devil feels too inferior, and the rest…well, the rest are just too uncooperative.

Finally, from the Suicide Squad, who are included in this group with great reluctance from the rest of the members is Atom Smasher. He’s a disgraced hero who is serving a jail sentence and has become part of one of the most infamous teams in the DCU. There is bound to be tension there.

And there you have it. A UN-ized Justice League ready to take on all comers.

Dhaise has a secret, he’s been hiding, under his skin

Who would you choose for a new Secret Six?

A new Secret Six you say? Hmm, this isn’t too easy a question. I just realized that I’m not that fond of villains. I suppose I’ll pretend that I’m writing it as well.

Shrike – I never liked how Nightwing would dispatch with this character (who was built up to be his opposite number). I’d use this new adventure to improve his status and threat level in the DCU, much like how Catman got a boost with Villains United.

The Shade – As a Starman fan, I’m really torn about using the character, but I’d imagine that he’s still a wanted criminal outside of Opal and thus could be blackmailed by a new Mockingbird into working with the Six. I’d also really like to see him again.

Prometheus – He was built up to be a threat and was felled by a lucky shot in his initial outing. From there he went downhill and eventually got punked by Hush. (Ugh…just thinking of that makes my head hurt) He needs his profile raised. Perhaps Mockingbird releases him from wherever he ends up after Infinite Crisis.

Amazo – This would be a dumbed down and powered down version of Amazo, he’d be like a virus ridden computer; very slow. He’s not going to be the first to react, and his teammates aren’t going to know which abilities he possesses.

The Mighty Bruce – How this great character fell into the cracks of DC history is beyond me. I mean, he’s a founder of the Justice League Antarctica! He hooks up with the team because Mockingbird needs someone to help out with Amazo. Bruce has been trying to be on the straight and narrow and that means adopting a new identity. Mockingbird threatens to out Bruce as an ex con unless he goes along with the plan.

Tattooed Man – I’m going to pretend that Judd Winick never made Abel Tarrant a recidivist and that the Tattooed Man that appeared in Outsiders is a new character, one that I’m going to use for this team. Mockingbird gets this new Tattooed Man out of prison and promises him more of the special ink in return for his cooperation.

And there you have it. That is who I would have on my squad if I had to do a Secret Six mini.

Tim, are you going to put together your own team?

I should first point out that there is not much need for a “new” team since the old one is basically just short one member. But whatever, I’m game.

The basic premise of the Six is that they are cast offs with connections to certain factions in the DCU that make them useful. Parademon, for instance, was connected to the New Gods, Chesire to the Teen Titans, Catman to Batman and Green Arrow (and thus, the JLA), and so on. I’ll try to stick with that idea.

First up is the monstrous General. I like the inclusion of Prometheus that you made above Mathan, but you already chose him and he always strikes me as cooler when he is acting alone. So The General gets the nod. He’s strong, intelligent, a brilliant strategist, and, by this point, probably regretting putting his mind inside the Shaggy Man’s body. He can fill the inherent slowness of the creature seeping into his own mind and it frightens him. The Mockingbird is offering a way out of that without having to sacrifice the “skills” that the Shaggy Man body has offered Eiling.

Doctor Light’s constant quest for revenge, particularly over the Teen Titans has made Society members increasingly uncomfortable. After one incident where Light operated without Society approval, he is cast out and left on his own. Light recognizes that, even as powerful as he is, his recent actions have put a target on his back that many in the superhero community would be more than pleased to hit. Mockingbird offers Light the support of a team and the resources to continue his campaign of revenge.

The galaxy has rarely known a villain as twisted as Evil Star but lately he has proven inactive in the DCU. With all his fellow Aorans now dead and his mind filled with the tragic events he caused, he has had an increasingly difficult time utilizing the starband. Mockingbird offers Evil Star a chance to fully tap back into the starband’s power and reclaim his lost immortality.

The Tigress has fallen for Icicle and that has proven to be her undoing. A battered and beaten Icicle has been seized by Mockingbird and will be killed. That is, unless Tigress plays along and does exactly what Mockingbird says.

For most, bipolar disorder cannot simply be “left behind”. This is the case for Count Vertigo. He thought he was rid of his illness long ago, but it has become harder and harder for him to suppress. Frightened what the Society might think of him and possibly lump him together with the other “crazies” (Joker, Riddler, etc) who are bad for business, Vertigo folds easily to Mockingbird’s blackmail threats. And if Mockingbird can deliver on his promise to find the right medicinal cocktail to alleviate Vertigo’s disorder for good? All the better.

Black Adam was betrayed by the Society, abandoned by Atom Smasher, and has burned up any credit he might have once possessed with the rest of the superhero world long ago. He is literally out of options and he can feel his country slipping away from him because of that. Mockingbird promises the resources to make sure that that will not happen and all Black Adam need do is play along.

