Wrestling Society X Taping Results

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I have to say that this event was somewhat disorganized and there were absolutely no safety mats. There were no ring aprons at all. In fact I can look under the ring and notice the smoke machine & a microphone. The building itself looked like an abandoned warehouse. Simply put the place was a mess.

When I got there I waited in line for 1 and 1/2 hours after they picked up the crowd from the parking lot with vans. The audience did not go in at the promised start time 3pm. Heck we didn’t go in at the mandatory 4:30pm. We finally came in around 5pm and it was standing room only with no chairs. Okay, enough of me talking about the long wait and get to the matches.

Dark Match:
The Human Tornado defeated Puma and Alter Boy Luke with Tornado pinning Puma with the twisting senton.

After a dark match, a stupid rock band named “Black Label Society” played four long songs in a row with singing two different songs twice. This was obiviously a waste of time. The reason why they’re doing this is to promote music with wrestling to please MTV. This led off the first taped match.

First Taped Match:
Jack Evans defeated Matt Sydal with Lizzy Valentine (aka Valentina) with the 630 Splash.

Then the ring crew moved the crowd back to set up the Hardcore Ladder Match which was the main event. It included two ladders, a exploding fence, electrical wires, pryos, thumbtacks and oh yeah…tables. There was also two contracts which the wrestlers have to get to a gain a title shot match for the first WSX Championship.

Main Event:
Sean Waltman (as Syxx Pac) and Vampiro grab the two contracts for the first WSX Championship Match. Also involved in the main event was P.J. Polaco (aka Justin Credible), New Jack, Chris Hamrick, Teddy Hart, Puma, Kaos of XPW fame, and another wrestler who I can’t recall.

After the match, I can obviously hear the producers telling Waltman and Vampiro to keep fighting so WSX can continue to tape as part for their show.

Credit: Dave Nguyen and PWInsider.com