Smackdown Season Premiere: Cena to Visit


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September 22, 2006

This Friday marks the long-awaited premiere of SmackDown on the CW network. The program that is changing Friday nights will make the transition in grand fashion as SmackDown brings a huge night of action to the CW Network.

Cena to make SmackDown appearance
New WWE Champion and RAW Superstar John Cena will make a special Friday night appearance to personally thank General Manager Theodore Long for the SmackDown contract offer. has learned that Long has something special in mind for the visiting Champion.

Challenge from the grave has also learned that Vito has voluntarily surrendered his opportunity at King Booker’s World Heavyweight Championship on Friday. Instead, the dress-wearing fan-favorite has passed the match on to the legendary Undertaker. What will happen when the Deadman makes a rare SmackDown appearance and enters King Booker’s Royal SmackDown Kingdom at the huge CW premiere?

Bitter family fued continues
We also know that Rey Mysterio will face Chavo Guerrero this Friday. Last week, the Chavo-Vickie business partnership once again found a way to distract the downtrodden Mysterio. Rey looked as though he was finally back on his game when he entered the arena with his son, Dominick. However, when he saw Chavo and Vickie enter his private locker room where Dominick was watching the match, Rey’s smile gave way to an apprehensive stare and United States Champion Mr. Kennedy capitalized on the distraction to score the win. Will Chavo and Vickie still be in Rey’s head next week on CW? Can Rey finally settle the score when he meets Chavo in the ring for the first time since SummerSlam?

The Animal to kickoff CW premiere
Also, former World Heavyweight Champion and CW acting star Batista will open the CW premiere. What will the Animal have to say on his first night in his new home?

Find out all the answers and see all the action yourself when SmackDown makes its season premiere on CW, Friday at 8/7 CT. Find CW in your area.

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