What's Playing 11/10/06

A busier weekend as Thanksgiving draws near. There is something in theatres for all walks of life this time around as you can check out some romantic comedies, some crime dramas, a profanity-laced documentary, and even some in your face horror.

Wide Release

A Good Year – Russell Crowe, Freddie Highmore, Archie Panjabi, and Albert Finney star in this film about a womanizing Englishman (Crowe) who inherits a piece of land in Providence. Upon arriving at his new acquisition to check it out, a young woman challenges him for the land claiming it to be hers. The man has perhaps met his match for the land and also to his womanizing ways.

Harsh Times – Starring Christian Bale, Eva Longoria, and Freddie Rodriguez. An ex-Army ranger (Bale) finds his way back home to South Central Los Angeles and tries to become an officer for the LAPD. Failing at that, he gets back together with his best friend and decides to go back into his old life of crime. As it begins to blow the friendship apart, the film becomes a character study of a most violent nature.

The Return – Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sam Shepard star in this supernatural thriller. Joanna Mills (Gellar) is a young woman who has made quite a successful life for herself in the business world, but has a rather hectic and stressful private life. Combined with dreams of a murder that happened fifteen years ago to someone she never met, Joanna sets out to find what’s going on for she feels she is the kille’s next target.

Stranger Than Fiction – Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Will Ferrell. Ferrell stars as an IRS auditor who suddenly finds his life being narrated. When he goes to work, when he goes on dates, whatever he does at home is all being narrated as if in some sort of huge book. The only problem is he can’t prove it to anyone because only he can hear it.

Limited Release

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait Of Diane Arbus – Starring Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. in the story of how Diane Arbus turns her back on her wealthy family and falls in love with her mentor who helps her become one of the most famous photographers of all time.

Be sure to check out Murtz Jaffe’s review of Fur here.

F**k – A documentary look into the world of the word “f**k.” Many celebrities star in this film about the word’s origin, how it can be used, how it affects others, and the possibility of gaining something by using it. Be prepared to be offended.

Night Of The Living Dead 3-D – Sid Haig stars in this 3-D recreation of George A. Romero’s 1968 horror classic of the same name. A group of survivors have banded together in a farmhouse trying to survive the night from the undead zombies