WWE Updates on Vince, Draft, Benoit & More


According to Dave Meltzer at WrestlingObserver.com, “there was serious talk within WWE yesterday regarding the McMahon angle due to the timing of the death of Sherri Martel” with a “significant push” to drop the angle due to bad taste and timing, but most expect it will keep going.

As for the draft, if you missed RAW, it’s being replayed today (Sunday) on Telemundo in Spanish at 1pm ET and on mun2 in English at 4pm ET. Also, WWE.com is promoting the Sunday Noon (ET) supplemental draft as going four hours. Wow.

WWE.com has also updated some of its video features, with an episode of Rollin’ up looking at Batista’s cars, a look at Edge’s 2003 neck surgery in Emergency Room and more. ECW.com meanwhile has a Father’s Day commentary from Matt Striker, Joey Styles skips this week’s MEP and Chris Benoit talks about being drafted to ECW.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.