MTV Mix – Volume 35

We say goodbye to three shows this week. But have no fear as we say hello to three new shows, at least two new shows and a return of a very old favorite. Throw in a couple of more shows that are new, but ones I won’t talk about further, and you have a recipe for another exciting week of MTV action. Things are changing soon, but before they do lets finish this past week off properly…

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge “Random Blogs of the Week”

Susie Meister (April 4, 2007)


Okay, I know my mom doesn’t approve of my potty mouth, but I’m just sayin, we are a big bunch of asses, dontcha think? Of course the average viewer would think we were insane for throwing a person into the pit who not only proved himself, but also was one of the best performers in the Desert Assassin mission. Since the average viewer isn’t trying to win loads of money and a car it is easy to see why they might judge us. I’m happy to enlighten you, though, so here we go.

Derek is totally rad. He’s positive, strong, intelligent, and calm. He is everything that we need on this team. Unfortunately, because this is a game show, those things don’t matter as much as earning your spot. We have all been into the Pit (and I’m not talking about going into the Pit when you’re voted in by the viewers because that is a good thing), and we’ve all participated in a bunch of missions. David just earned his spot by beating Shane again in the Pit, and now it’s D-Rock’s turn. He’ll be back, and he’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Once he comes back, we’ll have a whole new game.

I must send a message to Dan, by the way. He is angry because someone (i.e. David) is telling him that I am talking trash about him regarding his Pit. Just to clarify, here’s the real deal. Dan got completely wasted before his Pit. He was up until 3am and was really really drunk (and Dan, if you wanna know how I know, it’s because I was there and you probably don’t even remember seeing me). He went into the Pit after a night of drinking, and while that is completely fine, it just sets you up for failure. I love Dan a great deal, and I want him to be here in the end, but I’m just saying that you should respect the Pit. You shouldn’t get drunk the night before you compete. I’m not saying anything grand about your character—make no mistake, Dan is a wonderful person. I’m sure that someone who didn’t even try in the Pit (read: me!) shouldn’t be talking about him like this, but it’s just my opinion that if you go into the Pit with monster hangover, you probably shouldn’t be surprised when you lose.

Anyway, I have really been enjoying the show lately. We’ve had so many laughs and so many memories. I just hope that the inevitable back-stabbing and drama will not affect the overall feeling of adventure that one should experience when on Road Rules.

Let’s hope this game, while always changing and ever complicated, doesn’t get gross and ugly. And by the way, Angel, you’re wrong about my performance in the last two missions. You, of all people, should know that the show is edited. I worked my ass off, and I don’t appreciate your couch-sitting mouth trying to determine who did the best in the mission. Stay out of the voting until you’re on the RV, and when that happens, rest assured, you’ll be going in.

Tori Hall (April 4, 2007)

Stuck in the Middle…

Hello Viewers! so I will be the first to admit when I am wrong…and boy was I wrong last week. I talked about how great David was, and what a great friend he was to me…little did I know that it was fake the entire time. Time after Time I have given the “pit crew” chances…First Angel and now David…and time after time they trashed me behind my back. I was wrong in thinking that he was being real, he is playing the game like everybody else. What you didn’t see is how David would come hang out with Kina and I. He would be so wide-eyed and put on an act like we were his best friends. As soon as Derek took Dan’s spot he was Derek’s friend too and quickly forgot about Dan. He tells us how all the pit crew people have a messed up perception of this game, but then turns around and trashes ALL of us on the RV behind our backs….THIS IS NOT OK WITH ME! There is a lot I can take and usually I am a doormat when it comes to confrontation….but I will NOT be lied to! I have said from the beginning that I will pick and choose my battles, unfortunately for David I picked this one! I have been nice for far to long and I have let people trash me and then been fake to me…but I am done!! There will always be people that love and hate me, and that’s ok with me! I am not playing sides as a matter I am STUCK IN THE MIDDLE!…It sucks for me because I was only in the pit crew for FOUR DAYS!! I just picked the Susie Kina and Adam side because I feel like they are not only good people but a strong team. I have lived with them for two and a half months now and I feel like I can trust them more than I can trust a pit crew that I was only in for four days. No matter if I went home TODAY I do not regret any decsion I have made! Angel can trash me in her blogs, but ask her who talked to her when she was crying her first night…DAN AND I!!! ( you don’t see everything on TV remember that). I never said I would vote with any of the other pit crew members…they assumed that and so therefore by assuming that they made false accusations about me saying I was fake. Well now pit crew I hope you know that as people I am sure all of you are wonderful but this is a game and I do not expect you to vote with me and do not expect me to vote with you! This is just a game and I have to go with my gut instinct and vote with the people that I have lived with for two months now. Now that we got that out of the way next topic of discussion is our mission. Well there was really no way we would have passed the mission. The dessert Assassins told us that the fastest we could do the training course was in about 20:00 minutes..but they gave us 15…I smell trouble! The next part was the jumping part and we jumped farther than Cameron’s wife and all the testers. However, Cameron being a professional jumped 110 feet which is totally impossible for someone who has never jumped before. This mission was supposed to be and was next to impossible! David and I have since made up from our fight, but it will never be the same. I am sure outside this game he is a great person, but the way he acted toward me was dirty. I was one of his biggest fans, and he totally messed that up! I wish Derek the best of luck in the pit he is a great guy and adds a lot to the team. Thank you all for your support.I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

