MTV Mix – Volume 27

Once again we have 7 shows on 4 days to talk about this week. That includes the usual lineup of I’m From Rolling Stone, The Hills, DanceLife, The Real World: Denver, Maui Fever, along with the launch special for the new season of Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge and Rob & Big count down their BIGGEST moments from the first season of their show. All of that and more is playing right here. So pop in this “Mix” and enjoy…



I’m From Rolling Stone

This episode features Peter and Tika getting their first assignments for Russell just interviewed a singer named Nellie McKay over the weekend and now it’s Monday morning. That article is due today.

Russell talks to Joe Levy about the job. What would get him fired and all of that? Apparently Russell could do anything but harrass women and sleep all day. He doesn’t really take anything serious, which is odd since he was the same way in front of his boss. He even tells Joe that he has mental problems, which may or may not be a joke, but you still shouldn’t joke about it.

Peter is going to Warsaw, New York to interview a new band called Band of Horses. They are from Seattle. Peter is nervous about the whole thing, but the main guy behind the band is nice and that calms Peter down a bit. He later goes to see them play their music and review it. Peter sends his article in on time, but it needs a heavy rewrite afterwards. Peter has no previous writing experience, so he has no problem writing things over. Tika tries to help Peter, but she says his article is really bad. He has been working on the same article for a week now. He begins to have second thoughts about all of this. At the end of this episode, Peter’s article is still not done yet.

Tika gets to interview The Roots. This gets Krishtine a little jealous. Once Tika goes back and watches her interview with them again, she totally rips into herself. She sees that she can’t understand what she was saying and some of questions were stupid and not what she meant to say. Tika is worried about her article, but the editors all say it’s pretty solid. At the end, her article gets posted LIVE on the website. It got great reviews from everyone.

Russell ends up having to do a rewrite on his article. He said he took notes, but he didn’t get down the exact quote that Nellie McKay said. Something involving homosexuals and musicals. Russell doesn’t want to rewrite his article at all and he seems to be blowing it off. His article is a day late and he is still sitting at home when Joe calls him to see where he is at. He is like 3 hours late for work, and really doesn’t seem to care. Russell says that it feels comfortable for him to be in trouble. If he wasn’t in trouble and did something actually great, then he would feel uncomfortable. That’s sad, but I can see that being true for a guy like him.

Joe talks to Russell again and tells him that he is one of the best writers here, but he is screwing up everything. Joe tells him to not screw up again, and Russell says that he is “not going to drop the ball” this time. The next day he shows up for work late AGAIN, though! Once again, Russell says he will be on time from now on. And the end, his Nellie McKay article finally gets published three days late.


The Hills

Heidi may be pregnant. She tells Spencer and that wipes that smug grin off his face. Spencer is trying to be a good player and act all sweet and nice around one girl. He even says he is on “Team Heidi” as far the baby goes. Whatever she decides is cool with him. Then, she drops the bomb that she is NOT pregnant. Spencer is irritated that she made him think that she was pregnant. They have a minor fight. He still says he doesn’t care about Audrina or any other girl. And all is good with them again.

Lauren and Whitney get called into Linda’s office. Is it just me or do you think that Linda is still bitter at Lauren for not going to Paris? It’s like she doesn’t trust Lauren now. Linda wants them to go to a major Ashley Paige fashion show and represent the company. Whitney says she has school and can get there as soon as possible. Linda tells Whitney that school is very important and she says this while looking at Lauren as if Lauren doesn’t care about school or something. A little too bitchy for me, but what do you do. She’s the boss.

Later, Heidi tells Lauren about the “test” she put Spencer through with the pregnancy discussion. Heidi then tells Lauren that she should go on a date with Spencer’s best friend, Brody Jenner. Apparently, Lauren’s arch-enemy from Laguna Beach, Kristin, has already dated him. So he is “tainted” says Lauren.

