MTV Mix – Volume 18

Last week I was busy with a successful “Yo Momma” Week, so I didn’t have time to put out a MTV Mix. As a result, you get back-to-back weeks of DOUBLE-STUFFED “MTV Mixes”. This week I will cover two episodes of Made, one episode of True Life, three episodes of Laguna Beach, two episodes of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel, AND two episodes of the newest addition to our lineup, Rob & Black! That’s 10 episodes total this week! A lot to get to, so lets start mixing!




Last week’s episode was about a girl named Katrina. She is a “girly girl”. She loves pink and has quit every sport she has tried. That includes swimming, horseback riding, dance class, and baseball. She says when anything gets hard, she quits. She doesn’t really like the way she looks on the outside, though. To make matters worse, she has a little sister named Alexis a.k.a. “Bug”. She is better than Katrina at everything. That includes playing soccer. Katrina wants her parents and friends to believe in her. She wants to show everyone that she can commit to something. “That’s why Katrina wants to be MADE into a high-school soccer player!” Katrina says the soccer players at her school are extremely dedicated. She did play soccer for a day a long time ago. She quit, because she got too hot and too dirty! HAHAHA! Her parents don’t think she can do it. In fact, her dad even puts $100 on it that she won’t do it. That upsets Katrina, but it doesn’t look too good.

Her coach was Matt. He plays for the Cincinnati professional soccer team. He has also been the leading scorer in the MLS for the past two years. Matt puts Katrina to work early and gives her a soccer ball. Again, it doesn’t look good as Katrina hurts herself while facing her little sister. She whines and cries about that FOREVER! Oh, and she has no athletic ability as well. Katrina also gets a trainer named Darren. She doesn’t do that great at that either. She gets too sweaty! Matt then tells Katrina’s parents that she needs more responsibility around the house, which pisses Katrina off.

So basically what we have here is a bunch of crying from Katrina. She works hard and she doesn’t like it. My god, she is a “girly girl princess” to the MAX! But that’s okay as Matt sends Katrina to “Soccer Boot Camp”, where she learns she sucks at soccer. After whining and crying some more, another girl named Michelle tries to “coach” Katrina some more. She plays college soccer. Her old friends don’t like Katrina playing soccer. However, she does end up making friends with girls at soccer camp so that’s good. Her attitude completely changes after the boot camp, which is a shock to me.

Finally, we get to soccer tryouts at school. On the first day, she ends up breaking her arm. But she continues on. All of her coaches are there to support her along with her family and old friends. However, when the final verdict comes in she doesn’t make the team. But the coach offers her a job as the team manager. Katrina takes it! So even though she whined and cried and annoyed me to death, she did transform which is the name of the game on this show!

This week we had a 17-year-old boy named Keith, who lives in North Stonington, Connecticut. He’s a part-time garbage man. He also goes to a Vocational Technical High school. They learn trades for the future basically. Keith likes science and blowing stuff up. He’s the jock-type as well. He is the goalie for the school soccer team. He also likes to lift weights and climb rocks. In addition, he has a big truck and he’s the biggest and baddest dude at school. People call him “meathead” or “redneck”, though. Keith doesn’t want people to just look at him and think that he’s all brawn. He wants to shed his reputation. “That’s why Keith wants to be MADE into a ballroom dancer!” Keith says he sucks at dancing. He still wants to win his school’s dance competition. No one thinks he can do it, of course. That includes his family as you probably guessed.

His coach is Marcus. He taught others to dance and has won many ballroom dance competitions as well. He is known as the “Dance Nazi”! Keith has to dance in front of his class at the start and everyone laughs at him. A lot of work ahead for Marcus. Keith then tells Marcus that he has been watching Dancing with the Stars and he was impressed by them. He thinks they are graceful and he wants to prove he can do something that no one thinks he can do.

Keith dances with some random chick named Ashley to begin with. He gets distracted by her beauty. Keith, however, is not going to be dancing with her. He has to go to school and find 10 girls to audition for him and Marcus for Keith’s “dance partner”. Marcus then surprises Keith by bringing his mom into the audition to judge with them. I have to say that none of them impressed me. They end up choosing two girls, in case one doesn’t work out. They pick Cassandra and Amber. I agree with those choices. More with Amber, though. They have 6 weeks to get ready for the competition.