And that’s my Six, representing connections with the JLA, JSA, Suicide Squad, Marvel Family, Green Lantern Corps, and Teen Titans.

Dhaise knows not what he does. He’s clueless, really.

Did Cluemaster ever learn about his daughter’s fate?

Did he ever! He found out in storyline that Tim Stevens Monthly called “Best Storyline of the 2005”; War Crimes. The magazine gave it “5 Stars” and hailed it as an “instant classic.”

Tim commended the storyline for its realistic portrayal of a “father’s anger.” In fact if you want to pick up the trade, it’s got a special introduction written by none other than Tim Stevens.

Now Tim, why don’t you play devil’s advocate, “pretend” that you dislike the story and try to dissuade everyone from picking it up?

Ugh…I hate you. So very much.

Anyway, the story in question, War Crimes, has a badly burnt (formerly dead) Cluemaster posing as a talk show pundit who goes around stirring up anti-Batman sentiment. Batman confronts him and they chat. Etc etc.

It’s all very…okay. The return of Cluemaster is rather perfunctory and not particularly engaging. He sort of kind of hated his daughter when she was alive and there is never any effort to reconcile that portrayal with this “new” one, even though such a reconciliation would probably prove rather easy.

Cluemaster, however, is merely an appetizer to the main course of Leslie Thompkins being revealed as a homicidal genius. I kid thee not. Please, please, please, avoid this trade at all costs. If it is buy that or let the world explode…eh…the world’s had a pretty good run. No shame it going down now. Especially if it keeps that trade out of your hands.

Dhaise can’t trust his eyes

Isn’t it a bit of a far leap for the DCU public to ‘turn against’ Wonder Woman so quickly? She had a televised duel to the death earlier this year, and it’s not like the Amazonian views on peace and war weren’t released to the public.

Um, no it’s not a leap at all. I don’t know if you actually saw the footage, but Wonder Woman snapped the neck of an unarmed man who was bound by her magic lasso. Now that was bad enough, but to find out that the identity of man that she killed was none other than Maxwell Lord, the beloved multimillionaire and the man behind the Justice League International? Well that’s just plain wrong.

Oh, I’m sure you’ll say that a super intelligent surveillance satellite cleverly edited the clip, to which I’ll laugh in your face. I also don’t believe the claim that Max Lord was “controlling” Superman. I mean, he’s Superman, who can control Superman?

I think that it’s pretty clear that Wonder Woman was caught snapping the neck of an innocent man. Can you imagine what else she’s done?

Tim, do you think that it’s unbelievable that Wonder Woman would suffer such a backlash as a result of her actions?

Entirely unbelieveable? No. Here in America, seeing a formerly admired hero fall is a national pastime. We love it almost as much as we love eating too much, using too many fossil fuels, and spending too much money.

However, I do think it is odd that there are no pockets of resistance. Look at OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, or any Kennedy family member. Even when the evidence against them seemed overwhelming, these individuals had packs of rabid fans who would protest the trials, send donations, celebrate the legal victories, and generally support their hero with incredible zeal. I figure an individual like Wonder Woman has got to command the same kind of devotion from at least a small following. So where are they, with their homemade signs, their impromptu rallies, and their ill fitting, off the rack Wonder Woman costumes?

Soak1313 might just be a lunatic

I just got done reading Arkham Asylum for the 1st time (yeah i know…where have i been) but who is the electric blue guy that has some dialogue with batman? Also who is the person complaining of their skin being sick?

Well the “electric blue guy” is Maxie Zeus, a largely forgotten (for good reason) Batfoe. Zeus was a Gotham criminal whose schtick that he believes that he’s Zeus. Thus he’s got the whole Greek motif going on. He’s a pretty lame character, and Arkham Asylum was as close to cool as he ever got.

Comic-wise, I’d agree (although him running into the tree during the escape from Arkham in Knightfall was pretty funny too), but Maxie is pretty darn cool in his couple of Batman: The Animated Series appearances.

The guy with the “sick skin” is Clayface. Since Clayface I didn’t have any powers yet and Clayface II was dead, this is probably an exoskeleton-less Preston Payne.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the creepiest thing I’ve ever read in comic is, “And the dolls house. Looks. At. Me.” Chilling.

Tim, I’m curious, what’s your professional opinion Two-Face’s “treatment” in that book?

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but nothing got under my skin more in that book that Harvey and his deck of cards. Such a startlingly and smart example of psychology being successfully applied but done without any sense of how it would effect the patient. Such a tragic thing.

And that brings us to the close of the first column of the year. Now in order to makes sure that it’s not the last column of the year, keep the questions coming in. You and email me or if you don’t trust email, post them here.

Before we go, here’s my question to you this week:What’s your comic related New Year’s Resolution?

“Even in his heart the Devil has to know the water level.”