Smackdown Spoilers for March 9, 2007

Following are Smackdown spoilers from Tuscon, AZ, according to and Albert Ching:


Deuce and Domino d. two generic baby face jobbers. The
generic baby face jobbers, suspiciously billed as from Tucson, showed
some generic baby face jobber fire (fringe on boots!), but were
inevitably felled by those jerks Deuce and Domino. Cherry seems like a
nice gal.


King Booker d. Matt Hardy.
A good, longish back and forth match between these two Money in the Bank
competitors. Booker wins with the scissor kick after some interference
from that JEZEBEL Sharmell.

Kristal interviews Batista backstage. When did Kristal stop being evil?
They show a pretty good video package of each of Undertaker’s WM wins.
It’s pretty insensitive to show Bossman hanging like that.

John Cena is really popular whenever he’s on the tron. Too bad he won’t
be here!

Maryse is on screen. Elle est chaude! She welcomes us back. We didn’t go
anywhere, Maryse! Silly Maryse.

MVP interrupts Teddy Long looking at a magazine of those divalicious
Divas. He asks for a match with Benoit at WM. Barf.

Kristal catches up with Kane backstage. He’s going to wrestle Batista,
and he says that. But in a CREEPY way.

Batista d. Kane
This was a clash not only of titans, but two bona fide hosses. I did not
expect a catch-as-catch can mat classic from these two. What better way
for Batista to prepare for the Undertaker than wrestling someone that
has lost to the Undertaker dozens of times? The crowd was behind both
guys; apparently they have not taken note of Batista’s decreased in-ring
performance since returning from injury! Fools. Another long match.
Batista wins cleanly with a powerbomb out of the corner.

I notice someone with a Hurricane, Rosey and Super Stacy t-shirt. I
didn’t know that they were together as an entity long enough to have a
t-shirt made.

The Miz is out for the inaugural edition of MizTV. Think Piper’s Pit,
except, well. You know. His guest is Ashley – but wait! He has another
guest! Melina! This has calamity written all over it, my friends. Ashley
challenges Melina to a match for the women’s championship. Soon they’re
fighting as if they were cats, with the tough Ashleyness getting the
best of Melina.

Mr. Kennedy d. C.M. Punk
Kennedy cleverly subverted his intro, saying he’ll soon be known as “Mr.
Money in the Bank.” That guy. A real silver tongue on him. Punk doesn’t
get as good of a pop as I, and presumably he, hoped. Mr. Kennedy won
cleanly with a hanging neckbreaker. IS PUNK BACK IN THE DOGHOUSE?

Kristal talks to Finlay, who talks about his “Pure hot Irish blood.”
That’s some good blood.

What kind of wuss would go for the “rated” version of The Marine?

The Great Khali attacks Kane backstage while Kristal is trying to ask
him who is going to win Batista/UT. Kristal is the star of this show.

Undertaker . Finlay
Dylan, I mean Little Bastard, I mean Hornswoggle (ugh) interfered,
allowing Finlay to get the advantage, albeit surely an unfair one. A kid
behind me says “C’mon ‘Taker, you’re a taker. So take it.” I really
never thought about it that way. The antics involving Hornswoggle (ugh)
eventually backfire, leading to a chokeslam and tombstone. Finlay used
to do the tombstone. It was his special move in WCW/nWo Revenge!

After the match, Batista comes out to give UT the double thumbs down.
Oooh. UT gives him a throat slash AND a “I want the belt around my
waist, yep, this waist right here.” Batista responds with three snaps in
Z formation. Haha just kidding.

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