Within the first two weeks, Keith is ready to quit this whole thing. He’s ready to give up for good. Marcus won’t give up on Keith, though. But it’s Keith’s friends that tell Keith that he can’t quit this. Keith finally decides to continue on, because he didn’t want to let everyone down. They have only four weeks now. So they get to dancing and dancing and dancing! There then came a time where Keith had to made his next big decision. He had to pick his final partner between Amber and Cassandra. Only one can move on. One more twist before the final choice, though. Marcus brings back Ashley, the girl Keith danced with the first time. Marcus thinks she has more experience at this. Keith ends up picking Ashley. Amber and Cassandra are hurt, since they put so much time into this and not get picked. They respected his decision, though.

Marcus and Ashley want Keith to cut his hair before the competition, but Keith says that is not going to happen. Keith does take acting classes to get them off of his back. Another bump in the road happens a few days before the final competition. Marcus goes to Keith’s school and finds out that everyone said that Keith wanted to dance as part of a bet or a joke. Marcus doesn’t like that and talks to Keith about it. Keith says he really wants to do this and it’s no joke. But Marcus is out. He can’t risk his career on this anymore. So Keith decides that he is going to cut his hair just a little bit to prove that he is serious about this.

Finally, it was time for the competition. It’s some stiff competition. Marcus is back to support Keith. He is impressed. Keith may have gotten his act together just in time. Keith and Ashley dance for the judges and they seem to do pretty good. The scores are in and Keith and Ashley end up winning the competition! I think it was mostly due to the crowd support, but he won so there you go. Another great transformation!


True Life: I’m Jealous of My Sibling

Last week, there was no new episode of this show.

This week, there was a new episode and it was all about one sibling being jealous of another one. There are 3 different sets of siblings. One is jealous of the other for various reasons. So here are their stories.

Jen is 21, and she is jealous of her brother, Joey, who is 23. They live in New York. Joey is successful and went to a great college and has money. Jen is poor and didn’t go to college. She hates it when Joey thinks he is better than her. Jen struggles to find a job. Later in the show, Joey moves to Florida. Jen is sad that he is leaving, but now he won’t be there to put her down so that is good. Jen began working at a hair salon and was making some money. Jen ended up visiting her brother in Florida and she even paid for him when they went to the clubs instead of the other way around. However, at the end Jen got fired from her hair salon job after arriving late. She is back to being broke and looking for another job.

Melanie is 25, and she is jealous of her sister, Savannah, who is 19. They live in Oregon. Melanie doesn’t like the way she looks. She needs to lose weight, while her younger sister is beautiful and skinny. They are on a roller derby team. That’s unique. She uses her sister for motivation to lose weight. Melanie eventually loses a little weight. But not enough to be as skinny as Savannah.

Shane is 21, and he fights with his 23-year-old brother, Eric, all the time. They are professional wrestlers in the Northeast Area. They are supposed to be tag team partners, but they hate each other so much that it is affecting their careers as wrestlers. They need to learn to get along in the ring and put aside their differences there. Shane seems to be more jealous of Eric than anything else. Maybe because Eric seems to be the better wrestler. In the end, the brothers won the New England Tag Team Championship. So I think they have put most of their differences aside. At least in the wrestling ring.

This was a pretty interesting episode. Some unique personalities were presented here. I don’t have any siblings, so I can’t be jealous of them. So this was interesting to me. Nothing too memorable in the end, but interesting.


Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

Last week, everyone went to Cabo for Spring Break. So that means acting crazy in Mexico by dancing and arguing and making out and all of that fun stuff. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

Lets start with Kyndra. She and Cami want to hang out with their girl friends in Mexico. But Kyndra’s ex-boyfriend Tyler will be there as well so lets welcome some unwanted drama. Basically the whole trip is Kyndra flirting in front of Tyler and Tyler getting mad. Also he bugs Kyndra and tries to ruin her trip. Kyndra mainly flirts with Cameron until she actually goes back to Tyler and makes out with him! That’s after fighting about being done! So later Tyler dances and flirts with other girls and Kyndra gets mad. So yes, they are both retarded and my head hurts. And Cami is pretty much fed up with everything as well. She says she is staying out of their relationship.

Next we had Breanna. She likes Derek. The same Derek that Tessa JUST broke up with. Breanna used to be friends with Tessa, but not anymore. She doesn’t like the whole rule about “you can’t date an ex-boyfriend of your friend”. Her mom thinks that once they are broken up, they are free game. Breanna does give a cute “Lauren laugh” here, though, so points to her. Breanna is with Lexie. Derek is with Kelan. So, of course, they try and get them together again. But Lexie never seems into Kelan or maybe Kelan won’t make the first move. Meanwhile, Derek and Breanna make out!

Tessa didn’t go to Cabo for Spring Break. She went to Virginia to visit her family. She talks to Chase about Derek. Tessa actually hopes that Derek misses her in Cabo. I don’t think that will happen, especially since he will be with other girls in Mexico. Other girls like Breanna, who he ends up making out with as I said.

