March Figures Madness: Intro & Day One Matches!

We’ve taken 65 wrestlers:

16 from RAW…

16 from Smackdown…

16 from ECW…

…and 17* all-time great Wrestlemania main-eventers!

The wrestlers have been seeded, the brackets set, and as we count down to Wrestlemania 23 on April 1, we’re happy to introduce the First Annual Pulse Wrestling Tournament to Crown the Best Figure Where Fans Choose from Figures Representing the Best Wrestlers on WWE’s Roster as well as Some of the Greatest Wrestlemania Main-Eventers Ever!

That’s right, it’s the FAPWTCBFWFCFRBWWRSGWMEE… or, for short, it’s:

March Figures Madness!

Each day between now and Wrestlemania 23 — Monday through Friday — we’ll be posting FOUR polls in the Reader Forums pitting two wrestlers up against each other. You’ll have 24 hours to place your vote and choose who will go on to the next round. Here are the participating wrestlers (Current winners are underlined, and will be updated daily):


1 John Cena
16 Eugene

8 Jeff Hardy
9 Shelton Benjamin

5 Ric Flair
12 Kenny Dykstra

4 Randy Orton
13 Super Crazy

3 Edge
14 Chris Masters

6 Carlito
11 Johnny Nitro

7 Umaga
10 Great Khali

2 Shawn Michaels
15 Viscera


1 Batista
16 Daivari

8 Finlay
9 Gregory Helms

5 King Booker
12 Paul London

4 Chris Benoit
13 Brian Kendrick

3 Kane
14 Joey Mercury

6 Mr. Kennedy
11 William Regal

7 Matt Hardy
10 Chavo Guerrero

2 The Undertaker
15 The Boogeyman


1 Bobby Lashley
16 Little Guido

8 Snitsky
9 Stevie Richards

5 Hardcore Holly
12 Matt Striker

4 Tommy Dreamer
13 Kevin Thorn

3 Sabu
14 Rene Dupree

6 CM Punk
11 The Sandman

7 Terry Funk
10 Elijah Burke

2 Rob Van Dam
15 Sylvain Greiner

Classic Main-Eventers

1 Hulk Hogan
16 Rey Mysterio (Tie-Breaker Winner)

8 Kurt Angle
9 Brock Lesnar

5 Bret Hart
12 Rowdy Roddy Piper

4 Stone Cold Steve Austin
13 The Big Show

3 Ultimate Warrior
14 Chris Jericho

6 Andre the Giant
11 Mick Foley

7 Yokozuna
10 Sgt. Slaughter

2 The Rock
15 King Kong Bundy

16t Triple H
16t Rey Mysterio


  • Classic Tie-Breaker: Rey Mysterio vs. Triple H*
  • RAW: 1 John Cena vs. 16 Eugene
  • SmackDown: 2 The Undertaker vs. 15 The Boogeyman
  • ECW: 3 Sabu vs. 14 Rene Dupree
  • Classic: 4 Stone Cold vs. 13 Big Show


We’ll post regular updates here on the main Pulse Wrestling page, with the finals taking place on Wrestlemania Weekend, so keep checking back here for the latest on MARCH FIGURES MADNESS!

*Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Rey Mysterio, Jr., are not on the RAW or Smackdown lists, respectively, due to being injured, but we decided to include them on the list of all-timers since they both headlined Wrestlemania as recently as a year ago — therefore, DAY ONE actually has FIVE match-ups, including a tie-breaker match between HHH and Rey.

Editor’s Note: No figures were harmed during the creation of this tournament. All figures are from Jakks-Pacific… and yes, those used in this feature are all from PK’s personal collection.