March Figures Madness: Day Fourteen Match-ups!

With only 2 days in the Sweet Sixteen, we will find out tomorrow who will fill out the 4th Round tomorrow. As for yesterday’s results:

  • RAW: 2 Shawn Michaels defeated 3 Edge
  • SmackDown: 13 Brian Kendrick defeated 8 Finlay
  • ECW: 4 Tommy Dreamer defeated 9 Stevie Richards
  • Classic: 14 Chris Jericho defeated 7 Yokozuna

    And here are today’s Sweet Sixteen match-ups:

  • RAW: 4 Randy Orton vs. 9 Shelton Benjamin
  • SmackDown: 2 The Undertaker vs. 3 Kane
  • ECW: 2 Rob Van Dam vs. 6 CM Punk
  • Classic: 5 Bret Hart vs. 8 Kurt Angle


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