Cable for One – 24 Day 6 – 10:00 AM


So how about the identity of Jack’s brother? The majority of the time, I tend to see shocking twists well in advance, thus limiting their shock factor. This time around, there was much shock to be had.

I’m looking forward to learning the back story of Graham and Jack’s relationship. We know that Jack used to date Graham’s wife, but I assume there are other reasons for the animosity between the two of them (apart from Graham’s being evil and all, which I assume Jack doesn’t actually know about yet). Hopefully the animosity between those two will help explain Jack’s rediscovered eagerness for torture based only on the suspicion that his brother is withholding information about the whereabouts of their father.

Now, as far as Jack’s normal methods of torture go, choking someone with a plastic bag is a little on the tame side (as he’s obviously not going to just kill him via this method seeing as that would not only prevent Jack from getting any information, it would also be horribly anti-climatic. Still, one of the more interesting aspects of this season was that Jack’s extended period of being tortured by the Chinese had given him a new outlook on the use of torture. So right now we’re seeing one of two things happening. Either A) Jack’s relationship with his brother is so poor that Jack doesn’t feel bad about a little light torture or B) since something bad happened (the nuclear explosion), Jack’s ‘gotten serious’ and, as such, no longer has any qualms about torturing people. Hopefully it’s not option B as that pretty much kills off any further consequences of Jack’s experiences at the hands of the Chinese.

On a minor side note, am I just forgetting some other examples or was the only time that someone was noticeably not watching Fox News right after nuclear explosion was announced? The President was watching the blast coverage on ‘CNB’ (which kind of looked like CNN but the letters could also be rearranged to make NBC) and the newscaster got a bit choked up while telling the viewers about the explosion. I can just see some Fox News executives screening this week’s episode and demanding that the video be changed to another network because Fox News people are tough, dammit!

Looking ahead to next week’s episode, and getting back to how ‘shocking twists’ usually aren’t quite so shocking, is anyone expecting the guy helping Fayed find someone to recreate the device for programming the trigger to come up with someone who isn’t Morris? They’re making a deal out of finding ‘a name’ which would be a waste of time if it was someone we’ve never seen before AND we know Morris has helped with some less than legal computer activities in the past. Look forward to some exciting ‘Do this for us or we’ll kill Chloe/your mom/Lassie/etc’ conversations next week.

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