Lauren has other issues to deal with first, though. She is at the Ashley Paige fashion show and Ashley Paige is another bitch. She is weird as well. She believes in “magic candles” and such. Things get a little hectic and Lauren gets a little stressed out. She has to do a good job to impress her boss, Linda. Whitney arrives and she is of no help. After the show is over, Ashley says that Lauren did a great job and wants to steal her away from Linda. Linda thanks Lauren for doing a good job as well.

Spencer goes right back to calling Audrina and wanting to go to dinner with her. She says no, though. HA! Brody then calls Lauren and Lauren WAY too easily accepts a date with that guy. Heidi should not be hooking anyone up when all of the guys she picks out SUCK!

This is how Lauren and Brody’s date went. Brody looks like a poor man’s Matt Leinart or Ben Affleck. He goes on and on about her smile. She says her smile is “creepy”. He says it’s cute and as much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with him. She shouldn’t have had fun with that guy, but she did. So we will see how long this lasts.


Nolan is still looking for work as a dancer and asks his agent about any upcoming auditions. She says there is a lot of stuff around the corner, but nothing right now. That’s a problem as Nolan gets an eviction notice. To make matters worse, he gets pointed out in a class that is being taught by J-Lo’s and Madonna’s choreographer, Rich Talauega. He’s not dancing that great. Everyone else seems to dance fairly well during this class, though.

The big thing during this episode was Blake’s DVD release party. Apparently he put out a dance video and he is having a party to launch it. For some reason, Kenny is helping Blake with this. They are going to perform together or something. One problem with that is Kenny’s agent calls and tells him that his rehearsals with Jennifer Lopez start on the same night. He can’t be in two places at the same time.

Nolan’s agent calls later and tells him that he has an audition with Mary J. Blige. That could get him the money he needs to pay his rent, but his landlord won’t give him an extension. Mary’s choreographer does seem impressed by Nolan’s dancing skills, though.

Kenny tells Blake that he can’t make the release party. Kenny is pissed off, but the world doesn’t revolve around him. Kenny is right, J-Lo is bigger than Blake. Blake is just stressed out since everything is going wrong. So Blake dances to relieve the stress. I think this will be a running theme. We will see one of the cast members getting stressed out by non-dancing problems and use dancing to relieve that stress. Sounds good to me.

In the end, Blake’s party goes well, but Nolan doesn’t get the Mary J. Blige job. So again Nolan is left with nothing, while Blake continues his road towards success. I’m still sticking with this show, since it’s at least more interesting than watching 16-year-olds complaining about $50,000 cars!


Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge

It’s back! We all know about The Real World. But what about that other show that came together to make up the Real World/ROAD RULES Challenge? After 3 years, Road Rules returns with an all-star cast and some major rule changes.

First, lets take a look at the six “all-star veterans” of this new season. We have Kina from Road Rules: Xtreme, Veronica from Road Rules: Semester at Sea, Abram from Road Rules: South Pacific, Adam from Road Rules: The Quest, Susie from Road Rules: Down Under, and Shane from Road Rules: Campus Crawl. I say it’s a good mix of people here. They all have interesting personalities and no one is totally annoying. So good way to start things off.

The twist here is that we have 8 “newcomers”, who will be called “The Pit Crew”. And I must agree with Evan here, there is not much hotness going on over there. Seriously, this is crazy. Anyways, here is how the show works. After each mission, the 6 members of the RV will nominate a guy and a girl to be eliminated from the RV. The viewers at home will then go to and vote who they want to kick off of the RV. The audience will then vote a member of “The Pit Crew” to face the person they picked to be off of the RV. Those two people will battle it out and the winner gets to stay on the RV, while the loser goes to “The Pit Crew”. So there is a chance that someone who is kicked off of the RV early in the season, can come back later in the season. That’s sound alright, IF the “newcomers” are interesting. Doesn’t look good so far.