God Bless,

Derek McCray (April 4, 2007)

Quite possibly, the best day of my life!

It’s hard to put into word the emotions felt on this last mission. No one likes to lose, and we lost, yet there was a sense of extreme accomplishment by the entire RV crew. We faced what seemed to be an impossible challenge, and really took the bull by the horns. Although we did not win, it truly seemed to bring everyone a bit closer because it was obvious that everyone stepped it up big time, and there wasn’t a weak player on the team.

The mission itself rocked! Flying across the desert at 100 mph, maneuvering through endless woops, and imitating the dukes of hazard and flying close to 70 feet through the air. It was an unbelievable ride, and anyone should be so lucky to experience what we were able to enjoy!

It was good to have David back on the RV. My heart goes out to Shane as I know he was anticipating a quick return to the RV, but David is a beast, and I had to root for him to come back. He is a definite asset to the RV, and is one of the toughest competitors to have on your team when it comes to the missions.
Words can’t describe how proud I am of everyone on the RV, and how they performed in this weeks mission. Adam simply rocked the mission, and proved his worth in flying through the final leg of our 6 miles course. Kina and David both overcame their minor struggles with a stick shift, and showed us what they were made of. Tori never stalled the car once, a feat even I couldn’t accomplish! But hands down, the most impressive person to me was Susie. She had no fear behind the wheel of this animal. She was calm, cool and collected. Her confidence truly rubbed off on the rest of us!

The relationships I’ve developed with each and every person on the team are surprising. Two weeks ago, I had no idea what to expect, whether I would be accepted into the group, or have to fight for everything. Acceptance would be an understatement, as these guys and girls are more than just my partners, they truly are friends, and I have come to respect them all.

It is because of this respect that I have decided to volunteer myself into the pit for this week. They have fought tooth and nail over the past 10 weeks for what is theirs, and I’m going to battle my way through another pit to prove what is mine! Ultimately, I am gaining the respect that I deserve in the process. So here goes nothing, wish me luck, and I hope to see you again next week!
With love as always,

– D-Rock aka Derek



Hilary Duff: This is Now

From what I can tell this “show” is only a two episode, two part documentary series to help promote Hilary’s new cd coming out. This isn’t the first time that MTV has created a reality show to help promote someone’s new cd. Anyone remember Cheyenne and former O-Town boy band member, Ashley Parker Angel’s From Here To Now or whatever it was called? Yep, so it would be easy for MTV to DRAG out this show a little bit. But they don’t need to as Hilary Duff is already popular. Mostly for her first TV show, Lizzie Maguire, but the teenage girls love her music. At least that’s what I hear. Anyways the point is that I won’t be covering this “show” as you probably won’t miss much if you don’t watch it. It’s definitely only for Hilary Duff fans as we go behind-the-scenes as she promotes her new cd, which includes touring, photo shoots, rehearsals, etc. Enough said about that. Oh wait, Hilary is a lot hotter with the dark hair. Okay, now I’m done.

The Hills

Last week we saw that Heidi said no to Spencer when he continued to ask her to move out. He said get out of his car and many thought that would be the end of their relationship. I knew differently. This is Heidi. She has to get hurt to learn her lesson. Unforunately, it looks like she has to get hurt MORE than ONCE to FINALLY learn her lesson. Last season it was Jordan. This season it’s Spencer. But really Spencer is ten times worse than Jordan. Why? Well lets make it clear during this episode.