This episode was a good example of why this show frustrates me sometimes. I don’t see anything wrong with wha Breanna did. She just got hers basically. She’s not friends with Tessa anymore. I can’t believe Tess is being so naive about the Derek thing, though. And Kyndra? Don’t even get me started there. I’m like Cami, I’m staying out of that because it makes no sense. She knows the end result, so why go through it again. First loves are hard to give up, I know, but how many mistakes does it take? With girls they usually give it a few shots, but this seems like TOO MANY with Kyndra and Tyler. As they like to say I’m “pretty much over it”.

This week we had a double feature of Laguna Beach episodes. The first one featured the prom. That means the season is almost coming to a close. Prom also means drama, of course. So lets take a look at who ended up taking who to the prom.

Alex wanted to get back together with Raquel and most of the episode is centered on them. Raquel doesn’t trust Alex, but wants to be with him. He seems to want to be with her or maybe he just ran out of options. Anyways they go to prom together. Alex asks her by dropping a package onto her car and then it has a message written on a pink volleyball that tells her to meet him at the beach, of course. There he has flowers and has written the word “prom?” across the volleyball net. Tessa ends up going with Cory. He’s someone’s friend, but I don’t know whose. Probably Alex. Anyways Alex pretty much disappears for a few hours during the dance and it ruins Raquel’s prom night. What else would you expect. They basically make up at the end, though.

The next focus of this episode was Derek. Derek goes to the prom with Lexie, of all people. So Derek has THREE women to deal with. He just made out with Breanna. He just broke up with Tessa. And now he’s taking Lexie, friend of Breanna, to the prom! That just made my head explode, but there it is. Oh, Derek asks Lexie by writing their names on the marquee of the local movie theater. What’s weird here is that Breanna seems to not care about Derek anymore. She acts like it, but she keeps bringing it up to Lexie, which is awkward. But I will leave it at that. Wait, I almost forgot the REAL drama. How about Tessa and Derek kissing each other and flirting the whole night, IN FRONT of Lexie and, more importantly, Breanna. Crazy kids!

Other couples going to prom together. Kyndra goes with another Alex. He actually tattoos the word “Prom?” ONTO his body! That’s pretty dumb to do that much for a girl like Kyndra. Cameron goes with some girl named Tara. He has his dog wear a t-shirt that asks her to the prom on the t-shirt. Cami goes with some boy whose name I don’t know. His asking is the most unique one, though. He digs a hole in the sand and buries himself. He puts a box over his head and she lifts the box and there he is! Pretty unique, if you have a freakin’ beach nearby! Oh, and in case you are wondering, Tessa looked the best in her prom dress.

And the final episode this week featured Derek and Tessa. It was the aftermath of prom basically. Actually, this episode was more about Chase’s band, Open Air Stero. They had an extremely important gig at “The Roxy”! All of the LB gang are coming to this show. If they do good there, they can take the first step to stardom!

Lexie, Cami, Kyndra, and Breanna, among other friends ride on Lexie’s yacht. Well good for them. Basically, they kinda badmouth Tessa a little bit about her and Derek. She will be “scrapping the bottom of the boy barrel” next year, so they say. Then everyone arrives at the location of the band and here comes the drama mixed with music!

Tessa sits with Derek and she is close to him. Breanna sits right next to Tessa, so basically Tessa is in the middle of them which is awkward. Breanna seems glad that she’s not with Derek now. And I have to go with her. Tessa is pretty retarded to be with Derek. You know he’s just a “player”.

Chase and Open Air Stereo eventually get a phone call and they get signed to Epic Records. So they are off to make a CD and do all of that fun stuff. I only wish we got to see more of Chase during this season as he was the most likable character. He needed some girl drama in his life like everyone else this year.

Case in point and this is probably the most interesting coversation all season. Tessa comes to hug on Chase as Chase tells her the good news about the record deal. Chase says this is his dream. Tessa is sad that he won’t be around Laguna as much now. Tessa tells Chase that she is just friends with Derek. Why? Because she doesn’t trust guys anymore. Chase then replies to her that he doesn’t trust girls anymore either. But wait, there is one girl that he trusts and that’s Tessa. And guess what, Tessa trusts him. So there you go ladies and gentlemen, there is the couple that SHOULD be together, but isn’t for various reasons. As I always say, “you can’t fight fate!” So one day they will be together, more than likely.

Next week is the final episode this season! Join me as we say goodbye! Tear, Tear!


Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel

Last week, we saw that crazy Beth and Nehemiah are being to develop a little relationship with each other. They are both crazy, so I guess it works. More power to him. I’m sure no one will want to fight Nehemiah over that. Also we found out that all of the guys are psycho, but in a good way unlike Beth. We already knew that, though.

Time for the next challenge! It was called “Push Over”. It’s a “Male Duel Day”. Each person will have their hands tied together. Two people will go out on this plank and basically try to push each other off into the water below. They can’t use their hands since they are tied together as I said. So basically whoever has the most weight will probably win. The winning female gets a set of golf clubs and lessons. The winning male will be safe from “The Duel”.

To pick who faces off, everyone picks out a colored tocken and the matching tockens face off in the first round. Casey vs. Jodi is first. Jodi overpowers her. Kina vs. Robin is next and the same for Robin as she moves on. Svetlana vs. Aneesa happens and SHOCKER, Svetlana wins! Diem vs. Beth and big-ass wins that one! Jodi vs. Beth in the semi-finals happens and Beth uses her sumo skills to knock her off! Robin goes against Svetlana. Svetlana goes down. So to finish things off it’s Robin vs. Beth and Beth wins that one!

Time for the boys now. Evan vs. Nehemiah and Evan just pushes him over. Brad vs. Kenny and Brad wins quickly. Eric vs. Wes and big Eric pushes out Wes. CT vs. Derrick and Derrick is a bulldog as CT goes into the water. Brad vs. Evan in the semi-finals and Brad wins that one. It’s Derrick vs. Eric as well and Derrick is strong as he pushes Eric out! Brad vs. Derrick finishes us off and Derrick wins! Brad said Derrick is tough basically!

Time to pick now! Derrick picks Jodi first. Jodi picks Evan. Evan has Robin. Robin gets Brad. Brad goes with Diem. Diem picks Eric. Eric goes with Svetlana. Svetlana saves Kenny. Kenny picks Kina. Kina saves CT. CT goes with Casey, making her choose again who goes into “The Duel”. She picks Wes, which puts Nehemiah into “The Duel”. Nehemiah ends up picking Kenny!

TJ brings out the deck of cards and Nehemiah picks “Ascender”. The rules of this elimination game is that they have to climb up a rope and swing across some monkey bars to release a basket that has puzzle pieces in it. They have to come back the same way and then put together the puzzle for the win! They stay even throughout this “Duel”. But Nehemiah finishes first, so Kenny is going home!

At the end of this episode, Aneesa and Beth form an alliance. Also throw in Wes and Nehemiah as well it seems. That would expand next week. More on that in a few seconds.

This week we have some lines drawn in the sand. Beth calls one group of girls that includes Kina, Robin, Jodi, and Diem, the “Drama Mafia”. Beth has her group, though, which includes Aneesa and Svetlana. Svetlana has nothing to lose and she may go far with this alliance, especially since others seem to be picking her as well. And you have Wes and Nehemiah with them as I said. Pretty much the “outcasts”.

Time for the next challenge! It is called “Flying Leap”. It’s a “Female Duel Day”. There are two platforms that are suspended 20 feet above the water. There is a big gap in between them. The object is to jump from one platform to another and grab as many flags as they can in 3 minutes. Male winner gets two airplane tickets to anywhere they want. Female winner is safe. Nehemiah picks the order.

Eric and Brad go first. Eric is just flopping onto his stomach and that hurts as it knocks the air out of you. Brad says it’s harder than it looks. Wes and Nehemiah go and they fly back and forth. CT and Evan go next. And CT is vertical jumping across the platforms. He lands on his feet seriously! That may help him win there. Derrick knows that CT did well and he’s going to try harder. He goes alone, since there is an odd number. CT is worried as Derrick could beat him. That is UNTIL Derrick falls into the water and he gets a DQ! He’s too short.

Time for the girls now. Jodi and Kina go and Jodi falls right in first off! Kina does pretty good, though. Svetlana and Diem go next and Diem is just like Jodi! She’s all wet! Beth and Casey go. Beth hopes that if she doesn’t win then either Svetlana or Aneesa wins to stay alive. Big Beth easily flops into the water. Casey hasn’t even jumped yet. Casey is not that smart. Beth is too big and has too much weight to fly through the air. Casey didn’t even try to jump and that pretty much puts a nail in her coffin. Aneesa and Robin go and out goes Aneesa. She says it was a painful fall. Robin continues to flop across.

The results are in and CT wins for the guys with 35 flags. Evan had 33 for second and Wes was third with 27 flags. For the girls, it WAS a three-way tie with Svetlana, Robin, and Kina. However, Svetlana had one flag stuck in her bathing suit and she found it before the final count, so that’s the winning flag. Svetlana is safe!