Here is the rundown on “The Pit Crew”, if you care to know. We have David, who is 20 years old and is from Kansas City, MO. “He’s a crazy white dude from the Midwest” says himself. Adam calls him “thick”. Next we have Ivory, who is 22 and from Brooklyn, NY. She is into chicks, so Veronica may get some action here! Although, she says she wants to..ahem..”hook up” with Kina. Next we have Jerry, who is 22 and from Fresno, CA. He’s your “surfer dude”. He likes to take things extreme! Shane has a crush on him. Kristen is next and she is 24 and from Saline, MI. She is semi-hot, but nothing to look more than twice at. Susie wants to face her, since they are both often underestimated. Angel is up and she is 22 from Springfield, PA. She’s a “gold digger” and will probably hate the RV. Tori is next and she is 19 and from Miolothian, VA. She is a beauty queen and a preacher’s daughter. But really she is not that smokin’ hott. She is cute, but that’s about it. Shane thinks she is hott, though. Lamonte is 20 and from Decatur, GA. He is a dancer. He also likes to wear ties and could be called somewhat cocky. Dan rounds out the “newbies” for us. He is 23 and from St. Louis, MO. He is a professional wrestler and is a United States Marine as well.

There is a new host, who looks like a total joke, but we’ll see. His name is Drew and I don’t think he’s famous at all. I should also say that when they had “The Pit Crew” backstage and showed them making comments on what the “veterans” were saying about them, it looked totally fake and overreacted. They took things way too seriously, if those were their actual reactions. Other than that, and the total lack of hotness in the “newbies”, this should be a fun season. We shall see, though.

Rob & Big: Top 5 Biggest Moments

The first season of this show was only like 6 episodes, which was too short in my opinion. This was a surprisingly entertaining show. Well, good news for fans of this show. There will be a second season. But before we get to that, Rob & Big Black are here to tell us their “top 5 biggest moments” from season 1. I think someone has been reading my “MTV Mix” columns. I used to do that for every show that ended on MTV. But that ended right before the Fall of last year. To pick up the slack, here is Rob & Big…

Top 5 Biggest Moments from Rob & Big: Season 1

#5 – Rob & Big singing “Ebony & Ivory” while drunk on their blind dates. Awesome moment there, which should have been higher in my opinion.

#4 – Rob & Big going to the amusement park and trying to go on all of the ride. They can’t ride the rollercoaster, because Black is too BIG. But they do get hooked together and fly around the air. This was funny, but there were better moments.

#3 – Rob & Big “ridin’ dirty”. The cops keep pulling over Rob’s truck, because it’s too dark. This was extremely funny for the cop and the way that Rob & Big react to him.

#2 – Rob & Big teach their dog, Meaty, to ride a skateboard. Great moment right there and it’s still funny to see. How can those dogs do that?! Rob said it could have been #1 and I agree.

#1 – Rob takes Big to the skatepark and makes him “ride” a skateboard. This was funny, but not the best moment of the season.

I say “ridin’ dirty” and “ebony & ivory” are tied for #1 best moment of the first season. Meaty riding his skateboard would be third, followed by Big and the skateboard, and then the amusement park. That would be my top five.

See you for the second season at a time to be announced later!


The Real World: Denver

We start off this episode with more complaining from Brooke. She doesn’t want to go back out to the “wild outdoors”. It just so happens, that she may have sprained her ankle. Brooke is happy about that. If her ankle is hurt, she won’t have to participate in all of the tough outdoors stuff. She gets her wish. Her ankle IS hurt and she can’t do anything really.

Meanwhile, Colie has boy issues. She had a boyfriend named Corey. They broke up before she came to Denver. But they still talk on the phone like they are boyfriend and girlfriend, despite what Colie says. Colie goes right from talking to Corey to calling Adam, the dude from the Outward Bound job. It turns out that they can’t hang out, because Chris, Colie’s boss, wouldn’t think it would be a good idea. Mixing business with pleasure. This upsets Colie, but then she turns to Alex and starts hanging on him again. Alex sums up Colie perfectly. “Colie is so dependent on a close relationship, which is evident by her having a boyfriend, falling in love with Adam in 1 day, and then flirting with me!” I know a girl like that. They are scared to be alone, so they seek out someone to be with for the moment, even though they know that it will go nowhere later.