Heidi tells Lauren about the fight she had with Spencer. She says she doesn’t know if she wants to move in with him or not. Lauren said that Heidi told her that she wouldn’t move in with a guy again unless she has been with him for at least two years. That is still true, but then Heidi says that she does want to live with him but doesn’t want to hurt Lauren. Lauren basically says do what you want do and not worry about me. Meanwhile, Whitney interviews for the job at Teen Vogue.

Back to Spencer, who calls Heidi and shows her the new apartment he bought for them? Heidi still goes back and forth on the decision. She tells Spencer that if she moves in with him, he has to promise that he won’t be hanging out with Playmates and doing all of the stuff he has been doing before. He promises her after having a not so confident look on his face. Somehow I don’t believe him, but Heidi agrees and they are moving in together.

Heidi goes and tells Lauren and Lauren doesn’t really seem to care. She just needs to know when she is moving out, so she can find another roommate. Meanwhile, Spencer tells Brody and Brody thinks he is idiot. Why move in with her with he wants to still be a player? Spencer says that Heidi will be away from Lauren and that will solve all of their problems. Sure, but yet Spencer still has two cell phones. One for Heidi and another for his “bros”. Spencer says that he will always be a player. That’s tough to do when you have the “wife” at home. Two phones won’t help you, Spencer, you will get caught one way or another. Despite what he says, Spencer is the weakest “playa” I have ever seen. Even weaker than Jason and that’s pretty weak!

Before Lauren watches as the moving truck drives away, Heidi still thinks that her and Lauren can still be friends like they used to be. Lauren hopes so, but doesn’t think it will happen. Lauren says that she can always come back, if things don’t work out. Spencer tells Heidi that she won’t regret this decision, and Heidi tells him that she better not. Lauren gets a new roommate in the form of Audrina. She is ten times better than Heidi anyways.

And that ends this season of The Hills. There will be a third season of this show and it will premiere sometime in the summer. So you won’t have to wait long to find out what happens between Spencer and Heidi and Heidi and Lauren. I guess we will see, but Lauren is definitely better off without Heidi. Heidi is not better off without Lauren, though. She will find out in due time. That’s all for now.

Taquita & Kaui

This new show centers on two girls with two weird names. Taquita and Kaui both tried out for Making of the Band 3. Diddy may not have picked them to be in Danity Kane, but they still gained a strong friendship nonetheless. Now they have decided to move to Las Vegas, live together, and try to start their entertainment careers there. Taquita is from Detroit and Kaui is from Hawaii. They have a Tina Turner theme song in the form of “Rolling on the River”, which just seems weird.

The girls first meet each other after not seeing each for over a year. They don’t have any money, so they have to live in a cheap hotel called the “Happi Inn” until they can afford to live elsewhere. By my calculations it’s around $30 a night. It’s right off of the Las Vegas strip, though. Rita is the manager of the hotel.

The first thing they need is jobs. They go see a talent manager named Ricky. He says that he needs to see what they can do before he books them and becomes their manager. He gives them some jobs with a local magician named Rick Thomas. He needs some girls to dance for him in his act. He is performing at the Stardust Casino, so that is where they go. Oh yeah, there are Bengal tigers in the act as well. Taquita and Kaui are scared of them.

In the end, Ricky sees them perform with the magician and liked what he saw. So he says he will be their manager. I guess this show will be okay. There is definitely worse MTV reality shows out there that have aired. At times it seems they are trying too hard to make these two an “odd couple” that is supposed to be funny. I don’t buy it, though. I will say that Kaui is nice to look at, so that is always a plus. Besides that it’s passable. It’s basically a poor man’s version of Making the Band 3 without Diddy.


Bam’s Unholy Union

This is the final episode of this show. I can say that for certain, since this show was all about the wedding of Bam and Missy. In this finale, they are finally getting married. So that is the end of this show. Lets see how the wedding went down, though.

Thirty hours before the wedding and all Bam wants to do is skate in his new park he built in his backyard. That includes a scary looking “Death Gap”, which is basically like a bridge they have to skate across sideways or risk falling on their faces. Bam and Tony Hawk succeed. Meanwhile, Missy prepares for the wedding. But back to Bam real quick as he forces Novak, his good friend, to skate the “Death Gap”. He misses and falls and breaks BOTH of his legs! He has to be in a wheelchair for the entire wedding.

The night before the wedding, Bam is mad that he has to follow the traditional wedding rules and spend the night in opposite rooms from Missy. Also, he has to babysit Novak in the wheelchair. Everything else goes off without any problems. The best part is Bam’s dad saying that if Bam starts to cry, then he will start to cry.

