Disturbias LaBeouf And Caruso Team Up Again

Credit: Hollywood Reporter

After the unexpected success of DreamWorks’ Disturbia, the company is hoping to have the main duo involved with the film can bring another box office smash.

D.J. Caruso has signed on to direct Eagle Eye, a thriller from DreamWorks. LaBeouf is currently in talks to star in the film. Hilary Heitz has written the script which is based on an idea from Steven Spielberg.

The story of Eagle Eye takes a mid-twenties slacker (which would be LaBeouf) and his single mother who are being framed as terrorists. They are then forced to become members of a terrorist cell that has plans to carry out a political assassination.

If signed, this would be the third Spielberg affiliated project that LaBeouf has become a part in. After seeing him in Disturbia, Spielberg put him into Transformers (due out July 3), and the fourth film of the Indiana Jones franchise.

As more information such as cast and a release date comes out on Eagle Eye, we’ll bring it to you.