JR: “I loved the Cena-HBK match…”


On his blog today, Jim Ross responds to reader feedback on Wrestlemania and some other topics. Some excerpts:

It was great visiting with HHH at Wrestlemania 23 and I felt bad that HHH’s quad tear prevented him from being a part of the bouts at the WWE’s most prestigious event. “The Game” seems to think he will be back around July or so and is working diligently to rehab his quadriceps to insure that he is back sooner than later. From a personal standpoint I know full well how it feels to be sitting on the sideline and missing events and it is no fun whatsoever. The WWE superstars have seemingly always had that mindset, whereas some WCW wrestlers back in the day could have cared less if they missed a few or many events because they were paid any way and, honestly, did not seem to have an emotional investment in their own company. Sad.

I enjoyed talking to Tommy Dreamer at Wrestlemania who said that “this day had been 17 years in the making for him”. Tommy’s passion is very admirable and the ECW Original getting the chance to perform at Wrestlemania was a memory he will take with him forever.

I really enjoyed working with all the broadcasters during the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania. We met before hand to get on the same page and I felt that considering we had 6 voices participating, that the three teams did a really nice job. We were well produced and the 6 guys focused on the contest and embellished the superstar’s abilities and the on-going story of the match.

He also goes on to tell a funny Hacksaw Jim Duggan story; talks about how some “unruly” fans – like those heckling at the Hall of Fame ceremony – give others a bad name; says why he doesn’t think he has a future in WWE’s Films division; and chalks up comments that Brutus Beefcake would be cutting hair at Mania as nothing more than an Internet rumor.

In his April 6 blog entry, he says:

I loved the Cena-HBK match and thought it told a compelling story. Both men gave us everything they had and for people to pick that match a part as if they were experts is pathetic. Effort should count for something in this world, but it seems as if it counts for less each year. When is enough going to be enough?

I have never heard that Lilian Garcia was a lesbian! Good grief the wrestling internet can be brutal! Lilian is not a lesbian, but if she were what would it matter? I know that Lilian was married and is now dating a guy. My “No Man’s Land” remark Monday night was a cliché’ that implied Mr. McMahon had not been invited to reside where he was at the moment.

I never noticed the fan getting into the ring just prior to the Cena-HBK match starting. I was watching my monitor and not peeking at the ring. But the guy is an idiot starved for attention who apparently wanted to “streak”. He deserved to be manhandled and I hope he spent the night in jail at least. There is no place for that sort of B.S. in my opinion.

He also says that Steve Austin didn’t appear on RAW due to not being booked for the show, not because he chose otherwise; talks about Deuce, Domino and Cherry’s potential; refers to Khali as an “attraction wrestler” and compares him to some others from the past; and has a quick comment on Chyna wishing her the best.

And on April 4 he wrote:

Wrestlemania 23, like any other event, can be over-analyzed and picked apart which many fans seem to enjoy doing these days. This is not unique to wrestling, but occurs in every major sport and entertainment vehicle of any merit in existence. Some people actually make a damn good living being critics. Phil Muchnick makes a fair buck I would assume, knocking whatever he chooses and seems to relish in his job of being negative and the conscience of the world. Muchnick is not alone, as even our major news outlets would rather lead with a tragedy than any good news that may have broken on a given day. Can you believe that an endless array of news programs are still hanging their hats on the Anna Nicole Smith story as if were earth-shattering, life-altering news? We live in a “dirt mongering/gossip loving” society. I guess it goes with the territory, but at times it can become too much for me. I like a little gossip as well as the next guy I suppose, but to have to be immersed in it for hours daily is a little too much for me.

He also apologizes for losing his voice; says he prefers when PPV matches get 20-30 minutes; claims that it doesn’t matter which match goes on “last” but rather that in today’s world, two equally important matches are spread out on the card intentionally; and answers fans who wanted Hogan on the card by saying it takes two to tango.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.