I don’t think Bam does cry, but he tries really hard not to. You can tell he wants to, but he does’t. Fireball Jim makes it official and it’s time to party. Iggy Pop and Missy’s favorite band from Sweeden, The Sounds, are there to rock out at the reception. Long live this marriage as this was a much tamer Bam than we have seen. I thought the addition of Missy made this show more entertaining than just Bam doing wacky things with his friends on his Viva La Bam show.


Like the show before it, this was another conclusion to another show. I guess there could be another season of Two-a-Days as this show could last as long as they wanted it to. But I say the show wouldn’t be the same without Coach Propst being there. He is coming back this Fall, so I suppose they could film another season this year, but we won’t know for sure until then. For now lets find out what happened to the most current football team at Hoover High in Alabama.

If Hoover wins the championship this time, it will be five in a row. No one has done that before. So obviously this senior class doesn’t want to lose the championship for the first time in 5 years. It’s Hoover vs. Prattville and that’s all you need to know about this episode.

Lets cut to the chase and take you to the game! Propst says that Prattville is the toughest team he has EVER faced in the championship and they proved it early on as they stop Hoover, block the punt, and recover the ball in the endzone for a touchdown. They score again to make it 14-0 Prattville. The wheels are quickly falling off. Ross then takes control and takes it into the endzone to make it 14-7. Prattville comes right back and scores another touchdown. It’s 21-7 at Halftime. Propst tells them to “fight their ass off to win the damn game!”

Hoover comes out in the second half and Ross runs the ball. That eventually gets him into trouble as he takes a hard hit near the head from a Prattville player. He may have a concussion, but he wants to continue. The backup quarterback, which I would compare to Peyton Manning’s backup, comes out for one play and simply hands the ball off for a touchdown. 21-14 for Prattville. Ross is back out for the next series, but throws an interception. Prattville then scores another touchdown in the fourth quarter. It’s 28-14. It pretty much comes down to one play for Hoover. Ross tries to make something happen, but there is nowhere to go. So down goes Ross and down goes Hoover! Prattville was just the better team this time. Hoover loses the championship 35-21!

Everyone is sad, but life must move on. So it’s time for the aftermath. Mark and Brittany discuss their future together. She wants to go to Alabama, but if Mark wants to still play football he has to go to somewhere further away. The key phrase that gets said during this episode is “it’s been one hell of a ride!” DeJohn and Ross take a look at a “75-lb Championship” football game they were in back in the day. They are going to miss playing together. Brandon and his brother, Byron, both agree that Prattville was a better team than them. Kristen and Charlie wonder if they will together in college. Charlie makes a joke that makes Kristen wonder if they will. I can say that I’m 80% certain that the relationships that ended together in high school will more than likely end apart in college. I say 1 out 5 high school romances go on to survive after high school.

But for now here is where everyone is going after high school and this school year. Coach Propst is returning to Hoover this fall, despite all of the rumors. Ross is going to the University of Alabama to play college baseball. His girlfriend, Elliot, is still a junior so she has another year of high school left. They will attempt a long-distance relationship. Mark and Brittany are going to Alabama as well. Since Marck won’t be playing football, he has started to learn boxing. Charlie and Kristen are going to Alabama as well. Brandon is going to play football at the University of Clemson with his brother, Byron. Education is still first for them, though. And that’s it. See you next season, if there is one. If not, it’s been one hell of a ride! HA!


The Real World: Denver

Stephen left for his sister’s wedding last week. This week the rest of the roommates are still with the boys from New Orleans in the “Outward Bound” class. That includes hiking up large mountains and taking a dip in freezing cold water. The hike up the mountain is especially tough for the kids, but they power their way up to the top.

Stephen finally comes back to camp and everyone thinks he is acting immature. This isn’t the type of thing he likes to do, but if Brooke can do it without whining enough that it gets put on camera, then Stephen can do it. Time to get emotional. Some of the kids didn’t really want to come, but they came and it changed them for the better. The roommates think the kids have changed them as well.

Time for the final reviews from Chris and the roommates. Tyron gets the best review as the kids really loved him. Stephen got the worst, since he was not motivated at all. Tyron took the time to show he cared about the kids, while Stephen just “went through the motions”. Stephen thinks he is getting the shaft since he didn’t speak out when Tyrie and Colie took charge and it made him look weak.

