Heat Spoilers & Other RAW Notes

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Here are the Heat spoilers and post-RAW dark match, according to Joe Kazmer and WrestlingObserver.com:

Charlie Haas defeated Val Vanis via a backslide with his feet on the ropes.

Cade/Murdoch defeated the Highlanders. I believe Murdoch got the fall with a DDT.

Snitsky defeated Sean Reynolds with something resembling a Black Hole Slam.

Super Crazy defeated Rob Conway with a Swinging DDT.

After the show, D-X came down to the ring and assaulted Orton and Edge. Umaga came down, and finally Cena made his entrance to a very loud ovation. The match went a little long, but had a hot ending with everyone hitting their finishers. Cena ended up pinning Edge with the F-U. The faces celebrated afterwards, and spent a good time high-fiving and signing autographs.

Also, at the show, PWInsider reported that there were plenty of Kurt Angle chants from his hometown Pittsburgh fans, and the comedian in the Cryme Tyme skit was indie wrestler Nick Berk (also WrestlingObserver.com reports that Scotty Charisma played the OPS delivery man backstage). WWE.com has reported that Candice broke her nose after getting hit by Victoria, and we’ll have updates on this when available.

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