MTV Mix – Volume 38

You want your MTV and you want it now! Another busy week, but that’s just the way you like it. So sit back and enjoy as I cover all of the action in MTVland…



Run’s House

There are two issues featured on this episode. Diggy is embarrassed of the money that his dad has and the car that he comes to pick him up in, which is a Phantom Rolls Royce. Angela thinks she is fat and wants to lose 15 to 20 pounds. Yeah, she’s not fat.

JoJo tells Diggy that he better tell Run that he is embarrassed that he picks him up in a Rolls Royce or it’s only going to get worse. Worse means Run going to a costume shop and looking for a costume. That’s after he takes down the worst looking “Run DMC” costume ever, which is pretty funny.

Vanessa and Angela go grocery shopping after Angela throws out the “bad” food. Time to work out now. Vanessa is not the best trainer for Angelea, so Run finally gives in and lets Angela talk to Kacy Duke, a personal trainer to the stars. She finally talks some sense into Angela.

Run dresses up as a gorilla to really embarrass Diggy. He tells Diggy that he should be embarrassed about that, but not because they have money. I don’t think he learns that lesson, though. Oh well, Run just has to deal with it.

Run sits in the tub and types the lesson of the night. “Do you ever wish a loved one saw things the way you do? If so, then you should take a moment to see life through their eyes. A person’s perspective comes from their inner self. They are all unique and beautiful in their own special way. Accept them, don’t reject them and you’ll find it easier to love others as they are!”

Taquita & Kaui

Last week, the girls wrecked the car that Ricky gave them. This week they have to tell him the bad news. It’s $2,500 worth of damage. Ricky tells the girls that they have to pay back his friend that let him borrow the car.

Kaui gets a special surprise this episode. Kaui’s sisters come to visit. Lets meet Kalei, Brandi, and Kayla. Kaui tells her sisters the bad news about living in Las Vegas. Kaui and Taquita then go learn some acrobatics for their next job.

They don’t get that job, because they suck. They next try to play with fire, but they don’t like that either. The crew then decides to go bowling. It’s here where Taquita gets depressed. Kaui and her sisters are having a great time together, but keep leaving Taquita out of the loop. Nice to see the booty shake from Kaui again this episode, though.

Ricky finally gets them a real job to pay off the car. They are going to be “ring girls” for a boxing match. They have to wear bikinis and Kaui is stressing, since she hasn’t worked out lately or something. Kaui blows Taquita out of the water. She can strut it! Taquita gets the “round 6” card, which she turns into “round 9”, of course. In the end, they did a good job. Kaui’s sisters even give Taquita a card that welcomes her as the “fourth sister”. Lovely.



This week we start with Evangeline Lily from Lost. Hottie alert! Ashton is right, though, she is dating a hobbit! That won’t work. She goes to a friend’s house for a party. Some “artist” brings his “priceless” works of art. Of course, Evangeline breaks it along with a TV and a few windows! That was fantastic!

Next, we have Chuck Liddell from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He can beat you up! His friend, Dana the owner of the UFC, picks him up from the airport. It turns out that the cops pull them over as their car was supposed to be involved in a hit and run. So they act like they are going to arrest them. This could have been better, but it was still good. Chuck should have grabbed the cop by the throat and slammed him to the ground, though.

Finally, we have Zach Efron from High School Musical. He is at a clothing store with his friend, Ashley Tisdale. The owners of the store tell him to pick out whatever he wants. So he does. The owners go away for a second, and when they do some guy comes in and steals money from the store. Zac then tracks down the guy and tells the cops that he stole the money. It’s all a misunderstanding, of course, since they are all in on the “punk’d”! Still pretty funny, since Zac got into more.

The best “punk’d” of this episode was too close to call as all three were better than any I have seen so far this season. But I will go with Evangeline, followed by Zach, and Chuck. Hottness gets the nod in the tiebreaker. And Chuck takes third for not freaking out as much as Zach did.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3

Susie and Jenn were picked to go into “The Inferno” this week, but they have a chance to save themselves first. They have the “individual challenge”. Janelle wants to keep Jenn around on her team. Susie wants to win and send Rachel in, since she thinks that Rachel has a better shot at winning and coming back. Hmmm, I’m not sure about that. Rachel is fine with that if that happens. Alton thinks that’s a good idea as well. If this show is anything like the last challenge, then that probably means Susie wins this challenge and sends in Rachel. Rachel will then lose in “The Inferno”. That’s just a guess, but they do like to give things away.

