Remakes, remakes, and more remakes

Source: Variety

Michaey Bay’s horror production company, Platinum Dunes, which has been turning out horror remake after horror remake, has signed a three-year first-look deal with Universal’s Rogue Pictures.

Thus far, Bay has produced the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, plus its sequel, The Amityville Horror remake, as well as future remakes of The Hitcher, The Birds and Friday the 13th.

Bay and his company will receive an astounding 10% of first-dollar gross for their movies, according to Variety, one of the richest producer deals in town.

The Hitcher will be released by Rogue in April, and Platinum Dunes already has its next project in the pipeline.

Another horror remake.

Jeez, what a surprise.

Some of you may remember it. Near Dark, the vampire horror flick from the mid-80s. Production is set to begin early next year with alternative music video director Samuel Bayer at the helm.