Reader's Choice – Our July Feature

When it comes to doing monthly features, sometimes it’s hard to come up with new and exciting ideas on a regular basis that haven’t been done elsewhere. Seasonal previews are trendy and clichéd, writing columns about who is and is not good in the industry is a dated concept and frankly there are more than enough columns out there about how Quentin Tarantino is an over-rated hack to make the topic one that has been done already and been done better by others. We here at IP Movies have decided that with all we are given by our base of readers, we want to give back a little bit. Therefore July’s Monthly Feature is going to focus on providing the loyal Popcorn Junkies’ fans with some content based on their suggestions. Call it our “Reader’s Choice” feature and prepare to have a little bit of fun in the dog days of summer.

There are plenty of films that are always listed as a film you “must see” before you do (x). Typically the expression is “you have to see this movie before you die,” but sometimes it can be one you put on your “desert island” list of movies to watch as well. So we’re giving you the opportunity to direct us a bit and provide the PJ Staff the ability to provide some content for us to expound upon.

Everyone has had at least one movie that they’ve either been told or have told others that they “have to see” a certain film. So we’re opening up the floor exclusively to members of the forum to suggest to us some films we should see and determine whether or not they truly live up to the hype heaped upon them. Please suggest 3-5 films worthy of having this sort of “must see” status, and make them good. A few lucky forum members will have the opportunity to win some fun prizes if their suggestions are used!

After narrowing the field down to a more manageable number, and selecting the most popular and perhaps the most debatable films, then the fun begins! The PJ staff will sit down and give their thoughts on each film and whether or not they must be seen or not.

Please visit our forums and throw your ideas in for all of us to pick through.

Popcorn Junkies’ July Feature – Reader’s Choice