Edge, Mysterio, ECW Status


Paul London did a shooting star plancha at a recent WWE show and was told by Vince McMahon that he would be fired if he ever did the move again. WWE has already banned the shooting star press and 450 splash.

Edge said in a recent Sky Sports interview that he had wanted to have led a stable when he was still on Raw. Cade and Murdoch were a couple of the names mentioned.

Dusty Rhodes is pushing for ECW to become a youth-oriented show, using all new characters and making it the final stage of the developmental process, which is basically what the original concept was for the brand. However, Vince McMahon and head writer David Lagana favour staying on the current path.

Rey Mysterio plans to work the Mexican dates he is advertised for in the first week of July. He will be doing trios matches with members of the Raw crew as preparation for his knee, leading up to his full-time return to Smackdown in August.

The Wrestling Observer says Johnny Nitro’s name simply is not in consideration when it comes to people getting a major push. He had been getting some residual heat from Melina but that seems to have died down now, though it has made little difference to his status. Melina herself is more or less safe because, like Randy Orton, there are no real options for others to take her spot.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 28th May 2007