Alex then tells on Colie and Tyrie to Stephen. Davis does the same. Let the drama begin! Stephen and Tyrie talk things out. Stephen wants to know what Tyrie really thinks about him? Tyrie tells Stephen that he is more “acceptable” and more “uppity” in terms of the white culture. But Stephen once said that Tyrie was more “hood” than him. So now that is all out there, they appear to be fine now. But you knew that would happen since this is like sitcom where all the problems tend to wrap up nice and neat at the end of the episode. At least for one week.

When it comes to Stephen and Colie, though, Stephen doesn’t think he should waste her time on her. They do end up talking things out, though. Colie is glad that Stephen came and talked to her and not say anything like he used to always do. Again they are fine now too. All is well for another week.

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge

We start off by looking at “The Pit” competition again. It is David, who sent himself into “The Pit” vs. Shane. They will be competing in “Fumble”. It’s simple. A football will be thrown out between Shane and David and one of them has to pick it up and score a touchdown over the other two times out of three. This is no contest. David is close to 100 pounds more than Shane, so he wins easily with his power. David is back on the RV!

So let the freaking dramafest begin! As soon as David gets on the RV, he and Tori start arguing. Where any of this hatred for each other comes from, I don’t have a clue, but there it is. Tori says that David talked crap about her and she is referring to David saying that they are the bad guys and Tori betrayed the original “Pit Crew”. Okay, that’s all fine and dandy, but that’s part of the game. I see nothing there that is a personal attack. But Tori blows it out of proportion and makes it personal. They start screaming at each other. Susie gets involved, since she has Tori’s back and it’s things like this that make me say that this “drama” is so “fake” and “forced” on this show. The screaming turns to crying, of course, and the second time I watch this it makes me want to fast-forward. It’s totally not needed.

Time for the next mission. I will call this mission “Assassins”! That’s because there is this group in the desert called the “Desert Assassins”. Once again, Kina has an anxiety attack and seems to take things way out of hand. In comparison to everyone else, her reaction was just way over the top. But the mission is to be worthy enough to be a part of the team. That includes driving dune buggies with a manual transmission in a series of tasks.

The first task involves driving through a series of checkpoints in the dune buggy. They finish that task in 19 minutes. The time limit was 15 minutes, though, so they failed. Adam was the star of that part of the mission. They have one more chance to make the team. They have to drive the dune buggy up the ramp and jump far enough to clear 160 feet together on their two best jumps. In the end, David and Derek pull off the best jumps but it is nowhere close to where they need to be. They fail the mission!

Time to vote someone into “The Pit”! Cue the evil music. The girls still have some hatred for David due to what he said to Tori. It seems that they would rather have Derek on the RV than David. So Derek decides to step up and save David by volunteering himself to go into “The Pit”. They will only sacrifice themselves one time, though. After this, if they get voted in again there will be hell to pay, and I’m sure more fake drama to come!

In the end, David didn’t say anything that bad to get the hatred from the girls. Everything he said was on camera and not off camera. That means it’s part of the game. Maybe Tori, Kina, and Susie don’t realize that. Maybe they think otherwise. Maybe they know that and are going along with it to cause drama for the sake of drama. That’s what I think at least. Just deal with it!


Pimp My Ride

Okay, the new season of this show doesn’t start until next week. But this week Xzibit is back to preview that season and more importantly tell you what happened to all of the kids whose rides he pimped in the last few years. Lets see what they are doing now.

“Big” Ron was up first. He had a 1985 El Dorado Cadillac. You may remember that he had masks in his car to protect himself from the falling debris as there was no headlining. The doors didn’t always open, so he had to crawl through the window. He was also infamous for his dance, which he says people ask him to do all the time. The caddy is still a nice orange color and “Big” Ron has had a lot of dates since the show.

Josh had a 2003 Toyota Corolla. The whole left side was crushed in. Xzibit called his driving style “Stevie Wonder on Heineken”. That transformation was smooth. A nice silver and red color and TV monitors in his bumpers. After the show, someone ran into him AGAIN! The whole hood is gone! The front bumper is off as well! It turns out that Josh always gets in wrecks. He even wrecked the rental car that MTV gave him, while working on his car. WOW!

Dante had an ice cream van with 8 mice in it. He got hooked up with all of the high-tech stuff and a blue flame paint job. He is still in one piece and selling ice cream to the kids. He even gives Xzibit an ice cream sandwich. Oh yeah, he’s “Mr. Icy” now.