Time to pick now! Svetlana picks Wes first. Wes picks Aneesa. Aneesa has Nehemiah. Nehemiah gets Beth. No surprises there. Kina somehow is sick by this, but they’ve been doing it the whole game, so it’s nothing new! Beth goes with CT. CT picks Kina. Kina goes with Derrick. Derrick saves Robin. Robin picks Brad. You see what I’m talking about. There is a pattern here. Brad saves Jodi. Jodi goes with Evan, making him choose who goes into “The Duel”. He picks Diem, so Casey goes into “The Duel”. She picks Robin to face her to break up their alliance. But that’s retarded. Robin can’t even believe it. Casey hopes “The Duel” this week is won more on quickness than power.

TJ brings out the deck of cards and Casey picks “Pole Wrestle”. Don’t tell me that they will play the same games each week. Looks like it so far. Beth wants to get Robin out and get Casey on their side and maybe get Brad with them as well. The object of this “Duel” is to wrestle the pole away from the other person’s hands. It’s a fight, but Robin eventually yanks it from Casey’s hands! Casey is going home!

Besides the alliance talk, I should mention that CT seems to like Diem. So lets all cheer for their would-be “showmance”. Isn’t that sweet. Diem doesn’t feel confident about herself because of the hair thing, but CT doesn’t seem to mind. They both say nothing has happened between them..YET!

Rob & Big

Lets all welcome a new show to the MTV family. It’s MTV’s version of “The Odd Couple”. You have Rob Dyrdek. He’s a professional skateboarder. He’s been doing that since he was 16. He has his own line of clothes and skate stuff. However, he finds it hard to skate in the streets, which he is known for. Enter Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. “Big Black” became Rob’s bodyguard. He’s 6’5″ and around 400 lbs. Now they live together in a cool house. They are best friends. They are Rob & Black!

The first episode was all about Rob & Black adjusting to their new house. Black swims in the pool with only his socks and a jockstrap on. That’s a little gross, but whatever. Rob says they need to throw a HUGE party to celebrate the new house. They have a “raging” party as Chase would say. They even had Three Six Mafia rap at their party. Rich people!

Besides the party, the best friends get a bulldog together. They name him “Meat” and he gets taken home in a private jet! Of course, Black almost steps on him in the first 5 minutes. They spent $400 worth of dog stuff for Meat for his first day and night! They waste no time in picking up women with Meat at the park. That’s for the party later.

They also have a bet this episode. Rob bets $500 in cash that Black can’t run for 5 minutes straight. Well Black couldn’t do that, so he had to sleep in a tent for a night in the backyard. He only went two minutes, by the way. Black blames it on his ankles.

I think the best format to review this show, since it’s a comedy, is to tell you the funniest parts of the episodes. So for this episode it was Black talking about what women he goes for. He only dates women that weigh at least 160 and no more than 220! Also there is some talk about prison and Rob being on Black’s radar ONLY in prison. You just had to hear it.

For this week’s episode, the focus was on Black riding a skateboard. Black always falls hard when he gets on a skateboard. I should mention that between the first and second episodes of this show, Meat has grown like 4 times his size. So obviously some time went by before they filmed the second episode.

Rob tries to gear up Black in skateboard gear. They give him a wide skateboard to start off with. But it doesn’t really matter as Black still falls pretty hard. To hear Black talk about his skateboarding attempts was pretty funny.

But Black is not the only one skating in this episode. Meet “Tyson”, the famous “skateboarding bulldog”. I just saw this dog a few days ago on some talk show and it’s incredible. It’s the weirdest thing you have ever seen, but it’s so cool! This dog loves skateboards and rides them around for real. Rob wants the owner of Tyson to teach Meat this as well. It doesn’t work for Meat, though. Black says that him and Meat are “over it”!

The funniest moment award goes to the cop that pulled Rob & Black over. He COMPLETELY over-reacted! He said he was nervous and told Black to throw his keys out of the car. For what? They pulled them over because they had tint on the front windows. They thought they were hiding something and that’s why they took so long to pull over. WOW! I didn’t see that at all, but they are the law so yeah. Pretty funny, though. And then some more cops try to give them a ticket for their tinted windows. Pretty crazy. They have to meet their quotas, I suppose.

For overall thoughts on this new show. It’s pretty funny. Black is extremely funny. They are an interesting couple of friends. So as long as the stuff they do doesn’t end up being stupid like Jackass or Viva La Bam, then this show will be okay by me.

And that ends the 18th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!

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