The gang goes shopping for food for the outdoors. Tyrie is in charge of that. One of their instructors, Raleigh, can’t eat a lot of things so Ty has to get “special” food for her. The funny thing about that is that Brooke is walking around in stiletto shoes, WHILE wearing an ankle brace. That doesn’t add up and Colie and Jenn call her out on it.

After they get home, Colie gets an e-mail from Adam. He has quit Outward Bound, so that means they can hang out now. Colie is up jumping up and down like a little school girl. She is nervous and excited to see him. They go down to some art thing and Colie tells him that she is in an “open relationship” back at home. That means she wants to see Adam, while she is in Denver. Colie has the quote of the night here. “I’m living in the present. And I’m not going to stop myself from anything that my heart feels like doing or my vagina feels like doing.” Wow!

It’s 5:30 a.m. and they are late for their job. Davis appears to be really sick. He’s throwing up all over the place. Now everyone seems to be having problems. Stephen has a sore throat. Brooke has a busted ankle. Colie says she is well from her Mono, but Chris wants to be sure. So that’s over half of the crew being hurt or doubtful. They all complain enough that Chris lets them go back home to get checked up on. They come back and Colie is safe. Brooke, Stephen, and Davis are out for now, though.

Jenn and Colie seem bitter that the three whiners who didn’t want to come in the first place are now back sleeping at the house. Brooke, Stephen, and Davis all pretty much know that the others are going to hate them for not being there, but they don’t seem to care. Brooke and Stephen decide to stay up all night in the hot tub and drink alcohol. That’s always fun. Not good for injuries, though. Brooke gives her best “Beth evil laugh” to end this episode. Trouble ahead for sure and I don’t think Brooke can commit the sin of “Sloth” any more than she already is right now.

Maui Fever

To be honest, this show is not holing up that well after repeat viewings. I don’t know, it took awhile to get used to Laguna Beach, so maybe it will grow on me. They are already coming up with their own language. It’s derived from the surfers. We have words like “bumming”, “blown”, and my personal favorite “rager”.

Here is what happened this episode. Chaunte and Anthony seem to be back together, but Chaunte says that they aren’t together, but they are. They’re just “hanging out”. Sean wants to “hit” that or at least “wax” that, if that is cool with Anthony, of course. Anthony is still madly in love with Chaunte, so that’s not cool.

Jesse has his own problems. A tourist chick from Seattle he hung out with a few months ago is now MOVing to Maui. That spells trouble for Jesse, since he just wants to have fun. Corbin says it’s time to fire up a “party boat” They do what they do best and that’s go on the beach and round up some tourist chicks. Corbin throws out two more words for us. This party is way “Richter” with hot “Betties”. Jesse says all of the girls are hot and they drink the afternoon away. Jesse meets another tourist chick named Tamara. He chats it up with her. Jesse gets a call from Carrie, the girl from Seattle, while he is chatting with her. Jesse says he misses Carrie and all of that, but then goes back to Tamara. Now Jesse is a good player. Spencer from The Hills should take notes from him.

Chaunte goes to some party by herself and while she was there she says Sean was “violating her space”. She felt “harrassed” by him. She apparently was telling Anthony all about it on the phone. Later everyone goes to another party at some guy’s house. Sean is again all over Chaunte. Here comes Anthony to save the day. He wants Sean to apologize to Chaunte. After some yelling, Sean does just that and everyone makes up, but not makes out.

I should mention that Cheyne is having trouble with his current girlfriend, Rachael, but that’s minor. They are trying to make Chaunte the new “bitch of the beach”, but I think they are trying to hard. I have seen worse and right now she doesn’t compare to Kristin from Laguna Beach.


This week there was nothing worth talking about. There was the “Reunion Show” for the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel, but you pretty much know what happened there. Let me briefly sum it up for you. There were clips of the show. Talking with the most “dramatic” people. There was yelling. There was talk of “hook-ups”. There was more yelling. And finally there was more clips shown. You get the picture, you know the drill.

Next week we get a new show to review. It’s the debut of Juvies. This was supposed to air last year, but never got the green light. Finally, it’s here. It’s all about juvenile delinquents, which should be fun since I have a college minor in that area of study.

And that ends the 27th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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