Marvel News & Views: Convention Time!

Low Tech (portion of the) Week marches on as I struggle to bring you Marvel News & Views from WizardWorld LA with none of my usual tricks of templates or images.

Hope you can tolerate.

Also, as we’ve been without MNV for awhile, I come with good news. Starting now, I am handling both DC and Marvel. It’ll be an every other week schedule starting next week. I, of course, reserve the right to cover both at the same time (as in this week) either by long form column or by focusing on a single BIG news item. Either way, it all begins now. Next week’s column will be based on merit (in other words, whichever publisher has the biggest news is that week’s column “winner”) and the schedule will roll out from there.

Okay, I think that catches you up to date. Now, let’s travel to the West Coast (where I am trapped against my will) for convention news.

It’s Like ComiCon, With Far Worse Traffic Patterns

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As per normal, my reactions are stream of consciousness occurrences as I read the news.

I like the Avengers, but I don’t love them. Maybe that’s why this classic Avengers thing does not interest me all that much. For one thing, I thought Joe Casey already did that in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. For another…well, perhaps I don’t have another. It just doesn’t seem all that interesting to me.

But, if the market can support a fourth (fifth) Avengers title, why not do it?

People that know me know I love Daredevil. But will I love a book about Daredevil’s dad? Cast me as doubtful at this time. But Wells has done some decent work and I like what I’ve seen of the art, so perhaps my mind can be changed.

I love the Loners’ cast, I love the idea of a former teen superhero support group…I have no idea how one writes a book that describes its central premise as “AA for superheroes” but I’m excited to find out.

Spider-Man/Red Sonja…because someone demanded it?

World War Hulk scares me. I like the concept, but when it comes to the Hulk, I always seem to like the concept. It’s the execution that disappoints. Plus, all those spin-offs already? If I get it, I’ll have to instill my Civil War plan again and limit myself to ust the mini, the titles I already get, and one spin-off mini if any catch my eye. AND NO FRONTLINE!! That book just breaks my heart way too often.

Wait, Thing fights Hulk in Frontline? Oh, that’s just dirty pool Marvel! But, I shall remain strong.

Eddie Brock in Sensational? Sure, why not. Have I mentioned that I now buy Sensational and have anointed it the one Spider comic (main universe) that I’ll buy. Tis true!

For never having cared about Canadian superteams (or Canadians, really) before, Ia fine myself weirdly excited for Omega Flight. Is it the presence of the black suit wearing Spider-Woman, Beta Ray Bill, or Kolins art? Perhaps all three.

I’m also quite interested in New Warriors, despite knowing damn near nothing about.

Submariner and Thor? Not so much.

I wish they gave us something besides a creative team to go on with Champions, but I like them both so my interest is piqued.

Yay for more GLWhatever!

Oh boy is One More Day going to enrage the comic reading populace. It’ll be exciting, I’m sure, but man oh man, I’m not going to want to be Marvel the week after that book comes out. Trust me on this.

Should I care about Mystic Arcana? Cause I feel kind of like I should, but I just don’t.

If the Sentry ever does anything of any interest, I may very well die of shock. And I LOVE the first mini. Makes me so sad.


Okay, so I don’t really care about that. But as a non-X-Men reader, I’m always excited when I actually recognize an X-villain that isn’t Sabretooth, Magneto, Mr. Sinister, or Apocalypse.

As for the rest of the X-Men stuff…I got nothing. Sorry. But I am sure many of you will be excited, enraged, or both.

And I’m out! Look for coverage of Marvel and DC’s June releases later this week, with IMAGES! Yay for the return of technology. And we’ll see you next week for the News & Views with formatting. Whee!

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