Nile still has her pink cadillac and calls herself a “hottie”. Ryan has the VW surfer Bus and says he has gotten recognized all over the world. Meanwhile, we take a look at Christine from the first season of the show. She had a 1992 Honda Civic. She also had the biggest freakout on the show. She cried when Xzibit showed up to “pimp her ride” and then freaked out even more when she saw her new car. It was a bright purple color and had Lamborgini doors. The best part of this is that now she keeps the car “on blocks”. She takes the tires off, because she lives in a bad part of Los Angeles and doesn’t want it stolen.

We finish this episode by previewing this season. Lots of wacky characters and cars again. Looks like another fun season as the GAS crew, along with Xzibit, “pimp out” the rides of 7 or so kids. It starts next week!

Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz

This show is basically Chappelle’s Show mixed with Wild N’ Out. Nick Cannon and all of his friends from Wild N’ Out including Affion Crockett, Mikey Day, Leonard Robinson, Taran Killam, and Katt Williams. They star in various comedy skits and segments.

You really have to see the show to enjoy it. But I will tell you the segments that aired this week. We started off strong with a “RACS” infomercial. That stands for “Rappers Against Child Support” and featured Affion Crockett as Jay-Z AND Russell Simmons. Leonard Robinson was Diddy and Nick Cannon was DMX. That was pretty funny. After that we had Katt Williams as “Judge Maurice “Mo” Dollars”. Then, Mikey and Taran in “The Claymate Show”, which is all about the love of Clay Aiken. Affion is in two more skits. One called “The Negrotiator” and then the infamous Ludacris “improvised music video”. Some girl was also in skit in the men’s dressing room of a fake basketball team, but that wasn’t that funny at all.

Overall, I think the funniest segments were the Ludacris music video, the “RACS” informercial, and Judge Mo Dollars. That shouldn’t shock you as I have said that the funniest people from Wild N’ Out was Katt Williams and Affion Crockett. Now this show looks to be funny at times, but he may get old. For now, it’s mostly funny and I will continue to watch it. Not so much review it, but at least tell you what I thought was funny and what wasn’t.

Adventures in Hollyhood

DJ Paul and Jordan “Juicy J” of Three 6 Mafia are leaving Memphis to go live in Los Angeles. You see that’s where the term “Hollyhood” comes from. They are bringing the “hood” to Hollywood. They are Academy Award winners now with their song from Hustle & Flow back in 2006.

Joining Juicy J and DJ Paul are their protege, “Project Pat”, their assistant, “Computer”, and personal assistant, “Big Triece”. They all get in the Rolls Royce and head to Los Angeles. It’s a LONG ways to California from Memphis. Before they go, Juicy J’s father, Father Houston, gives them a pep talk. He is a real preacher, so he tells them to behave. The gang gets a police escort out of Memphis. They finally make it to Los Angeles and they like it out there with all of the beautiful women.

The first thing they want to do in Hollywood is continue their music and movie career. They get a call from their manager and he says that Johnny Knoxville wants them to create a song for Jackass 2: The Movie. Three 6 Mafia think this will be another Oscar winner, but Jackass 2 is a far cry from Hustle & Flow. Then again, you never know. The Jackass crew at least liked what they heard.

The next thing they want to do is break in their house properly. They want to meet their neighbors. So they decide to throw a listening party at their house. They invite a lot of people, but only one neighbor comes to the party. It’s an older lady in her 60’s. Her name is Fern. She used to play piano for some woman that I don’t know and neither do Three 6 Mafia. She doesn’t really like rap music, since she doesn’t “understand the verbiage”. She suggests they slow down. They do play her their latest album and she ends up liking it.

Overall, this is a pretty funny show. Thursday night is going to be the new “comedy night” for MTV, so it fits in perfectly. Not sure if it will be quite as funny as Rob & Big, but we will see. It took more than one episode to make that show a “breakout hit”.

Human Giant

This show is just like Short Circuitz with one exception. That exception is that it stars three guys that you don’t know. They are Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer. At least you knew Nick Cannon and the others from Wild N’ Out. These guys I have never seen before. So yeah, they try to make this show funny. And yeah it is funny at times, but nothing really to talk about. Sometimes it is just plain stupid. So with that being said, you have to watch this show to find out if you will like it or not. I won’t talk about this show from now on, since there is nothing to really talk about. I will talk about Short Circuitz only because people know who those guys are. It’s not much fun talking about the funny stuff that unknown people do. Again, you just have to watch it yourself.

And that ends the 35th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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