Time for the “individual challenge”! It’s called Wrap and Roll. They will be teetering above some rocks on a beam. There will be partners of guys and girls. The girls have to walk towards their partner and wrap themselves up in a rope. Once they get to their partner, they have to go back the same way they came as they “roll” to the finish line. If you touch any of the wires around them, they get a DQ. Also, if the rope touches the beam it’s a DQ. And they have to do it under 10 minutes. Abram says that everyone is nervous about this task. Winning team get a motor scooter.

Derrick and Ev go first. They get a DQ for letting the rope touch the beam. Davis and Rachel waste too much time and the time limit expires. Abram and Janelle go and seem to do better, but Abram can’t coach her enough for them to beat the time limit. Ace and Colie are up and Ace says that Colie can’t walk and spin at the same time. Their time ran out as well. Kenny and Aneesa can’t even stand up on the beam. John and Paula go and Paula is doing the best so far, but their rope touches the beam and another DQ. Danny and Tonya have the same thing happen to them. Timmy and Cara are up and they take their time, since Cara is friends with Susie. Timmy touches the ropes around them and it’s a DQ. Derrick is going with Jenn again for some reason. Their time runs out as well. That means Jenn is going into “The Inferno”. It comes down to Alton and Susie. This should be pretty easy for Susie then with the “robot” as her partner. They complete it, of course! The “Good Guys” win $10,000 and Susie get the lifeshield! It’s tied up.

The “Bad Asses” continue to fight after the challenge. Here we go with more yelling from Ev at Aneesa. Jenn brings her “Denver” attitude with her to “The Inferno”. Susie picks Rachel to take her place, so it’s Jenn vs. Rachel. This challenge is called “Ejection”. The object to this game is to get on a platform and compete in the “Joust” like the American Gladiators. They will attempt to knock out their opponent’s target circles. Each time they hit a target, the platform they are standing on rises in the air. All four gets them completely off of the platform. Once they knock their opponent off three times, they win!

Rachel dominate early in this thing. Jenn then gets out of control and hits Rachel in the back of the head. TJ gives her another point. So it’s 2-0. Jenn comes back to tie it up 2-2 as she sees that Rachel can’t hang onto the stick like she should. Hmm, I smell a prediction come true. Of course, Jenn is technically cheating, but whatever. Jenn knocks Rachel off again and Jenn wins! Rachel is going home, which shouldn’t shock anyone since they basically said she would at the beginning of the show. Rachel cries after the competition is over. The teams are back even now, though.

Living Lahaina

Last week Alex paddled on his surfboard to Lanai. He was gone for hours and the coast guard was even called in to find him. That’s why Archie Kalepa, head of ocean safety for Maui County, is here to talk to the gang. He gives Alex props for doing what he did, but act smarter next time. You can have fun, but be responsible.

Casey just likes to drink and flirt with girls named Tamra. He also likes to punch random guys in the face and get tossed out by bouncers. Oh, did I mention he also pukes at the sight of certain waves. Yeah, he’s pretty cool. Of course, he swears off drinking for the next two weeks, though. Why?

Alex plans a “group paddle”. They are all going to paddle to Lanai, which is nine miles away on the ocean. They “train” for two weeks and it’s finally time to go. Honestly, they make it look easier than it seems. Not even a shark can stop them from getting to their island destination. Of course, they have to paddle back. But for now they camp out.

This show has a sarcastic tone to it. The narrator is always making fun of the guys and nothing is really serious. I actually like that better than the “relationship drama” on Maui Fever. I like a show that can poke fun at itself. Not the greatest show around, but it’s not trying to be.


The Real World: Denver

It’s time for the girls to come to “Outward Bound” to be taught by the roommates. Of course, Brooke whines about the entire thing. Well at least for the first part. She sets a bad example as she can’t repel down the mountain. She tries, but she starts crying.

Colie actually has to leave camp early, because she thinks she has mono again. How does that happen? She is sorry she has to go, but she must. Later, Stephen and Brooke are in charge of dragging these girls up the mountain. Why? One girl has trouble breathing, so Chris has to carry her back down the mountain for help.

Interesting side note that they almost have to do a “lighting drill”, but no one gets hurt. Even Ashley, the girl they got “injured” comes back and is okay. Everyone had fun and the class was a success. The gang says goodbye to the girls.

Now it’s time for the final review. They are done with their job. Chris says they all did a good job. Brooke says that she has changed for the better now. Bring on the water works as everyone cries. Lovely. But really that was quite the boring episode. No drama! I guess that can be a good thing sometimes, though, but what’s the point. Oh, but they will be going on vacation soon. Next episode I suppose we will find out where they are going!

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge

We start off by looking at “The Pit” competition. David is going into “The Pit” and he is facing Dan one more time! My god, is there any other guy that they could give a shot to? Didn’t think so either. They will be competing in “Shockwave”. They will grab on to the same rope and attempt to “shock” the other guy off of a platform by moving the rope up and down. The rope keeps nailing David in the face as Dan whips it fast up and down. But in the end, David is going back on the RV! Dan is the ultimate loser I swear.

