Diva Has Heat, SNME Dates, OVW Notes & More

There is heat on Ashley since the Playboy spread came out, and prior to her injury, the thought was that her big push was over. There is no timetable for Ashley’s return as of now.

In other news:

– Saturday Night’s Main Event will be held on June 2 and in mid-August on NBC, and will both likely be taped rather than live, to save on production costs.

– Rob Conway recently appeared in OVW, with a new look – frizzy hair and a beard. Cody Runnells is now being called Cody Rhodes in OVW.

– Ref Chris Kay is on a 60-day suspension. Nick Patrick has a bad back, so the ref ranks are hurting.

– Both of Curt Hennig’s daughters and his son Joe want to be wrestlers, with Shane McMahon telling Joe to look up Harley Race to get trained first.

– WWE was negotiating with Hasbro Toy Company last week “if and when they get out of the Jakks Pacific deal,” says Meltzer.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter – April 17 and 23 (click here for subscription information)

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