Late Night News Bites


The replacement for Bill DeMott has been announced. The WWE’s Tom Prichard has been chosen as his replacement.

For some perspective on the situation, check out Jody Hamilton from Deep South Wrestling’s statement:

WWE has released Bill DeMott, this comes as a shock to everyone at Deep South Wrestling. I love Bill DeMott as if he were my own son. Everyone needs to know, Deep South Wrestling played no part in his release. On behalf of everyone here at DSW, I want Bill, and everyone to know that I will always be his friend and biggest supporter. I don’t understand why this happened and the reasons I have been given as to why it happened don’t hold water. This has been a gut-wrenching weekend for both me and my poor wife who is still crying over this. If having the ability to shed tears is the sign of a real man, then I guess I’am one (HELLUVA)stud. It will take us a while to go through an adjustment period with Dr. Tom Prichard as the new trainer, I have known Tom for years and Tom had nothing to do with Bill’s release, and I know Tom is an excellent trainer so the kids here won’t be lacking in quality training. I want to thank Bill Demott from the bottom of my heart for everything he did for me and for the kids training here and for DSW. Bill you are always welcome at DSW. Good Luck and God Bless You!

In other news:

– The New Haven Coliseum has been imploded and the WWE has posted thoughts from Howard Finkle here and here.

– Melle Mel, who became a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer this year, wants to be a professional wrestler. Or so he tells

– Accoording to the Miami Herald, it looks like Wrestlemania 24 is headed to Orlando. has collected over $3,000 through PayPal to help fund a need kidney replacement surgery. For more info, contact or check out his MySpace page.

– Check out a South Carolina spotlight on Wrestling Society X here.

– Check out how Wrestling Society X ain’t gonna be debuting in Canada soon here.

– Mean Gene is in a bit of a pickle over the use of the “Mean Gene” name in his home area of Sioux Falls. Check it out here.

– Thanks to Dr. Keith for this one. Brush up on your Who’s Who in the WSX here. It’s not as catchy as “Who’s Who in the DCU” but it’ll have to do for now.

– The New York Daily News has run a story on the death of Bam Bam Bigelow. Check it out here.

“He starts off talking about how big and ugly he is,” said Collins, a local comic who will also perform tonight. “He looks a little different now because he has hair. I didn’t recognize him.” Yeah. He’s talking about King Kong Bundy doing comedy. Check it out here.

– Southern Extreme Wrestling Promotions is a new show debuting on March 2nd. See Sid Vicious (not Sid Justice) wrestle in the main event. 7:30 PM at the old Capelville Gym located on Malone off Shelby Drive in Memphis. $10 for any seat in the house, first come, first served. Tickets go on sale on January 29th, and when they do get ’em here, they’ll also be available at the door.

– Can’t get enough Federline? Good thing. E! is reporting that he’ll be back for a regular role with the E.

– After they were released from Deep South, the Gymini were stripped of their tag titles. Since then, the Major Brothers defeated the Samoan Fight Club (Siaki and Afa Jr.) and Dave Taylor & Willian Regal from Smackdown in a three-way fight in Jackson, Georgia. In unrelated news, Eric Perez is out with a dislocated elbow. (Credit: Pro Wrestling Insider).

– If you’ve been curious about Teddy Hart going to WSX instead of the WWE, check out a Slam article all about it.

– Check out Mikey Mooneyham on Bam Bam here.

– And last but not least, Wrestling Society X is actually debuting this coming Friday at 11:00 PM, so don’t leave the TV for more than an hour after Smackdown.