Susie makes no sense. She wanted Dan back, but hates his guts. Oh, I see. She wanted to send him back into “The Pit”. Tori says that Adam, Kina, and Susie have an alliance. They won’t be going into “The Pit”. Adam swears that they will be sending people into “The Pit” based on performance this week. Derek is upset now and he seems to be with David. I’m with them. I’m not saying that I don’t agree with what Adam, Kina, Susie, and Tori are doing, because that’s smart. But don’t lie and say you aren’t doing it. You are and everyone can see it. So don’t try to make it out as something else. Just admit and move on. That simple.

Time for the next mission. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the special guest. They have to get into guy-girl pairs and complete three different “condemned” challenges. Susie and Derek compete in the first challenge called “Abandoned City”. They have to get two keys on a wall, but there will be attack dogs waiting for them. That’s always fun. David powers this one out for him and Susie, though. Derek and Tori compete in the second challenge called “The Hallway”. There are rats in one pit. They have to crawl through them to get to two containers where there are two keys hidden underneath. One container is filled with spiders. The other has scorpions. They are copying Fear Factor. Derek gets his key and so does Tori. Not as bad as it looked on paper. Adam and Kina go last. they compete in “The Cell”. Yes, they have to eat maggots and cockroaches. Kina has another panic attack. WOW, she can really freak out! They finish off their “food” as it was all talk.

But they are not done with this mission yet. They now have to use the six keys they collected to unlock six letters. They then have to figure out six words from the six letters in 2 minutes. They figure out 5 words easy, but the sixth word is “wren”. They are not sure about that. It turns out that word is correct. Of course, they also had “when” as one word. There was no ‘H’ as one of the letters. So they lose this mission and $20,000! That sucks!

Time to vote someone into “The Pit”! Cue the evil music. Kina says David is already pissed off, so send him back in. Susie feels responsible for the loss, but David is still going back into “The Pit”. David is crying now, because he has to go back in. Derek thinks he is a good actor and it may be partly true. David says that he will go in “The Pit” again and he says he will win again. Hmm, well that was interesting. Don’t think the crying matters, but at least they don’t hate David as much anymore.


Pimp My Ride

This week Xzibit promotes Earth Day with Arnold, the Governator of California! They help Kristoffer. He has a 1965 Chevy Impala Super Sport. Nowhere near the original condition. Oil leaks everywhere. He runs out of the gas all the time. But the car holds some value to him. His brother gave it to him. His brother got killed by a drunk driver, so every time he rides in this car he thinks of his brother in the passenger seat.

Kristoffer says the car caught on fire once and he got out and started running. They have to break into his own trunk. The car is big inside and made of metal. Kristoffer swears the car is not stolen, but Xzibit thinks otherwise.

Time for GAS to do their thing! They tear the car completely apart. They put in a new high-performance engine that runs on diesel. Actually, this one will run on bio-diesel, because it’s more environmental-friendly. Mad Mike runs down the benefits of bio-diesel. They paint the car candy apple red with white racing stripes. The seats are made of hemp, which Arnold doesn’t like at all.

The best part of the car is the trunk. There are speakers and monitors inside of it. The color is cool. The engine is cool too, but he can only get 25 mpg. That is double what he could get on gasoline, though. Props to Xzibit as he has the best facial expressions on this show.

Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz

There was supposed to be a new episode of this show this week. That’s what my TiVo said and it looked to be pretty funny. I also swear they have been running ads for a new episode of this show all week after other MTV shows. But for some reason they had a rerun of Run’s House in this spot. Why? I have not idea, but hopefully this show will be back as it can be pretty funny. Lets move on for now, though.

Adventures in Hollyhood

Big Triece is in love with Sugarfoot, his girlfriend from Memphis. She’s a freak! She also doesn’t answer the phone when Triece calls her. She swears she was sleeping, though. Project Pat and Triece then eat apples for the first time in 20 years.

Triece then proposes to Sugarfoot over the cell phone. This show is completely random. Juicy J and DJ Paul decide to surprise Triece by getting Sugarfoot to come visit Triece in California. She arrives on a bus and all I will say is that they are a perfect pair.

Did I mention she was a freak? Yes, she slaps Triece around. Then, mixes up ranch dressing and sugar to help the love making process. J says she is “hood” and I have to agree. That’s weird.

But that basically all that happens. Triece is in love with a freak. Oh yeah, Juicy J and DJ Paul also give Triece some money to buy a ring for Sugarfoot. Not a wise investment, in my opinion.

And that ends the 38th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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